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Tables Of Contents, 2006-2009


































Hispanics in Federal Service Panel held at the National Archives
Latino Experts Call for Congressional Hearings: Federal Employment Gap
Commission Calls: Reducing Number of Minority Youths Tried as Adults 
Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, DEA Agent
Maya Christina Gonzales, Artist
Américo Paredes, Folklorist, educator, author, novelist
Along Those Lines, Musical Genealogy
J. Richard Tapia, Harley-Davidson dealer
"Mexican Illegal Aliens: A Mexican American Perspective"
Study: Immigration grows, reaching record numbers 
Picking a Battle Over Shortage of Farmworkers
Mexican Immigrants Gave Up Jobs to Take Chances in U.S.
Collegians Get By Despite Illegal Status
Lawyers fight gender gap
High School Student Suspended For Speaking Spanish 
Businesses see Gold in Latino ads
Red Cross Bolstering Minority Outreach
Home page for the Blurred Racial Lines of Famous Families
Famous People with Black lineage
Spanish version of food pyramid released 
What's In A (Spanish) Name
How the Grinch got a Spanish accent, Click

The Mask of Zorro
Lots of swashbuckling left to do
What the legend of Zorro tells us about the history of America 
White Hat, Black Tales

Nationwide Gravesite Locator 
Also. . . Click To: Bill Arvizu's Jacket 
Click To: Roy Banelos of Fontana and His Five Brothers
Click To: Don Jose Santiago Vidaurri Borrego y Valdez  

For information: Granville Hough, Ph.D.
Spanish Patriot Martyrs in New York Harbor Prison Ships
S: Dona Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez 
The Battle of Yorktown, "The Rest of the Story"
Money provided by Havana Residents for Yorktown Expedition Aug 1781
Click To: Coloquio Revista Cultural

Information on these surnames have been included in the previous issues.
 Pedigree and family information on other surnames can be found throughout each of the 70 issues. 
To run a surname search on all the issues, go to:

New column dedicated to personal memories, family stories, as Ben Romero says . . Chismes. We also hope you will share folk stories, legends believed to be based on a true experience, such as El Brujo.
Carmen and Soup for a Penny 
El Brujo: A Northern New Mexico Folk Story!

January 21: SHHAR Quarterly Meeting . . .
"5 generations of a Chiapas Maya Family: History & Private Life, 1965-'05 
Baja California Christmas Orphanage Interfaith Project
Student-designed project for orphans in Baja California 
January 21: Relampago del Cielo 30th Anniversary Reunion Concert 

Jan 7: Reception: Don't Talk About Religion or Politics
Jan 17, 21-22: Latino looking Mexican Soldados Reenactors sought
Jan 21: Jacalyn Lopez Garcia: Life Cycles: Reflections of Change & Hope
Jan 21: Honoring Relationships: The Journey of the True Macho
Graves found outside Everygreen Cemetery in L.A.

The Jacket
Roy Banuelos of Fontana and his five brothers served during the WWII
Californios and the Birth of the State of California
Elijah N. Robles: El Dorado high school senior receives recognition
Silvas Family Oral History
Jan 28th: Santa Clarita Valley Family History Fair
Feb10th: Avanzando! A Celebration of Latino Leadership
Books on Salvadorans
Cesar Chavez Resources

2006 Computerized Genealogy Conference
N.A.P.A.H. Cultural Legacy

The presence of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the Americas
The Virgin of the Americas, Our Lady of Guadalupe
Some More Virgins of America
Experiences at the Border
Mexican shoppers bring Feliz Navidad to Tucson 

Libro de los Hijos de Moctezuma 
Indian Scholar Vine Deloria Jr.
My Two Beads Worth Site 
Native Americans and African-Americans
Native Foods Nourish Again 
Have a safe journey to the Creator, Uncle Vine Deloria Jr 
Tricentennial website (Matrix segment) 
"Saca" is also an Indigenous Surname, click

Owen Brown Grave Site-Article in today's Pasadena Star News  
The African Mix in Colonial Mexico, Documental Evidence
A Convenient Amnesia About Slavery
African Muslim Slaves in America
The Blurred Racial Lines of Famous Families
Queen Charlotte

Remnants of Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic Americans
Judeo-Spanish language revived by Ashley Perry
Click To: New York 10th Sephardic Jewish International Film Festival

The Continuous Presence of Italians and Spaniards in Texas
Tejano Voices
Starr County Community Band Christmas Concert: Mr. Matias Garcia
TCARA & The Washington's Birthday Parade
Ancestors and Descendants of Jose Segundo de los Santos Coy
S: Dona Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez 
Rio Grande Guardian - News Service / Covering South Texas & Border 

Brief History of Spanish Town
Historical Archives of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, fifteen volumes 
A Genealogical "Wish-List" for the Canary Islands

National Cathedral Gets Offspring of  4,770-year-old Ancient Tree  
Feb 2-8: New York 10th Sephardic Jewish International Film Festival
How the Grinch got a Spanish accent 
Coloquio Revista Cultural
West Virginia Database Online 
Federation of Genealogical Societies

Don Jose Santiago Vidaurri Borrego Y Valdez
S: Invitación para suscribirte a genmex
Sergio Pitol receives the 2005 Premio Cervantes de Literatura
S: Passing of Angela Alessio Robles 
S: Historias de la semana 
S: Justo Rufino de la Garza Treviño
S: Arzobispado de Guadalajara, Mexico
The Descendents of Governor Lope de Sosa
S: Villa de San Miguel el Grande

The Pirates and Buccaneers of Panama
Henry Morgan: The King of All Pirates
Comevacas y Tiznaos

S: Mas Sobre Los Restos de Colon 
S: Mini-bios
Recommended Websites:
Zaragoza, Spain
Tenerife, Canary Islands
Real Academia Espanola
History of the Spanish Arts

S: Historias de la semana
"Saca" is also an Indigenous Surname
Museo de Arte Y Diseno Contemporaneo, San Jose, Costa Rica

Carta del General Washington al Conde De Floridablanca
Can you trust Wikipedia?
Click To: Spanish Patriot Martyrs in New York Harbor Prison Ships

S: Aliados: la genealogía y la ciencia
Ideas for Creating Family History
Genetic map reveals human diversity
Nationwide Gravesite Locator
Today's Tip --- give your mouse a break ...
Finding the Place: Introduction
Family History Website Highlight
FH Job Opportunity
Fake Family Trees Online May Trip Up Genealogists

S: Terrorificas Profecias De La Gran Piramide, by Walt G. Dovan
Sent by Edna Yolanda Elizondo Gonzalez


Dear friends, family, and primos. .

I hope you enjoy the issue with the surprise opening story, a true account of a friendship between two different species. Don't miss, under U.S., the move to incease federal employment of Hispanics, also the all-day conference at the University of California, Irvine, held January 23rd on the Latino-Jewish Connection, under Sephardic.

Teachers, if you would like your class to appear in Somos Primos, please send a photo and the name of the school and city. Check Santa Ana Century High School photo under Orange County. Teacher George Aguirre says he students read Somos Primos and use it for research purposed.

United States

National issues
Hispanics Underrepresented In the Federal Workforce
Letter to the Washington Post by J.V. Martinez
Hispanics are Underrepresented at All U.S. Gov't Levels
Pew Finds Occupational Divide Between Hispanics, Whites Widening
Excerpt from an email by Al Gallegos,  January 20, 2006: 
Call to action, panelist Gilbert Sandate, January 13, 2006
Brent Wilkes and LULAC responds, Meeting set for February 8th
Hispanic leaders call for congressional help
How to become a Certified Federal Job Search Trainer
Sample Resolution for National LULAC Week 
Eliseo Vasquez Medina 
Former Chavez Ally Took His Own Path
UFW: A Broken Contract," four-part series in the L.A. Times, Jan. 11
It's Providence! Statue Memorial to Honor Cesar Chavez in New England
Jack Nava Dies, Driving Force behind Cesar Chavez stamp 
Pregnant Migrant Workers Work In Fields Despite Major Risks
Scholarships Available For Migrant Students Interested in Teaching 
National Family & Fatherhood Conference
Latino/a Literature in The English Classroom
Hispanic High School students 
TCU to begin teaching district workers simple, career-related phrases
UTA, Mountain View team up to fill shortage of nurses, teachers
Harvard Waives Tuition for Underprivileged Children!!!!
National poetry contest $20,000 scholarship, high school competition  
Rene E. Herrera
Moctesuma Esparza 
Bikers "adopt" buddies to fight child abuse
Brightstar Corp. Tops $2.2 Billion in Annual Revenue

Book: "The Spanish Impact on the Forging of the United States.  
             What History Failed to Tell Us"
Mormon role vital to West / Mormons Founder Made West Possible
Response to above article by Rubén Sálaz Marquez, Ph.D.

Cold Water Ministry in Iraq 
Grand Ball, 11th Airborne Division Association of Southern California 
The Angels who Landed at Dawn 
Bittersweet Memories
American GI Forum, Felix Longoria, Sr. Chapter , press release
Searching U.S. Military Records

Evidence of 16th-Century Spanish Fort in Appalachia?
The Continuous Presence of Italians and Spaniards in Texas, since1520

Apellido Robles 
Una linea de Robles, de 1695 hasta José León Robles de la Torre
¿Qué hay en un nombre?

El Sueno, The Dream by Richard Sanchez
Mamagrande Guadalupe's Story, 1917 Flu Epidemic By Frank Sifuentes
In a Pickle by Ben Romero
Brown Eggs and Ham by Ben Romero 
Riddle of Mexico's "corpse bride" draws crowds 

TAO TE CHING translated

Century High School Students, Somos Primos readers
Feb 4: Stay Connected,1980's Reunion/Birthday Party for Ruben Alvarez  
Feb 11:  Concierto del Amor 
Feb 18:  Mendez vs Westminster Civil Rights Tour 

March 1:  Hispanic Family-Owned Business Conference
Folklorico troupe Relámpago del Cielo Celebrated its 30th anniversary
Project Looking for Interviewees For California Story Fund Project  
Recap:  SHHAR Quarterly meeting, Book: "Mayan Lives, Mayan Utopias"

March 11th, Save the date, SHHAR second quarterly meeting of the year
    Ruben Salaz Marquez, author of  "Epic of the Greater Southwest"

Feb 12: Santa Cecilia Orchestra, Director Sonia Marie De Leon De Vega
Feb 17 &18:
Conference of California Historical Societies
Feb 18:
19th Century California artists
Feb 26: Centennial open House
Artist’s Forum on Art & Politics, display runs until February 6th
New Book:  "Always Running : La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A. " 

Californios and the Birth of the State of California, Part 2
Being Straight about how the State of California became the 31st state
San Diego Latino Film Festival: March 9-19, 2006
Meet the "Huertas"
California Pioneer Register and Index 1542—1848

Vocabulario Californio and SHHAR Spanish Colonial Terms
Hemet-San Jacinto Genealogical SocietyFamily History Seminar

Golden Spike National Site Center Receives Two Research Grants
LDS to put microfilm in vaults on Internet 
FYI - Canales, Garcia and Salinas Family Trees
George Ryskamp, appointed Director: Basque Family Heritage USA, BYU

Vaqueros: The First Cowboys of the  Open Range

National Archives Experience present Hoxie
"Kindred Project"
DNA pinpoints family histories
Black Heritage Month

Feb 8th: Keeping Chinuk Wawa Language Alive
The Agua Caliente Cultural Museum Oral History Project
Crossroads & Intersections 
Key to Tribal Territories 
Navajo Help Save Unique Sheep From Extinction
Introduction to several Mexican Indian tribes 

Latinos & Jews-Conference on Historical & Contemporary Connections 
Secret Synagogue
Revered Kabbalist Rabbi dies in Israel
Remnants of Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic Americans by Gloria Gold   Woodrow Eugene Longoria
Israelite Ancestry URL

Casa Blanca Monument Recovered
The Royal Connections by George Farias
Dressed in history, RoseMarie LaPenta
Feb 18th: George Washington Parade
March 2-5:  275th Arrival of Canary Islanders to the Presidio de Bejar
Spaniard Americans by Alex Loya
Dallas Historical Society -- Launches Brown Bag Lunches 
Religious Studies Program & Center for Mexican American Studies 
Book: Guadalupe and Her Faithful
5th Annual Commemorative Lecture in Mexican American History 

Common Routes St. Domingue, Louisiana,  January 31 - May 28, 2006
Louisiana's 'Islenos' Torn Apart by Katrina
Cookbooks Available 
Novels feature Louisiana and Texas
Lorenzo and the Turncoat
Obituary Index Goes Live 

Feb 9th: Ken Burns speaks at the National Archives
How to increase Hispanics' profile in federal work force, June 27, '05
Ensuring Equal Opportunity: Hispanic Program Makes Progress, Feb '05 

Book: Mis Recuerd by Jose Leon Robles de la Torre
Director General del Consejo Editorial  Gobierno del Estado de Coahuila.
Discurso de Dr. Maestro y Licenciado Pedro Hector Rivas Figueroa
Personajes de la historia, Dr. Luis Maeda Villalobos
Book: Baptisms in Tamaulipas
Echoes of the Conquistadoes
A Successful Researching Trip
Book: Matrimonios y Bautismos de la Hacieda de Santa Maria, 1804-1845 
La Familia Plaza 
Casa imperial mexicana
President Carlos Salinas-de-Gortari, Descendents of Don Jose Esmiliano 
                               Salinas Villarreal
Fallecimiento de Barbara H. Stein

Cahuita Symposium on Slavery, Culture and Religion 
In Cuba, 9,240 victims - and counting 

Forget that long lunch: Spain sends workers home early to boost families
Os Judeus de Lepe 
¿Lo Conseguiremos Averiguar¿

Ecuadorean outliving the world at 116
Prof. Cesare Giraldo
Recommended Links

Correction of George Washington letter to Conde de Floridablanca
Fun tidbit: George Washington and a Spanish Jackass

The Most Read Writer 

Library Of Congress Wants Your Family History
Ten Free Things to Do on
Genealogy Services: Genealogists Seek DNA Testing Services
Sample  "Genealogy Pointers"
A Guide to Hidden Features of Google and Yahoo Engines
Maureen A. Taylor helps readers analyze old family pictures

Oldest mural of Maya people found in Guatemala, painted about 100 B.C.
Elite Women Made Beer in Pre-Incan Culture 
New Digs Decoding Mexico's "Pyramids of Fire"
Teotihuacan Home Page
Archaeologists: Old Canals Found in Peru 

If I Had My Life to Live Over by Erma Bombeck 

MARCH 2006

Dear primos, family, and friends. . .
Hope all are well in this season of spontanous weather changes . . .

To facilitate searching through previous issues of Somos Primos, my grandson Luke have created a single file of all the Tables of Contents for the 2002-2005 issues.

All the Tables of Contents are connected, which means you can do a category search based on the division in Somos Primos, such as BLACK or SPAIN, or a keyword search on the titles. An overview of the contents of Issues 2000 and 2001 is facilitated by the use of a subject index created by John P. Schmal.

Once you have identified the issues of interest, then go the homepage and click to any issue of interest. Hope this helps. Tables of Contents, 2002-2005 Keyword search Index, 2000-2001

Warm Regards, Mimi


National issues 
Focus on Veteran Rights For increasing Hispanic federal employment!  
Naval Academy Summer Seminar (NASS) Program  
Focus on Conversion of qualified Hispanic interns to federal employment! 
Developing Internal Policies for placing Interns in Federal Employment
USDA International Internship > Seeks INTERNS, deadline MAR 15, 2006
Smithsonian Internships  > Spring Internship Fair, 26 April 2006
2/8 Notes:
NHLA-Federal Government Under-representation of Hispanics

Cesar Chavez  & Bernardo de Galvez
Successful marriages confer academic benefit on children
Hispanic advocates sue Texas over ESL and bilingual programs
Yahoo discussion Groups
Nuestra Family Unida podcast project    
WALKOUT Screening  > March 1, 2006, HBO > March 18th
Octavio Gomez, Cameraman Helped Cover Latino Civil Rights Movement 

Latino TV characters seen as  the hot gift 
Sibling Writing Team Surprises Again 
Prestigious festival accepts S.A. filmmaker's maiden effort
Adding Color to Red, White and Blue


The inexorable rise of Latino USA
New Latina Voz on the Web 
For Hispanics, Farming is a Growth Industry
Some day laborers report being abused and cheated in their pay

Get Fuzzy
Gold enduring Mystique
California Gold Rush and the "49ers"
The greatest theft in history
Smithsonian and the Spirit of Ancient Colombian Gold

Latinos in the Smithsonian Revised
Targeted Minorities
Fuss and feathers at the U. of I.  

Guy Gabaldon Documentary Finally Completed
Texas Vietnam Veterans

Cesar Chavez y Bernardo de Galvez: Sons and Souls of California.
Patriot Ancestors from Cuba (Part 2, F-J) by Granville Hough, Ph.D.

The Descendents of  Doctor Antonio Fernando Lafon Chapa
S: Armorial Popular 

Selling the San Antonio Light During WWII
Chicken Breast 
Se Trata de Dinero . .  a stab at pure fiction
Carmen's Dream of Going to Summer Camp, 1941
Summer Camp
Uncle Rey|
The Bull Before His Time

Sal Castro, Bringing History to life for students
March 4: Story Time for Kids and Adults
March 11: SHHAR Meeting: Ruben Salaz "Epic of the Greater South West"
March 16: Ruben Salaz to speak at Libreria Martinez Bookstore

March 18:
MAJOR EVENT: Hispanic Family History Conference, Riverside
George Ryskamp,  BYU Center for Family History  & Genealogy
                Classes by Spanish/English, Prof. Ryskamp and BYU students

Bowers Kidseum
Actors Wanted: Hispanic/Latin-American, and Multi-Racial 
In need of luncheon or dinner speakers, contact, contact your editor.

^In need of 2006 luncheon or dinner speaker? Look at article above ^
March 1:
WALKOUT by Moctezuma Esparza and James Edward Olmos

March 18:
MAJOR EVENT: Hispanic Family History Conference, Riverside
George Ryskamp,  BYU Center for Family History  & Genealogy
                Classes in Spanish/English, by Prof. Ryskamp and BYU students
                Click for more information

March 24, 25, 31st and April 1st Cesar Chavez y Bernardo de Galvez
Conversations North of Mexico, Mental Menudo Art 

Hispanics for LA opera, Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of HLAO

March 18: MAJOR EVENT: Hispanic Family History Conference, Riverside
George Ryskamp,  BYU Center for Family History  & Genealogy
                Classes in Spanish/English, by Prof. Ryskamp and BYU students
                Click for more information.

March 2006 marks the 40th anniversary of Chavez’s lead 1966 march
The Original California Constitution was a Spanish-English document.
CALIFORNIOS and the Birth of the State of California, 3rd in a series 
Noriego Who? 

Legendary Queen of California -- Califa
Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation 
Sacramento pioneers re-interred in Sacramento County Cemetery
New Latina Court Commissioner 
Los Californianos Recommended Reading List
Juan Francisco Permission to Marry
Nieblas - use SF newspapers for DOD 
Colonial Life in Spanish California During the North American Revolution

In need of luncheon or dinner speakers, contact, contact your editor.

"Building a Lasting Legacy."

Computerized Genealogy Conference
March 10-11, 2006

Ku Klux Klan Had Short Life in El Paso
Alien Arrivals to El Paso click
Book:  Ringside Seat to a Revolution by David Dorado Romo
Book: Cottonwood Saints 
Tunnel underneath the US/Mexico border

The African Presence in México From Yanga to the Present 
Book: My Soul To His Spirit: 
            Soulful Expressions From Black Daughters To Their Fathers    
Research shines spotlight on an unsung L.A. pioneer, John Ballard
At Burial Site, Teeth Tell Tale of Slavery
Taking 'Roots' to a DNA level, PBS series
Family Tree Magazine E-Mail Update
Mall Site Is Chosen for Black History Museum

Native American Film Festival and Cultural Weekend, Palm Springs 
Grand View, Hualapai Indians are building a glass walkway  
Now Available: The Flora Patencio Cahuilla News Index Database
Earliest Maya Writings Found
Geraldine Janis 1928-2005, Lakota Defender of Tribal Rights 
Chiapas / Mayan Indians 
March 25: 7th Annual Southern California Indian storytelling Festival 
Health disparities among Native Americans 
The William Duncan Strong Southern California Photograph Collection

Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic Americans:  Consuelo Luz Arostegui
Semitism and Anti Semitism in Arizona and Sonora: 
           An Ethnobiography of Experience and Insight
Universalism in Jewish Thought

TCARA in George Washington Parade in Laredo, Texas
National Hispanic Sports Hall of Fame
Royal Realities
March 3-5: Canary Islanders Symposium
March 29:  Writing Historical Fiction
Book: My Grandfather's Grandfather by Tomás Rodríguez Benavides
Thirty-Five Years of Struggle and Triumph: Mexican Americans in Tejas
Book: The Continuous Presence of Italians and Spaniards in Texas 
             as Early as 1520, Chapter 3 by Alex Loya

My trip to Juanchorrey by Helen Mejia Z.-Savala
S: Otra vista del viaje a Juanchorrey 
S: Personajes de la historia, Obispos de Zacatecas 
S: Homenaje; A Jose Leon Robles de la Torre
S: March 27-29 IV Seminario: 
             Reforma, Intervención francesa y Segundo Imperio
Mexico City Aerial view
The African Presence in México From Yanga to the Present, go to Black

Black Hispanics, Lane College, Tennessee Conference
Diario de la Marina: The Jaruco Articles
The Birth of a Puerto Rican

Book: Basque Diaspora
Book: La Identidad Vasca en el Mundo:

Arde el obispado
News From My Uncle in El Salvador
Esteban Gomes 
Simon de Alcazaba y Sotomayor

Most Europeans descended from hunters
The Official Federal Land Patent Records Site
Example of resources
Free genealogy databases 
Buscadores Especializados y Metabuscadores, (Internet resources)

Tribute to Tezcatlipoca
Excerpt: Inca Show Pits Yale Against Peru 


APRIL 2006

Special Sharing: California Woman of the Year 20th Anniversary Event

National issues
Establishment of a National Museum of the American Latino Community
A Record Breaking Immigrants' Rights Rally in Los Angeles
Pew Briefing on Immigration Survey 
Student Visas and Tourist Visas
Census: Latinos Population Changes Today 
Almanac of Latino Politics, 2006
Former California Assemblyman Marco Firebaugh
Cesar Chavez Day Celebrated Across the U.S
Hispanics' 'Defining Moment' 
Book: Multiple Origins, Uncertain Destinies 
The Antiquities Act

Map of States that offer in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants
Should Illegal Immigrants Get Tuition Help? 
Non-Lingual Children results from poorly supervised Bilingual Education.
Excerpt from: "Woe to kids without father figures"
WALKOUT aired on HBO,  March 18th
National Association of Latino Independent Producers 
Advanced Placement on upswing 
PacifiCare Latino Health Scholars Program
Coming to America: A Teacher Remembers

The full-effect American experience
Carpet too pretty to walk on J. Michael Parker
Ask a Mexican
Music: Outlaw Onda
Latino Arts Network E-Newsletter goes virtual!
Under Construction: About a Mexican American comic that loses weight
Nuestra Familia Unida: Chicken Soup for the Latin Soul/History Page

Dinero, New Breed of Magazines for Affluent Latinos 
Outsourcing in the Americas 
The National Hispanic Convention in California. May31st - June 2nd.
Georgia farmers "Don’t know" – yeah, right!"

National Museum of the American Latino Community
Statement of  U.S. Congressman Xavier Becerra
on H.R. 2134

Images of Valor
Support Sears 
El Sereno American Flag Raising Ceremony
Internet used for Honoring Veterans, three webites: 
          Home of Heroes; 
         We Support  you; 
         Before you Go

The History of Bill Arvizu in the Military 

Battle of San Juan 1797 article
Sons And Daughters of The Republic of Texas 
Cuba Patriots of the American Revolution, Part 3, (K-M)

SURNAME: De la Garza

A collection of personal stories shared by Frank M. Sifuentes
My Unusual Birth
Reflejos y Recuredos de mi Tio Antonio Casarez Sifunentes

Recuerdos de Tio Meme: Manuel Casarez Sifuentes
Babe and the Cadillac:  
MY First Celebration of Labor Day, Circa 1949 

April 29th, 2006 "Capturing Your Past With the Tools of Today" 
                                  Orange County Family History Fair, No cost

April 29, 2006:
Hispanic Chamber-Estrella Awards Notice

Tiger Woods Learning Center opens in Anaheim 
Ancient Tongue Linked to Aztec Past
MANA at Great American Write In! 
Non-traditional community inspired Historic Preservation Projects 
Save the date:  May 27th, SHHAR Quarterly

"Cesar E. Chavez A Reflection"
A Tribute to Cesar Chavez,  Re-enacting a labor leader's life
April 22: Celebrate the Memorial Impulse!  Become the Family Historian!
Database Los Angeles Times Obituary Index

Book: The Winds of Sonoma. .  Historical novel
"The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco"  Online resource
Los Californianos Alert, 230th anniversary of the Juan Bautista de Anza 
APRIL 14 Deadline: Latino Issues Forum  Summer Fellowship Program.

Report: March BYU Computerized Genealogy Conference
Training From Salt Lake Saves Lives in Other Countries

Book: Ringside Seat to a Revolution 
14th Hispano tribute to Hispano legislators, "Walking the Talk" award
Research Paper, Pre-International Baccalaureate Program
Of Buried Truths, Undocumented Laborers & Grandfather I Never Knew 

Index to the Names in Conquerors of the West 
"Tiny" Martinez, A Legend In Our Community Passes On 
Award-winning work of local sculptor

Found Roots 
Heritage tourism helps blacks reconnect
Black Latinos can find race niches hard to accept

Book: Crossing Bok Chitto 
Native Expressions, Event held March 10th
Her Life Belongs to the Land 
Book: Bernie Whitebear, 
THE Mixtecs and Zapotecs:  Enduring Cultures of Oaxaca

Returning to the Home of My Heart
Consuelo (Connie) Jaramillo Delgado
Excerpt From: Jews, Latinos Uncovering Their Heritage

Royal Realities 
A Signpost for Civil Rights Hispanic Leadership
Los Grandes de la Music Tejana Concert, Sat, April 22, 2006 
News from Coahuila 
Continuous Presence of Italians and Spaniards in Texas as Early as 1520 

Common Routes
Baton Rouge Flies a series of  Six Flags, 1682-1865 

Ray Barretto... The Lost of Another Great Latin Music Giant 
Jose A. Marquez-Leon, Latino Executive Honored
Welcoming honorable Councilman Majority Leader 

Multiethnic Mix Include Chinese Roots in Latin America 
National Archives & Google Launch Pilot Project to Digitize Historic Films 

S: Personajes de la Historia 
Protocolos de Archivo Historico de Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico 
Viceregal & Ecclesiastical Mexican Collection, 1534-(1770-1820)-1919 

New Guide for Mexican Family History
S: Defunciones de Tepetongo, Zacatecas
The History of Zacatecas by John P. Schmal
The Descendents of Don Antonio de Soberon

Galeria Cemi On-line
Just a whole lot of names... with a Puerto Rican connection.
Diario de la Marina: The Jaruco Articles 

List of ships of the line of Spain
El Galeón San Francisco
Obispos Onubenses 
Boletín de Cultura y Diáspora Vasca
Spanish Names from the Late 15th Century: Full Names of Women
House of Castile

S: Historia de un Amor
Canary Islands websites: 

Gobierno de Canarias and An Islenos Canarios 
In Guatemala, ancient drama outlives repressive era 
Excerpt: Interview With President of Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music 
S: La Palabra Del Dia Bahamas

Battle of San Juan 1797
Cuba Patriots of the American Revolution
Texas the Fourth Front of the American Revolution
These three articles would be helpful for understanding the Spanish 
support received during the early foundations of the United States.  

The Center for Family History and Genealogy's
OneGreatFamily : Marriage Records 
Changing font size to view Internet sites and emails easily
Social Security Death Index (Updated--adding December 2005) tenth anniversary
Where to Find Images for Family History

Buried History
Nuestra Familia Unida,, Archaeology, Jungle Cast 

The Cost of raising a Child


MAY 2006

Dear Readers. . . 

Surely May 1, 2006 will be considered a pivotal day in the history of the United States. We can thank the leadership, with great satisfaction for the very orderly way the marches and boycotts were conducted. 

Just received this gripping cartoon by Sergio Hernandez. Hopefully the energetic, but peaceful voices will change the perspective of many concerned with the increasing numbers of Hispanic/Latinos in the U.S..

Reference to the historical contributions past as well as present were frequent in the interviews in both the English and Spanish language on the radio and TV stations.

For you interest and support is a copy of the Senate Bill pertaining to the feasibility of a National Museum of the American Latino Community is the first item under U.S.

Hope you enjoy the Cinco de Mayo photo taken by Somos Primos reader Robert Gonzalez serving in the Navy in Japan. Please feel invited to send photos demonstrating that the Hispanic presence is, and was, all over the world in the past, as in the present. 

Warm regards, Mimi

National issues
National Latino Museum, introduced in the Senate, March 29, 2006 
Cinco de Mayo *Special Edition* April 5, 2006 Census Bureau Facts

Immigration Data: With thanks to John P. Schmal
In 2005 . . 16 Million enter on Visa Waver Program
Leading Countries of Visa Overstays 
Leading Countries of Nationality of Alien Removals: 2004
Legal Immigration to US Still Declining: 2003
Mexican Immigration (1936-2003) 
June 30, 1921: Mexican Agricultural Laborers
Urban Institute Immigration Policy
U.S. urged to apologize for 1930s deportations
Documentary: Betrayal & Violations: Mexican Repatriation of the 1930's
California and the American Dream, PBS 4-part documentary series

Wrangling over Mexican textbooks
The Value Question in the Education of Latinos

Preparing to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2006
"Hispanic Americans: Our Rich Culture Contributing to America's Future." 
Latintronica: Mix and match of beats
Where does Mole come from?
Tortillas find a growing place at the table
How To Turn 15: "Quince Girl"and "Celebrate".

Marketing to U.s. Hispanics & Latin America
Gloria Molina: A Day in the Life of the Woman of the Year
4th Annual Hispanic Business: Woman of the Year Awards, Caesars 
Banks Accommodating Hispanics 
Making American Money at Home in Mexico
N.Y. Leads Boom in Hispanic Business
Study Shows Increase in Hispanic Entrepreneurship

The Anti-Spanish Black Legend by Luis Brandtner 
Teachers Exploring Adverse Effects of California's Missions on Indians
Students at Locke High School Working Together to Learn Their History
Spanish Impact on Forging of The US. What History Failed to Tell Us

Camp Pendleton Marine, Cpl. Carlos Gomez-Perez receives Silver Star 
Latin Death Rate in Viet War Cited 
Jack Gomez, Orange County's first Hispanic mayor, Placentia Veteran 
Army Reserve Sgt. Regina Reali, 25, Fresno; Killed in Explosion in Iraq
Sgt. Marcelino Ronald Corniel Wedding Plans Replaced by Funeral 
Robert M. Martinez Sr. Austin's most decorated Police Officer 
A Tale of Six Boys

Texas Connection to the American Revolution, TCARA
Mexicans, Indians and the Sons of the American Revolution by Paul Trejo
Patriot Ancestors Form Cuba (Part 5, continued, N-R) by Granville Hough
What became of the Gálvez Family? <click

click Cano muchos apellidos del noreste de México y el sur de Tejas 
por Carlos Martín Herrera de la Garza 
click Mendoza su conexión con la famosa Doña Marina, "la Malinche"
por José L.G. de Paz

Micheal Lozano Embarks on a Journey of Self-Discovery
Grandmother Felipa Lozano Villareal: The Lozano Family ties 
El Paso Writer to Participate in James Olmos Latino Book Festival 
Texas Cameo Memories, Mario Garcia, Alfred A. Aburto Jr.
Cinco de Mayo Memories by Frank Sifuentes

May 27: SHHAR Quarterly Meeting: 20th anniversary, 3 special speakers
Spanish Cruce Horse and the early southwest 
SHHAR/SomosPrimos Speaker's Bureau. . are you looking for speakers?
The Staples NLBWA-OC Latina Center's Ribbon Cutting
Play: The "Mexican OC" performances scheduled in May
LULAC, 56th Annual District Convention 
LULAC, CA Resolution supports H.R. 2134 Commission 
Human Relations Events 
Chicano Artist: Malaquias Montoya Art Exhibit, until May 12 
Cypress St. School last of 15 "Mexican School" buildings in OC < click

Book: Viva Baseball!! Exhibit: April 23 to June 9th
Mexican-American Baseball in LA From the Barrios to the Big Leagues 
May 15: El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Summer Internship
May 16: Legends of the Land, Provocative People in Poetic Places
May 22: Inmigración y las nuevas propuestas de ley. 
June 3: Talamantes- Farias Family Reunion
July 22: Nueva Galicia Genealogical Society to meet in Los Angeles
Seek city, national recognition for 1840s Whittier home historically unique
Latin Death Rate in Viet War Cited

Casa de Bandini Restoration Project. . . letters of support needed
Historic Preservation of Villa d Branciforte . . letters of support needed
Cypress Street School, last of 15 Segregated "Mexican Schools" 
May 6,7,13 :The Ramona Pageant, in its 83rd year 
May 12: Inland Empire Minority Business Enterprise Center
California Department of Education History Documents 
California Libraries Catalog
Early California Wills 
Early California Population Project
The Heritage Discovery Center, Madera, California
Luso-American Education Foundation
June 3: Talamantes- Farias Family Reunion , click for information

Basketball unites Seattle's Hispanic community 
Genealogy Radio Show Available On-line 

Arvizu family roots in Sonora map 1752
Book: Early Sources, Arizona counties, Cochise, Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz 
Basque Database completed, many materials available full text online
Book: Protocoles of the Archivo Historico Municipal de Parral 
Spanish Archives of New Mexico I 1685-1912

CSUF Administrator Honored by 100 Black Men of Orange County
Colorado Genealogists, Unearth Roots of 5,000 Blacks
New Hampshire African Burial Ground Stirs Emotions 

Their Right To Speak: Women's Activism in the Indian and Slave Debates
"Rethinking Malinche" Podcast
Eva Rehner: Pala tribal Elder once challenged state power 
Archaeologists Launch Large Dig in Virginia
Tracing Your Indigenous Roots in México by John P. Schmal

Carlos Maximiliano Casaus
A Man of Accomplishment and Kindness: David Rabacoff
Judeo-Espagnol At Auschwitz
Why the world hates the Jews, and what we can do to respond

The Importance of Improving Texas History Education
Austin's La Peña exhibit of paintings by Esperanza Mendez
Angel of Goliad Descendants Laying of the Wreath Ceremonies
Texas Historical Foundation Honors Preservationists 
26th Annual Tejano Music Awards Recognizes the Best in Tejano Music
The Family and Friendship Ties of the Original Texans

A Group of Galveztown Descendants
What Became of the Gálvez Family?
Louisiana Secretary of State Website: Vital Statistics and much more
Humid City, New Orleans Online Video 
A Brief History of Louisiana, Under 10 Flags
Visitors from the Canary Islands 
Recommended sites by Bill Carmena

Santa Ana Zegache: a folk baroque gem in Oaxaca
S: May 12-14: Primera Conferencia Binacional de Historia Familiar 
Good Cause Book Sale: Microfilming Project 
Stereographic negatives by Alfredo Saldivar provoke a quest for Facts 
Records of Colonial Tlalpujahua, Michoacán, Mexico 
S: Fundación de la Aduana interior de Torreón
New Books: Naturalizations of Mexican-Americans, Extracts, Vol. 1,2, 3
S: Hubo Otros Mendoza
S: Genealogía del apellido Cano en el noreste de México y sur de Texas
S: 3 Coahuilenses Prisioneros, durante Guerra Intervencion Francesa

El corazón del monstruo
About Carlos López Dzur
Officials and Employees of the City of San Juan de Puerto Rico (1897 
The Cuban Genealogy Club
Patriot Ancestors form Cuba (Part 5, continued, N - R)

Málaga en Flamenco festival
Piloto Juan de la Feria by Ángel Custodio Rebollo
Encinasola Ángel Custodio Rebollo

My Trip to Central America by Jaime Cader 
Uno Con Ellos, Uno Con el Mundo, del libro Poder y Gracia por Mick Quinn 
Portuguese: Bibliotecas by Angel Custodio Rebollo
Portuguese: Simâo De Alcazaba y Sotomayor

The Republic of Hawaii is organized into a U.S. territory
America's founders Recognized the Giver of liberty as Almighty God

Finding Records of Your Ancestors, Mexico, 1859 to Present 
Fee-for-service records program 
List of Genealogy and History Podcasts
Recommended Webpages: Internments and Personal Historians 

Ancient 1,500-year Pyramid Discovered in Mexico
Under an Easter ritual, an ancient pyramid
Archaeologists Launch Large Dig in Virginia <click

Black and White (Under age 40? You won't understand.)

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JUNE 2006

Dear readers,

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful summer with family and friends. Many have mentioned vacations with family research as part of the activities, others are planning to attend conference. Please feel invited to share your experiences and fact finding. Somos Primos reflects you the readers.

This notification is sent as a service. All 77 issues of Somos Primos, back to January 2000 can be accessed from the home page,
If you prefer not to receive the monthy notification, please let me know.

Warm regards, Mimi

National issues
Wells Fargo, Sponsors " The Latino OC 100" 
The Mexican Border: Fleeing the Throes of Revolution (1912)

Se Si Puede brings HOPE and Dreams into Reality.
On Being Black at a Latino March
Of U.S. Children Under 5, Nearly Half Are Minorities
Immigration issue is complex and requires bilateral solutions 
100 Years in the Back Door, Out the Front 
Undocumented, Indispensable
Hispanic Influx to Hawaii

Action Taken 
Writing Letter to Editor and government officials by Frank Sifuentes
City of Monterey, California
Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America

Sky's not the limit for NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez
O.C. man uses his story to urge students to stay in school
Encouraging Young People 
Hispanic Magazine's Teacher of the Year, 
Assimilation Of Immigrants:  Fact, says UCLA Sociologist Edward Telles
Helping America's Youth
NCLR Takes Family History Curriculum to Communities
HHS-HEO Digest Features Federal Programs, health, education, etc. 

Hard work helps tear down some old walls 
Bullfights scaled down for 9-year old boy
Clay's Kitchen Mexican 
Congressional Gold Medal recipients
What Hispanic Awareness Means to Me
Hispanic vs Latino  
Latinos or Hispanics?  A Debate About Identity 
But the language I speak is Spanish
Las Comaderes Para Las Americas  

National Latina Business Women Association
Hispanic business growth outpaces U.S. rate
Spanish language skills and Annual Incomes 
Hispanics set the pace in business ownership

Britt Lomond, 'Zorro' villain, dies at 80
So-called Spanish Flu of 1918

A Legacy Greater than Words
My Dad Marcelino R. Bautista in A Legacy Greater Than Words Book
Recommended websites to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 
The Story Behind "Before You Go" 
Greatest Play In Major League Baseball - Rick Monday 
Vietnam riders impressed with Leakey Hospitality 
Hispanic Military Heroes

A gathering of Grandmother Wisdom-Keepers at MANA meeting
Iona St. Therese Patricia Marie Jordon:  Carnival Girl by Frank Sifuentes
Oral History, Los Cuentos de Kiko
OTIUM, online magazine
Micheal Lozano Embarks on a Journey of Self-Discovery, Part 2


The Story of a Cricket Buckle and Pinching the Spanish Main - All of it!
Early Games in the Americas, Stick Ball or lacross
In Using Hough and Hough Spanish Patriot Series
Moving Gold to Mexico City
Texas Longhorns 

Ramon Peralta Adobe Mural
Orange County oral histories of war veterans made into documentary, 
June 3: screening of student produced documentary on Orange County  
June 6: NLBWA-OC's "Emerging Latinas Program"
LULAC Westminster Council #3017 2006 2006 Scholarship Recipients
June 10: Bernardo de Galvez Re-enactor to present to SARs
Historic block party
Steve DeMara: Genealogist/ Historian honored
Capistrano honors native Frances Louise Sherrill,
Rios Family of San Juan Capistrano 
Click for report on May 27th SHHAR meeting

June 3:   Talamantes-Farias Reunion 2006 
June 24  East L.A. Beginning Family History, Viola Sadler & Mimi Lozano 
June:      UCLA Extension, Family History research, Michael Perez 
July 7-9 and August 24-25th: "Sons and Souls of California"

The Glory of Their Times, the Chorizeros
Family Programs at the Getty Villa
Los Tapatiós de California: Returning to Their Jalisco Roots

SHHAR meeting report:  Special Books & Heritage Discover Center 
Guide to the La Purisima Mission State Historic Park Collection
Example and use of the 1930 Census
Click: Tamale Festival “Bringing Families Together!”
NARA'S Alien files under threat of moving to Missouri
Yosemite Valley, the new French Pyrenees by Alex Loya 

Why the LDS Church (Mormons) put emphasis on genealogical research

S: El Monumento de Juan de Oñate
The largest equestrian bronze monument in the world
Manifests of Statistical Alien Arrivals at El Paso, Texas
Documents of the Coronado Expedition, 1539–1542
Muster Roll of the Coronado Expedition of February 22, 1540
Two Discoveries, Two Conquests: Vázquez de Coronado 
Ex-Gov. Castro recalls beating odds
Old battle haunts new U.S.-Mexico tensions 
Tribute to George I. Sánchez 

National History Project: Fugitive Slaves in Mexico
Mexico as a haven for fugitive slaves
Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes, Black Indians

Native Hawaiians Seek Right to Land, Self-Government  
Districts redrawn to raise number of Indian lawmakers in Mexico

Keeping Dakotah language alive through Scrabble
Catch Her If You Can - San Ildefonso Woman is on the Move

Ana Kurland: Remnants of Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic Americans
A Research Tool Online for Sephardic Genealogy / Jewish Genealogy
The First Jews in the New World by Joseph Heckelman
60's Latino Militant Now Pursues a Personal Quest: Reies Lopez Tijerina

June 4th & June llth  Meet the author, A Legacy Greater Than Words
27th Annual Texas Conference on Hispanic Genealogy & History 
                                               Aug 31st - Sept 3rd, click

Gloria Candelaria-March, Many roles, but always Mom
May 31 & June 1: The Camels Are Coming to Bandera!
The Celtic connection to Spanish Texas
Texas Adjutant General Service Records 1836-1935
The Index to Texas Probate Records
Americo Paredes Distinguished Lectures 
Family on the fringe of the revolution
Spanish trails in Victoria County, Texas
Continuous Presence of Italians and Spaniards in Texas as Early as 1520
Click: Alex Loya's research leads to Sentinel Rock in Yosemite, California 

Donaldsonville Celebrating 200 Years of Culture and History, 1806-2006
Old Families of Louisiana

July 4th Washington, D.C. Parade
June 2006 National Archives Public Programs 
Literature of Latino/a Experience and Relevance in  the English Classroom
Immigration Rally in Chapel Hill and Carrboro

Book: Inherit the Dust from the Four Winds of Revilla by José M. Péna
"El Capitan "  Don Jose Vasquez Borrego by Anita Rivas Medellin
The Family Tree on the Museum Wall by Ted Vincent
S: Libro: Dos Coahuilense en la Historia de la Patria
S: Libro: Capilla de la Hacienda Santa Ana de los Hornos
S: Datos de Tabasco
S: Confrencia Binacional 
S: En el Valle de Tlaltenango por Arturo Ramos
The Descendents of Don Andres de Morales y de la Fuentes
S: Registros en la Catedral de Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
S: En los Albores de la Independencia 

Cuban Military Records  
The Last Puerto Rican Indian
Historia / Canarias /Navegación 

BYU Study Abroad Program
A Modern renaissance in Spain 
Cartaya, Huelva  
Don Cristóbal Colon

Sigfrido Burmann, La gira americana de Un Teatro de Arte 1926-1929
Japan's El Bigote, Mexican Restaurant 
Las Islas Canarias son una comunidad Autónoma
Linajes de San Miguel de Abona, located on the southern side Tenerife
Guatamalan Genealogist

History of Our Forefathers and Nation!

Turn family photos into an artful exhibit
New PAF Genealogical Tutorial available Online... 
Another Method of Using
Volunteers sought for Beta 2 Test of Research Advice Forums
"The Help Center Research Advice Forums"
Finding Real genealogical Recored amidst the confusion
Using Rootsweb: Exploring the SS-5

Archeologists discover Maya tomb, defy looters 
Amazon Stonehenge' found in Brazil 
Roman Trade With the Canary Islands 

Comments by Orlando Lozano about the year 1955


JULY 2006

Hi all . . . Hope you all enjoy a safe July 4th celebration.

If you happen to watch the Washington, D.C. parade July 4th, be sure and look for the float of the Texas Connection to the American Revolution. Jack Cowan and the TCARA members from Texas are being joined by Joseph Puentes from North Carolina who will be pulling the float and reenactors, Micheal Lozano and Hector Diaz from Maryland.

Thank all of you for the wonderful materials, fresh research, and forwarded current events. If anyone has submitted an article for Somos Primos and it has not been published within two months of when it was sent, please send it along again. Sometimes in sorting mail and submissions, articles get lost in the shuffle.

Thank you for your encouraging letters . . . you are all making a difference in the general perception of who we are . . . we are more than a stereotype, and that is coming out . . . little by little.

God bless, Mimi


National issues
Hispanic One Hundred hosts John McCain at bipartisan event
Bishop Jaime Soto Invocation
Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants & being an American in 1907
Mission of the Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research  
Sons Live Out a Dream, Passing the Torch to a New Generation
Study of Latino Professionals Shatters Stereotypes
Newsweeklies Rarely Cover Hispanics
A Look at History - Repatriation / Bickering Delays Illegal-Immigrant Deal 
Educator brings attention to historic period and its affect on her family

Action Item:  
Commission to investigate removal of Mex-Americans during depression
A message from an appalled observer at World War II Memorial in D.C.

Ana Maria Armano, a month short of 80th birthday receives B.A.
Course helps Latinos understand kids' schools 
Website for Diversity Education
French in Maine
Most states fall short in teaching the culture of Latin America and Mexico 
A Guide to the Tool Kit for Hispanic Families
The 7 Secrets of Big Picture Thinkers by Nancy Marmolejo

Race and Latino!
Tejano Texian 
Our Lives are better left to chance
In Search of Fatherhood 
Latino Rhythms and their influence on Classic Soul Music: 

Would you believe? . . Meet the Fakers
Multi-ethnic business a piece of cake

Comments about Racism against Latinos, Ladera Ranch location
Raza isn't racist, changed perspective on the Latino student club MEChA

It is the VETERAN,who gives us freedom
Link to Muslim cartoons that caused riots and deaths
Special DEA agent, Enrique "Kiko" S. Camarena
Medal of Honor Winner Jose M. Lopez Dies at 94
Staff Sergeant Roy Benavidez
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month websites
Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
Pray for our Military. . . They believe in Prayer
Lakota Tribe in North Dakota Funeral Activities and Observance
Hero Military Search 

Book: Scarred by Scandal, Redeemed by Love, Gloria DeLaTorre-Wycoff
Boxed Memories, Richard Sanchez
The Day Roosevelt Died, Summer l944, Frank Sifuentes
Who is Frank Sifuentes?
Nuestra Familia Unida Podcasts 
Traveling to Ancestral Locations in Search of True History by Mary Allen 
Inspirational Stories 
Micheal Lozano Embarks on a Journey of Self-Discovery, Part 3

SURNAME: De la Garza

US researchers find 18th-century British warships 
Spanish Covert Aid
Spanish Patriots of Chile
Patriots of Cuba, Query on Patriots of Cuba 
Patriots and Near-Patriots of Chile by Granville W. Hough, Ph.D.

July 22: Genetics, DNA and Genealogy by Norma Keating, R.N. 
Comments on DNA from Yolanda Ochoa 
Kaiser to request DNA samples from 2 Million adults
DNA diet plan, Kit tests for genetic cues to aid in healthier eatingScientists Find A DNA Change That Accounts For White Skin
Welsh and Irish Celts genetic blood-brothers of Basques
DNA forces El Salvador to face past
DNA reunites Salvadoran families
Canales, Garcia and Salinas Family Trees
Santa Ana planners to present downtown recommendations
July 20: First shovel celebration for Grijalva Gymnsium/Sports Center 
July 20: Hispanic Business World Inaugural Reception 
National Archive Center may go to Great Park
The LATINO OC 100 2005-2006 Yearbook being Produced

July 4th: Descendants of  Los Pobladores at Olvera St.
July 7-11: National Council of La Raza National Conference, Premier of
                    East L.A. Marine, the Untold True Story of Guy Gabaldon
July 7-9: Cesar E. Chavez y  Bernardo de Galvez
July 10th:
 Book signing by Dr. Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez
New Book: Images of American Series: Los Angeles's Olvera Street
Database of all the missions and Los Angeles Plaza Church 
Naturalization Index Published for Los Angeles County
Reginaldo Francisco del Valle: UCLA's Forgotten Forefather
Health Net is open for business in East Los Angeles!  
July 27th: Where the Leaders Meet National Latina Business Women Assn
August 4: Promoting a Positive Image
Nov 10-12: 2nd Annual Los Angeles International Tamale Festival 
My Hot Tamale website

Discovering the Painted Caves of Baja California
The Bear Flag Revolt
California Stories, a New Approach to Strengthening Communities
Sources at your fingertips. . .
Historical LA Times Newspaper database
Plan would open Prop. 40 funds to missions
Gringo Gazette North - Northern Baja's English Voice
Our Talmantes-Farias Picnic day
California Roll Call
Mission San Miguel Arcangel Landmark Plaque

The Presidio Line by Michael R. Hardwick
Resources of New Mexico State University
Index to Manifests of Permanent & Statistical Alien Arrivals at El Paso, TX

African Roots Stretch Deep into Mexico
Mexico as a haven for fugitive slaves

Indigenous Identity in the Mexican Census:
Peruvian land 
Urban Indians in Ciudad Juarez
Learn an Indigenous Language
MANA hosts W.O.M.B. Grandmothers Gathering.
Native American selection of  Ancestry books

Albert Gallegos: Remnants of Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic Americans
Sephardic Research Website

August 31-September 3 :  27th Hispanic Genealogy & History Conference
Bexar Genealogy
July 8,  Meeting, Texas declares September as Tejano Heritage Month 
Dedication of TX State Historical Marker of Don Rafael Antonio Manchola
July 11th: Austin's 1st Latino Book & Art Festival
October 13-15: Elizondo Reunion
Archaeologists unearth bones at French settlement in Texas
Treaties signed by the Republic of Texas 
October 29: Juan Nepomuceno Seguin Event
Book: Inherit the Dust from the Four Winds of Revilla
South Texas Archives
Lozano Building Holds Many Memories and Stories
Book, Chapter 10: Continuous Presence of Italians and Spaniards in Texas as Early as 1520, Including the Participation and Consequence of Texas and Louisiana in the American Revolution by Alex Loya
Wills/Testaments from Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon, Mexico Inventory
Escudos de Cantabria por María del Carmen González Echegaray

Hector Flores: Latino leader outgrew modest goals
Immigration cultivation: Farmers gain insight on new work force 
Man brings back the music of Clifton Chenier 
Country Roads Online:  Natchez to New Orleans

Golfo de Mexico, Misiones Franciscanas 1606 map
Links to comprehensive Hispanic community studies
Yale University Art Gallery 
S: El Otro San Juan Del Puerto, La Florida

Uayma: in living color 
Pinning blame on politicians
Heritage Discovery Center
Don Esteban Vázquez Godoy
Don Manuel María Ponce Cuéllar
Don Roberto Cabral del Hoyo
José Mariano Jiménez
Leon Trotsky
 XXII Congreso Nacional de Historia Regional 7, 8 y 9 de diciembre 
Archivos de Mexico
Obtaining print copies of  vital records in Mexico
Memoirs of Antonio Menchaca  and other websites
The Genealogy of Mexico by Gary Felix, Outstanding resource

Rob Ossian's Pirate's Cove
Recreated Fixed Regiment of Puerto Rico
Book: The Last Puerto Rican Indian

S: Indice Nominal de la Gaceta de Madrid. Enero de 1898 
S: Good Links to Spain 
S: Reconocimiento a un Hijo Ilustre: Bernardo de Gálvez
S: Two Heráldica websites 

Dutch Portuguese Colonial History 
S: Communication concerning El Savador Castes

American Civil War Retold In Pictures  
Did George Washington Know how to Tango?
A Pirate's tale from Jean Baptiste's Brass Cannon
Andersonville Civil War Prisoner of War web site 
Historical Documents website

Marriage Among Cousins: A Gold Mine for Genealogists
Public Invited to Give Feedback on new 
BYU'S Personal Ancestral File Tutorial 
Buying and Disposing of old books
New Free Genealogy Website (like myspace)
Genealogy Blogging - A Brief Guide
Check out Recipe Software
Genealogy Library Center accepts donations of Family History stuff 
Changing font size to view internet and emails easily 
New Google Search Technologies Make Information Easier to Discover,
          Organize and Share

Dental work in Mexico dates back 4,500 years
Peruvian Woman of A.D. 450 Seems to Have Had Two Careers 
Archeologists to Search for Lost Mission

Life in the 1500s




Action Item . . .
A 62 year wait for World War II  Marine
Free Lithograph to organizations: Pied Piper of Saipan, Guy Gabaldon

National issues
Hispanic Population Has Grown More Numerous Than
Asian- and African-Americans in 26 of the 50 States
'You Don't Speak for Me,' Legal Hispanic Immigrants Shout
Myth and Realities of Mexican Immigration 
Abuses of the 1986 amnesty system
Three injured foreign-born Latino U.S. soldiers become U.S Citizens.
Myth and Realities of Mexican Immigration 
Elizabeth Bowlin, an Emerging Latina
San Antonio LULAC Council number 2. 1938
Start Now - Preparing for Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Wanted Future Journalists 
High Drop-out rates in nation's schools a crime
Texan elected LULAC national president, Rosa Rosales
U.S. government Report on Fatherhood
The Immigrants: The Global Origins of the American People 
Brains show signs of two bilingual roads 
English preferred among second-generation immigrants

Multicultural Blending in the New World
Melinda Del Toro, Winner Best in Show 
Social integration in the U.S., including cohabiting/marriage, is surging
Are Chicanos the same as Mexicans?

Hispanic Business World Inaugural Reception, July 20th
National Latina Business Women Association Board Introduced, July 27th
Report Says Not Enough Latinos Employed in Government Positions

San Francisco Gate: My Magic Apron
Exchange between Dan Arellano and Alex Loya on Tejano Roots:
Opening doors in trying to understanding a different perspective 

Hispanic Medal of Honor Society display, Milwaukee 
Latino veterans of the Vietnam War to be recognized by Latino Advocates
        for Education, Save the date November 11th

Denzel Washington and Brooks Army Medical Center
The Angels who Landed at Dawn
Humbert Roque Versace
Hero Street Documentary available

"La Isla en El Cielo" Written by Anita Rivas Medellin
LULU: Publish independently online, world-wide.
Reflejos y Recuerdos de mi Tio Antonio Casarez Sifuentes 
"Looking for Greener Grass." Traveling in Mexico by Micheal Lozano 

George Washington, Descendant of Don Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, EL CID
New HOGAR Journal to include information on Washington and El Cid
Genealogists discover royal roots for all 
Millions have provable descents from medieval monarchs
Surname Navigator

The Texas Connection to the American, July 4th, Washington, D.C.
Cuban-American Descended from Hero of Mobile & Pensacola
Joins DAR as a Descendant of a Canary Islander
Chile Patriots During the American Revolution

Aug 19: 250th Grijalva Reunion
Delhi Center Seeks local families for Hispanic Heritage Month Displays
Aug 19: 15th Black Chamber Banquet, Science, Medicine & Inventions
Alva Brothers fill void in psychiatry
News from Cal State University, Fullerton
"La Familia Chicana" by Dr. Nancy Porras Hein

Aug 8: Women's Leadership training for 
National Council of La Raza, Luis Velasco's memorable experience
Aug18: Floricanto's 30th Anniversary: 3 Decades of Mexican Folkdance
Guillermo Hernandez, 66; Expert on the Corrido Dies
Death Comes to My Best Friends: Guillermo Hernández, Clyde Torres, and
         Miss Betty Haas 
Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation and Santa Barbara
         Housing Authority

Aug 3rd: Richard Alonso "Poncho" Gonzalez  Documentary 
Reharvesting Ramona's Garden: Romance & Reality in California's Past
Soldados of Royal Presidio of Santa Barbara 
Tapadero, documentary about the California Vaqueros
Maps of private land grant cases of California 
Marriage records from the San Francisco Diocese
Chicano Art Exhibit. July 22-Oct 22, San Francisco de Young Museum  
Artist, Victor Ochoa seeks to save a mural 
Some Early Southern California Burials
Savannah Pioneer Cemetery in Rosemead, California

4th Annual Lakewood United Latino Festival, Tacoma, Washington
Hispano Medal of Honor Display
Oct 7: Nevada Fall Family History Seminar
Oct 13-14: Utah
9th annual Hispanic Conference

Dorinda Moreno and Friends:  Ernesto Nava Villa, Pedro Hernandez
Las Cucarachas
Dorinda Moreno An Inspirational Woman 
La Razon Mestiza, June/July 1970
The most dangerous Weapon is an Educated Chicano . .  T-shirt
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
El Paso County Clerk Death Records Search 
Western Reserve Historical Society .... 

Oct 21: 6th Annual West Coast Summit on African American Genealogy
Mexico welcomed Fugitive Slaves and African American Job-Seekers:
     New Perspectives on the Immigration Debate
S: Asociación para el Fomento, Estudios Históricos en Centroamérica 
S: La vida de los africanos que llegaron a Centroamérica.

WOMB Catalina Island & Portuguese Bend, August 29-31st, & Sept. 1st 
American Indian Origin Teeth
Nahuatl Culture & Mexican Muralism Course Cuernavaca-Mexico City Bikers and Bear Butte

Rodolfo Proenza
Sephardim - Conversos - Marranos, Historical Overview w/bibliography 

SAGA, 27th Annual Conference on Hispanic Genealogy & History
"Biography" Fr. CARLOS J. DAVALOS
Bexar County HISTORY, Historical Resources, and Bexar County Sites
Texas State University-San Marcos Resources
The Descendents of Commander Jose Andres Farias 
The Descendants of Don Pedro de Urrutia
Thank you letter to John Inclan from Mira Palacios-Smithwick
Continuous Presence of Italians and Spaniards in Texas as Early as 1520, Chapter 11 The American Destiny and Identity of the Spaniard Texians 

Backlash emerges against Latino culture 
Aug 19:  History and Genealogy Seminar, Thibodeaux 
From Chocolate City to Enchilada Village Called New Orleans
Louisiana State Museum Photo Collections 
What were they eating in the 18th century? 

The National Museum of the Marine Corps
Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association

An English King in Chiapas
S: San Carlos Borromeo Hacienda
Pruneda Family information,  1777-1815
How We Got Here:  The Roads we took to America
13-14 Y 15 DE OCTUBRE DE 2006: Cuarta Reunion de Los Elizondo
S:El apellido Martel 
S:Testamento de Pedro Lozano 9 septiembre de 1674 
The Genealogy of Mexico 
S: Apellidos Torres, Bentacourt, Lagunes, Flores, Zamarripa Flores,
     Urquidi and Flores 
The Descendants of  Don Mateo Lafita y Verri
Ethnicity, Caste, and Rulership in Mixquiahuala, México
S: Papeles de Conde de Santa Maria de Regla 
Children of President Nicolas Bravo Rueda

Cuba, I Remember You/ Cuba, Te Recuerdo
Nuevos Hallazgos en la Ascendencia del Adelantado de Costa Rica 
     Juan Vasquez de Coronado 

S: Cortegana
S: Juan Ladrillero
S: Genealogía Española - España GenWeb. 
S: Nuevos Hallazgos en la Ascendencia Juan Vasquez de Coronado 
The Descendents of  Don Juan Vazquez de Coronado
S: Honor, valor . . . y bochorno:  Bernardo de Galvez
Bernardo de Gálvez Conference was held in Málaga, July 3-7

S:Primos y Rivales
Somos Primos helps make an international connection for cousins
Philippine Islands, 1493-1898
S: Two Canary Islanders Websites
S: Hispanica. . . History of Spain
S: Portal to Begin Research
Successful Minority: Welsh fight for their own rights
Regnal Chronologies Iberia: Spain & Portugal

Devil's Island, New York 
21-gun salute stands for the sum of the numbers in the year 1776

Natural Disasters and your Family History
As a follow-up to the DNA information
ArchiveGrid --- Open the door to History .... 

1,500-Year-Old Mummy Found in Peru Pyramid

FOUR THINGS you may not have known about me . . . . 



Hi . . 

I hope everyone gathered some special memories of summer 2006 and are preparing for fall 2006 with lots of activities surrounding Hispanic Heritage Month. It appears much is going on nationally. Thank you all for sharing activities, articles, and event information with Somos Primos. You are appreciated. 

Below is the table of contents for September.

Warm regards, Mimi

National issues
Rosa Rosales, New LULAC National Director attends California Meeting
Unquiet Minority: Hispanic Under-Representation in Federal Government
Employment Accountability of Numerous Federal Agencies Needed
Race Categories to Change on 2010 Census Form
Renters no more, More undocumented immigrants are able to buy homes
Mexican Government Creates Special Program to Help Undocumented
Workers Buy Homes Back Home 
Cities make quiet plea for tolerance
Aliens rely on DNA to keep family together
Minority population surging in Texas
U.S. Census--Ethnic Transformation in the 50 States
Illegals From Terror-Sponsoring Nations At Large in US
Civil Rights Icon Albert A. Pena Jr. Dies at 89 
Where is the 2006 version of Dr. Hector?
Martyred Priests, Their Journey to Orange County, California
Action Item
Resources and ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month
Guy Gabaldon lithograph free (postage required)
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Placentia woman schooled her children well
A Doctor from Mexicali
Listen to John Phillips Santos
Few Hispanic Teachers to fulfill need
Omaha school district to split along racial line- black, white, Hispanic 
Hispanic centers lose key funding
Orange County First "Early-College" high school opens
Pittsburg Proposal, ILConcepts
Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research Celebrate 20th
Family Health History Tool in Spanish
Tortilla Art
Bésame Cosmetics Inc.

Former Colorado Governor, Dick Lamm, Criticized For Racial Comments 
Immigration - and the Curse of the Black Legend 

Silvestre S. Herrera Medal of Honor Recipient
Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, seeks DNA
National United States Marine Corps Museum Opening Schedule
Send a thank you card to soldiers currently serving in Iraq
"The Tejano Battle of Medina" August 18, 1813
Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Honor Them by Remembering . . Freedom is their Gift to Us
WWII Draft Registration Cards
Resources for Descendants of Mexican War Veterans 

My First Celebration of Labor Day, Circa 1949 by Frank Sifuentes
The Bean contest en la Escuela Zavala by Frank Sifuentes 
Cuentos de Kiko
Learning from our Past by Michael Lozano, Part 5


Soldados from the Royal Presidio of Santa Barbara
Members of Los Pobladores participated in the Santa Barbara parade 
History Lessons Learned in Searching for Spanish Soldiers and Sailors
Need a DAR look-up article
Chile Patriots During the American Revolution

Sept 15-Oct 15 Sept : SHHAR to mount Orange County Register Hispanic
Heritage Month Display
Sept 27th: Reception
Libreria Martinez Story Going Nationwide
Sept 2: Leo Limón Poster signing at Libreria Martinez Lakewood 
Sept 14: OC 3nd Annual Biggest Hispanic Professionals Mixer
Sept 19: National Latina Business Women, OC Chapter Heritage Event
Sept 30: Orange County Children's Book Festival 
Emigdio Vasquez and 124 Years of Progress
Satisfaction with mission accomplished, Grijalva Park Expands
Costa Mesa mom helps parents keep kids from gangs
It takes a Village
Oct 6: Save the Date: The Spice of Life! Boy Scouts

Sept 4: City of Los Angeles 225 Birthday Celebration, Join the Walk
Los Pobaldores Walk to Los Angeles 
225 Years, 1781-2006 Celebrating the Founding of Los Angeles 
Sept 6-10: National Latino Congreso
Sept 10th: Centinella Adobe Fiesta 
Sept 11-12: Highways Free Performance Workshop, click for information
Sept 29: Alta California:
Peoples in Motion, Identities in Formation, 1769-1850
Parish history of Rancho San Pedro, now know as the South Bay
The School of Arts and Enterprise Seeks Artistic Contributions
Gene Autry's Legacy and an Indian Museum Merge (and Collide)
Oct 7: Los Cerritos Neighborhood Festival
Oct 21: Save the Date. . . Monterey Park Family History Conference

San Diego River Dam, 1813
Once there was a River by Victor Walsh
Call for photos: History of Mexicans/Chicanos in San Diego
Sept: 21-24th Conference of California Historical Societies
Futbol Club Barcelona to Visit
Some Early Southern California Burials online, Long Beach 
Sirbiente Translates to Mayordomo
San Mateo County databases online 
Huntington Early California Population Project
Historia de la Ciudad de Tijuana
Spanish emigration to Hawaii and to California in the early 1900s
A documentary Showing 
Stolen Cross Found
A Mexican Genealogy Group Met In Brentwood
Oct 13-14 Reyes Adobe Celebration, Aguora Hills

14 de oct: Novena Conferencia Anual de Historia Familiar Hispana
13 de oct: Investigación avanzadas Genealógica, España y Latino
The Roots of Human Family Tree Shallow
Oct 7th: Clark County Nevada Genealogical Society Seminar
KODAK Document Imaging and the Genealogical Society of Utah 
Center receives funding for Basque Genealogy Center

The Municipal Origins of la Villa de San Felipe el Real de Chihuahua,
1718-1725 by Jaime Pacheco and LeRoy Anthony Reaza
Hispanic poet, Trinidad Sanchez, Jr. who took on social issues, dies at 63
Jalapeño Blues (Why Am I So Brown?)
Research trip to El Paso yields many Treasures
Oct 14: TX Rangers & Mexican Revolution: Bloodiest Decade, 1910-1920
Oct 14: Living History Rendezvous
Report on the Heritage Discovery Center
Hispanic Heritage Project New Book Arrivals
Vaquero Heritage Foundation
Genealogy information, Tucson and Tubac Presidios 

Native Sons of Liberty
Obituary: Louise Bennett 1919-2007
Is It Cultural Cleansing, Post-Katrina Tragedies, or Both?

Sept 11-12: Highways, Free Performance Workshop
Indigenous Mexico Statistics: The 2005 Conteo
Comparison of Mexico's Indigenous-speaking populations
Five Civilized Tribes

Back to Babylon
Sept 10: Symposium: Hidden Jewish Heritage: Exploring a Path to Return
Jo Roybal Izay
Appendix, A-C: Remnants of Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic Americans

September as designated Tejano Heritage Month
Oct 14: Tejano Leadership in the history of Texas, Symposium
Quintanilla relatives seek justice for their ancestors
Book: Genealogical Survey of Early Families of Villa del Carmen en Medina
Census, Corpus Christi Library 
Dr. Jean Stuntz' Speech for the Los Béxareños 
Early residents in San Antonio 
Spanish land grants and the recovery of oil and gas royalties
Contact website for filing land claims 
Sept 9: Stand Up Rally for Better Schools
Laredo Martin High School & OLD High School yearbooks " La Pitahaya" 
Ancestors of Guillermo David Guerra Treviño
The Descendants of Don Pedro Mariano de Ocon y Trillo
Alex Loya, Chapter 12: American Roots of the Spaniard Texians
Click for "The Tejano Battle of Medina" August 18, 1813

East Baton Rouge Genealogical Records
Spanish Louisiana 
Book: Tlalcoyote, Historical Fiction by Ernesto Uribe
When in Chicagoland...visit Paseo Boricua
Book: "Latinos in Milwaukee" Latino Historical Society of Wisconsin 
Save the date: Dec 16: Finding Your Hispanic Roots, Newberry Library

César Chávez Statue in Rhode Island
Amigos de O'Malley
Sept 20-23: Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 27th National Convention

Was Venustiano Carranza Iranian?
S: Don Elías Amador Garay, Escritor Zacatecano
S: Don Francisco Goitia García, el gran pintor Zacatecano
El antiQuario Magazine
S: Comité Mexicano De Ciencias Históricas
S: Libro: Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara Antiguo Obispado, XVII - XVIII
S: Elizondo Reunion 
Religion in Mexico
S: Libros Genealogicos en el Instituto Mora 
The Descendents of Don Juan Barbarigo Masaga
The Descendents of General Jose Santiago Vidaurri Valdez

Don't forget the four million American citizens living in Puerto Rico, 
Calidoscopio Cubano 

S: Aroche, Huelva
St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556) 
Gocamino, barefoot pilgrims
S: El Museo y Parque Arqueológico Cueva Pintada 

S: Juan Bermudez
S: Publicaciones Genealógicas en Nicaragua

Nuestra Famila Unida seeks Latin American History researchers
Who was the first president of the United States
The Henry Patrick & the San Antonio Urrutia Family connection
Mexican American Records at the Allen County Library

New Software available at Family History Centers
Fan Story 
National Poetry Month: Jean Gonzales 
Preservation Hints 
Self-help for FamilySearch Computer Products
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter Podcasts
Preservation Tip of the Month

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Dear readers, I hope you have all enjoyed some special activities during Hispanic Heritage Month.  We've been pretty busy here in Orange County, California.  For this October issue, I've included four Cristobal Colon/Christopher Columbus columns.

Also, please note there are two requests for involvement, at any level, on two heritage issues which need citizen support.  I hope the information supplied is sufficient.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  

Warm regards, Mimi

Guy Gabaldon passed away August 31, "an authentic American hero" 

Action    Item 1: Medal of Honor for Guy Gabaldon
People Making a Difference: History on a Canvas
New York Detective Touched by Hell to Eternity
Retired Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps Inspired by Gabaldon
               Item 2: Feasibility study for a National American Latino Museum 

National issues
National Hispanic Heritage Month    
2006 Proclamation by the President of the United States of America 
James DeAnda, 81; Worked to Establish Mexican Americans' Constitutional Rights

Portal to academic success
Immigrants Struggle To Go To College; Measure Offers A Way To Pay
Book: "Beneath the Shadow of the Capitol"       
Latino Students Receive Less Financial Aid for Higher Ed 
Black colleges recruit Hispanics 
Cal State Fullerton Is Fourth For Undergraduate Degrees to Hispanics
One Good Thing: Spanish Language Newspapers Growing 
LULAC Praises New Mexico Governor's Initiative to Save LNESC 
Oct 2: Latino Education Advocacy Day, Albuquerque, New Mexico
U.S. Department of Education - Additional Grant Funds

Ramona -- A Story That Changed the History of California         
De Young Museum, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco film/ music series
Jennie Bravo, Sinaloa Club, San Francisco
English transliteration of Cuento told by Carlos Ibanez
The First time by Trinidad Sánchez, Jr. 
Podcast Expansion of Hispanic History
Raíces De Todos Magazine website!Business

Californian & Texan to head US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Ownership of TV stations 
Immigration -- and the Curse of the Black Legend
Race, Racism and the Law 
Subliminal Racism

Lakota Traditions Honor Marine
A Mother Finds a Way to Honor Ten Marines
WW II Daily. . website unfolds history 
Joseph H. De Castro, First Hispanic Medal of Honor
Carmen Contreras-Bozak,1st Hispanic Woman in US Woman's Army Corps
Veterans' Administration puts gravesite maps online
Expanded GI Bill draws wave of vets

The Dream of an Anthology of Los Angeles Latino Writers by Frank 
Chapter 1, Early Recollections by Sylvia Villarreal Bisnar
Growing up Mexican - American by Anita Rivas Medellin
The WD Poetry Awards Call for Entries
Short Short Story Competition Call for Entries

Irizarry Surname Project 
Spelling variations

The SAR Magazine
Maryland Resolution regarding Role of Galvez in American Revolution
Part Four of Chile Patriots During the American Revolution, Ru-Z   

OC Register/Excelsior Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month Display
Oct 7, Mendez vs. Westminster Children's book signing.  
Nellie Kaniski Ex-counselor spreads love and caring 
Oct 15: Dia de La Raza Concert
Oct 20: Hispanic Education Endowment Fund Apple of Gold Awards 
Oct 22: MANA 25th Anniversary      
SHHAR at Dia de la Familia, Sigler Park, September 10th
SHHAR at National Hispanic MBAs, Bowers Museum, September 14th

Walking in the Footsteps of L.A.'s Founders 
Ethnicity of the Founders of Los Angeles
Genealogy and "1822-El Camino Viejo a Los Angeles," 
Oct 15,  Forensic Genealogy: Dissecting Old Photographs
Doheny Memorial Library, Los Angeles
History of the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors
Los Angeles City Mayors - Past to Present
Oct 21: Chino Valley Family History and Genealogy Seminar 
Oct 29: Living History Tours: Ghosts From the Past 
SAVE THE DATE: Nov 16, 2006 "Helping Build the Latina Woman"
Heritage Discovery Center Site Selected
Ramona, a Story that Changed the History of California
California Ranchos by County
Oct 13,14,15 2006,  Reyes Adobe Days Celebration
Report on the Contra Costa County Fair 
Lest We Forget by 5th great grandson of Jose Antonio Yorba I.       
Remains Found of Early California Village, Villa de Branciforte       
Defending the Early Mexican Frontier in Santa Cruz, Villa de Branciforte
Juana Briones House
Calisphere,  a digital library of primary sources    
An effort to keep memories alive of West's 2nd-largest immigrant group -- Japanese 
California's Black Pioneers: A Brief Historical Survey

Ninth Annual Hispanic Family History Conference 

Some Historical Perspective on "Illegal Immigration" in the Southwest US 
Birthplace of the Mexican Revolution"--Jimenez, Coahuila...small town 
Book: In the Sierra Madre by Jeff Biggers 
Beyond Origins of New Mexico    

A Girl Like Me 
An African Presence in Prehistoric America
Call for Papers - 2007 Conference 
ChickenBones: A Journal for Literary & Artistic African-American Theme

Five Civilized Tribes Online
Indigenous Cultures in South Texas
Mickey Gemmill Passs to other side
Aztecs butchered, ate Spanish invaders

Tunisian Jews
Sephardic Congregations of Croatia
Hidden Jewish Heritage: Exploring a Path to Return
Appendix, Glossary of Terms, Gloria Golden, Part 2: D-L

Two Reports on the 2006 Texas Conference:  
      Jose M. Pena and Viola Rodriguez Sadler
Index to the Baptismal Registers of Revilla 1751-1803
Oct. 6-7: Tejano Book Festival 
South Texas counties poorest in nation, according to Census
Robert Chapa Sr. was a Champion for the Poor       
Texas History is Rich and Colorful: Tejano Heritage Month
Clayton Library New Manager, Susan Kaufman 
Texas to Unveil Portrait of Tejano Pioneer  Re-dedication 
Historic Home on Whitte Campus to Re-Open for Tejano Heritage Month

The 227th Anniversary of the 1779 Battle of Baton Rouge Commemorated

San Juan del Puerto, Florida . . . . The other San Juan del Puerto 
MANA Recognizes Latinas Achieving "Firsts" At Las Primeras® Awards Gala
Tepemazalco: Paradise Regained 
S: Octubre 13-15: Reunión de Los Elizondo en Monterrey  
S: Libro: Historia de Teocaltiche Pueblo de Caxcana Nueva Galicia 
S: Libro: Fundacion Desarrollo, La Aduana de Torren, Coahuila,1948        
S: La Migración Tlaxcalteca del Siglo XVI      
S: Coahuila - Actas de Nacimiento en Linea 
Don Antonio de Mendoza, 1st Viceroy & Governor of Nueva Espana, Mex 
Don Diego Alonso Ramirez del Pedroza descendants
Pedro Fernandez-de-Velasco, 1st Count of Haro  

Hispanic Genealogical Society of New York
What's your name?
Book: "Havana Salsa: Stories and Recipes" by viviana Carballo

Was Columbus really Italian?
A Critical Study on the Origin of Christopher Columbus"
Descendants of Cristóbal Colón
Juan Bono
Almonte, Huelva, España
Jeay Guy, un belga enamorado de Sombrerete y Zacatecas

Wanted: Information Relating to PANIOLO 
DNA database offers Salvadoran war orphans key to stolen past 
Venezuela dataBasque language television in Europe
Aguimes, Gran Canaria Information 

Latin American Colonial Era

Essential news and tips for family historians, Aug. 31, 2006                    
Combining DNA
Google News Archive 
LINKPENDIUM, The Definitive Directory
For What's New in Genealogy
Looted Peru Headdress Recovered in London       
Stone Slab Bears Earliest Writing in Americas , Veracruz, Mexico       

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Hi . . . 

Hope you each enjoyed a wonderful season of Hispanic Heritage Month activities, and will be involved in Dia de los Muertes observance. About 15 years ago, I had no understanding of Dia de los Muertes. I thought it was suppose to be spooky like Halloween with vampires and witches. I was fortunate, however, to be on a museum committee with Catholic Auxillary Bishop in Orange County, the Honorable Jaime Soto. He was not a Bishop at the time. He kindly shared books and essays, and discussed the foundation philosophy of respect for our deceased ones. With his help, my perspective totally. It is not spooky at all, but it is an act of loving memory of the person for whom an ofrenda is prepared. Life goes on and our love does too.

The November issue is 226 pages. Please be patient in opening the file, so you will get all the photos and pages. To facilitate finding items of interest, I've added links to the categories under U.S. : Action items, National issues, Education, Culture, and Business. Hope that helps.

Warm regards for all seeking to understand our heritage, Mimi


Action Items
Yahoo Time Capsule, Deadline November 12th
Casting Director looking for a Hispanic Families for Television Network Show
National Latino Museum
Hispanic Caucus applauds step in creating a National Latino Museum
Juan Cabanela's U.S. Congress Contact Information. . so easy. A GOLD mine!!
National History Day 
Outcome of Hispanic Heritage Month Display at the OC Register Newspaper, CA
Partners in Preservation
Guy Gabaldon Projects Underway

National issues
An Ode to America. . Why are Americans so United?
Reflection on Hispanic Heritage Month: It's a celebration of American History.
Latino Civil Rights Timeline, 1903 to Present 
NAHJ Frustrated by Continued Exclusion of Latinos on Network News
Justice for my People, the Dr. Hector P. Garcia StoryEducation
U.S. astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria
Award winning Scientists: Alvarez, Molina, Ochoa
Wal-Mart Foundation multi-year grant 
Honoring Seven Latina University Presidents
Harvard committee recommends returning religion to curriculum
Comcast Foundation Supports LULAC's Education of Latino Youth 
Latino Education: Adolescent Literacy 
El Rincon de Ramon 
Day of the Dead Programs
Tex-Mex Country Singer Freddy Fender 
Documentary: "Romantica"
Documentary: "Chicano Rock!"
Who Was Roberto Félix Salazar? Is There a Foto of Him Anywhere? 
Did You Know...The meaning of "La Raza"
Mariano Leyva Dominguez, realmente fue un Faro:
National Latina Business Women Association 1st Annual Conference
Home-building boom relies on illegal workers
Thousands of Spanish-speaking people are migrating to New Orleans
Aetna Alliance with Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)

Researcher says a Native Plague wiped out Aztecs

Military Contributions of the Gutierrez family to the U.S. by Yolanda Ochoa 
Soldier loses leg in search for missing soldiers
Dia de los Muertos display honoring Daniel r. Carrizal
Immigrants Find Military a Faster Path to Citizenship
Photo Feature Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez
D-Day, Normandy and Beyond 
Puerto Ricans in the Military 

The North Side of San Antonio Silvia Villarreal Bisner
Kite Flying Contest by Ramon Moncivais 
Book: Chicken Chistes By Ben Romero
Los Cuentos de Kiko, podcasts, posted by Joseph Puentes
Traveling through Arkansas - Mike Lozano Looking for Greener Grass

Living by Los Dichos By Christina Perez

Gomez Suarez-de-Figuero, First Duke of Feria
Dicionario Heraldico y Genealogico de Apellidos Espanoles y Americanos
How the Spanish Ladies of Havana Saved the Day for George Washington
Floyd R. "Pete" Kendrick, Mexico Sons of the American Revolution Society
Patriots during the American Revolution from the Viceroyalty of Buenos Aires

Nov 2nd, Dia de Los Muertos Noche de Musica 
Nov 4th, Dia de Los Muertos, Cine, Musica, Arte, Altares, Comida
Nov 11th, 10th Annual Veterans Day Celebration
Nov 11th, Breath of Fire Theater Company: Rocks in My Salsa 
Nov 11th, A Evening with Posada, Day of the Dead Exhibit
Nov 16th, Helping build the Latina Business Woman 
Third annual Olive Street Reunion, September 23
Champion of Latinos: Ruben Alvarez
In Santa Ana, Diversity has Another Angle, Jay Trevino
A soldier for Education, Maria Solis-Martinez 

SAVE THE DATE: Dec 9: Guy Gabaldon Memorial, Montebello 
First Annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar
Nov 16: National Latina Business Women Association, Queen Mary
AIMSA, International Association of Salvadorean Women
Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection 
In 1924 Los Angeles, A Scourge From The Middle Ages 
Calendar of Dia de los Muertos activities in California 
Nov 2: Mexican Consul of San Francisco Die de los Muertos Event
Nov 2: Procesion Ritual del Dia de los Muertos, San Francisco 
Rancho Camulos Museum, Ventura County 
Records of California men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867
St. Monica's Catholic Church, Santa Monica Baptism Records (1886-1889) 

Repostero of the Duke of Alburquerque 
Policarpo Castro, a mestizo, native of Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Crossing the Line
Latino Fatherhood & Families Conference  

African American Resources on
District of Columbia demographics

Book: La familia Ramos Gutierrez y su herencia jalisciense y zacatecana, 
Los tepehuanes de Jalisco y Zacatecas
Puerto Rican DNA Geographic Project
¿Argentinos blancos y europeos? Se derrumba el mito. 

Jewish Web Index
Appendix, Part 2 D-M, Remnants of Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic Americans

Tejanos In Action Need Your Help
Book: Spanish Expeditions into Texas 1689-1768
1910 Federal Census Index for Val Verde County, Texas
Tejano Portrait Series Unveiled
Recuerdos de Mi Familia y Tejas
Mexican bishop to be canonized has San Antonio ties
Texas State Historical Society
Book: Places Left Unfinished at the Time of Creation
Book: Viva Tejas by Ruben Lozano
Book: Continuous Presence of Italians and Spaniards in Texas by Alex Loya
Passenger and crew lists of airplanes at Brownsville, TX Jan 1943-Sept 1964 

Nov 11-12: The 8th Annual Chicago Latino Book Family Festival
Dec 16: Finding Your Hispanic Roots, 11 a.m. Newberry Library, Chicago Louisiana Regiment of Infantry 1765- 1821
From Fish Sauce to Salsa, New Orleans Vietnamese Adapt to Latinos
The Living History Youth Project
Canary Islanders Heritage Society of Louisiana Tenth Anniversary
Book: The Spanish Regime in Missouri

Nov 4th: Panamanian Society to honor Guy Gabaldon
Nov 4th: Hispanic Genealogical Society of NY, FREE Workshop, Internet Resources
Nov 4-9th, The National Archives D-Day Remembered and the Fighting Lady

S: Juan Arredondo & Jimenez Revolutionaries, Sept. 26, 1906 Monument 
Santa Rosa Colonial, A Genealogical Essay on the Earliest Families, 1777
Districts redrawn to raise number of Indian lawmakers 
Around Mexico, Millions benefiting from remittances for improvements 
S: Raul Ayala Arellano, Sculptor/ Artist 
S: General y Mariscal de Campo don Víctor Rosales, 
The Legacy of Vicente Guerrero, Mexico’s First Black Indian President
The Descendents of Governor Diego de Montemayor
Governors of Nuevo Leon 
Panuco/Tanchiquin, Veracruz
S: Registros de Pensiones 
S: Archivo Histórico del Tribunal Superior de Justicia del estado de Querétaro
San Julian, Jalisco, El Pueblo Mas Nuevo de Los Altos
S: Extractos de Algunos Bautismos en San Julian, Jalisco, Parte I 

Book: Finding Your Hispanic Roots by George Ryskamp
Famous Puerto Ricans
Las 30 Familias Fundadoras de Matanzas

Real Colegio de San Telmo
De Lepe (Huelva) partieron muchas familias a la colonización en América
Sr. Luis Orlando Piñero Rivera 
The Descendents of Don Inigo Lopez de Mendoza, 2nd Count of Tendilla

Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala
Book: La Lengua Mas Antigua de Europa, El Vasco en su Literatura y Apellidos 
Book: Basques in the Philippines 
A strategy to Promote the Portuguese Language
S: Documentary: Cardenal Antonio Quarracino, arzobispo fallecido de Buenos Aires,

Diversity Brings Breadth to U.S. History
Facts of Historical Significance
History, Lighthouses, Ports 
History of the One Dollar Bill 

Looking at Family History Differently
What Have You Written Down? 
Memorials Guest Book 
Archeologists Discover Important Aztec Ruins 
Ancient Pet Cemeteries Had Treats for Afterlife 
Peru finds ancient burial cave of warrior tribe 

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Dear Primos and near Primos. . . . 

I would like to dedicate this issue to Johanna De Soto, with the greatest gratitude for her faithful support, tireless in seeking out fascinating websites and tidbits of information. She will be missed, but family lifetime changes have prompted the decision, which I received sadly. We wish her great joy in her retirement.

This issue completes the 7th year of Somos Primos online, and the 84th monthly issue fully available on the web. Thank you for your wonderful letters. They are greatly appreciated. Please feel welcomed to share in 2007 your family research or articles of interest that you come across. 

Wishing you all the warmest wishes for a wonderful Merry Christmas with the blessings of health and family.

Sincerely, Mimi


United States 
National issues 
The Reason for the Season, Christmas 2006
Little Known Letter from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Dr. Hector P. Garcia
Action item: National Museum for the Latino Community
Santa Ana is now nation's largest city with an all-Latino city council
Four Myths About Undocumented Immigrants Dispelled in New University Study 
Marriage Is Alive And Well Among Foreign Born 
Text Messaging Registers Young Latinos 
National Museum for the Latino Community < < 
Latinos in Congress, 2000 to 2006
Family Fact of the Week: Education Pays
Latina PhDs being sought to participate in study: 
Chicano Studies Implications: Brown University Slavery & Justice Report
Bringing the Reality of History to the Community
Thomson Gale: Excellent free resources for teachers.
Latino Education: Improving Literacy by Manuel Hernandez 
Grandmother/Granddaughter Book Project
Today's Nun Has A Veil--And A Blog
Native Saint: The Amazing Journey of Juan Diego Musical
Film "Guadalupe" to Open in U.S. 
Poesía en español - Spanish poetry
Nuestra Family Unida Significiant Women Podcast Project
Lowriding Impala in Japan
Business .
Spendor. . new magazine
Family History Employment

Anti-Spanish Legends 
En México gusta la historia, pero los maestros no saben enseñarla

Military & Law Enforcement Heroes 
Pearl Harbor, December 7th
The 65th Infantry Regiment 
Veteran's Day - from a veteran
United States Marshal David Gonzales
Agent Richard F. Morello
Fred Blanco, re-enactor of Cesar Chavez at Fort Irwin, California
One man fights for two countries
The Marine

Chapter III The South Side of San Antonio By Sylvia Villarreal Bisnar 
Notes from Above Ground, from an Original Chicano by Frank Sifuentes
Big Gobble, No Trouble by Ben Romero 

New series, select works of Vicente Riva Palacio, translated by Ted Knight

Fray Gonzalo Hermosillo y Rodriguez
Highly recommended for heraldry research
Julian Nava - The Journey of His Name

Spanish Sons of American Revolution
Hispanic in History, American Revolution Re-enactors 
The Descendents of Don Antonio de Galvez-y-Carvajal
Lorezno and the Turncoat wins 2006 Arizona Authors Literary Award 
Buenos Aires Patriots of the American Revolutionary War, Part 2 
Action Item: The Lost U.S. Presidents
Action item: Honorary Citizenship for Bernardo de Galvez

Orange County, CA 
December 1 & 2: Navidad in Early California
December 10, Christmas Open House 
Theatre For Social Justice Workshop

Los Angeles, CA 
Dec. 9th: Memorial Ceremony in Honor of Guy Gabaldon
Proclamation in El Paso honored Guy Gabladon
Dec 7 & 8: "La Virgen de Guadalupe - Dios Inantzin" 

Heritage Discovery Center 
Peña Andaluza, Promoting our Culture in California
San Jose Alcaldes Unveiling 
Dec 2: Nara 101: Family History Data at the National Archives in San Bruno
Angel Island Immigration Station Receives Partners in Preservation Grant
The Invisible Mexicans of Deer Canyon
Sparking an interest in the Past, Ventura County
A Guide to the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail 
Pre1850 Genealogical Research for Alta California
Trip Planned to Basque Country of Spain
Palos Verdes Historic house closer to demolition
The Portuguese of Yuba County 

Southwestern United States 
Naturalization of Mexican Americas by John P. Schmal 
Complexities of Gay Marriages on Genealogy
Chilling Encounter in El Paso
Concha Ortiz y Pino de Kleven
Letter to the Editor, The Alburquerque Journal

Rep. Lantos introduces bill to preserve post-Civil War Reconstruction records 
The Forks of the Roads 
Birthed in a Conundrum: Nathaniel Turner

Suquamish Tribe Center and Activities
The Potato Chip
S: Muestra documental "La Palabra Verdadera en maya" 
Glass Bridge Construction of the Skywalk

Film: The Last Jews of Baghdad - End of an Exile, Beginning of a Journey 
S: Judios y Arabes ocultaban sus apellidos
S: Juan Mendez of the Canary Islands
Remnants of Crypto-Jews Among Hispanic Americans, Appendix Part III

Tejano Leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Times 
Laredo's Society of Martha Washington
South Texas Culture Geographic Magazine
El Mercado, Laredo 
2nd Annual Birthday Celebration in Honor of Adina De Zavala
Filemon Bartolome Vela, Harlingen, Texas 1935-2004
Al Escalante, Brownsville Golf Pro

East of the Mississippi 
1853, The Epidemic Summer, A Review of the Yellow Fever
Update Hurricane Damage to Archival Collections 
Louisiana Soldiers During the War of 1812 
Louisiana Infantry 1779-1781 Website
The new face of Appalachia

East Coast 
Last Days of British St. Augustine
Woodrow Wilson Sesquicentennial at National Archives 

Finding Your Mexican Ancestors, a Beginner's Guide
Las Soldaderas: Life Blood of the Revolution, research information for Nuevo Leon
DNA Solves 30-year Old Mystery
True Tales From Another Mexico 
Nuestros Ranchos: Jalisco, Zacatecas y Aguascalientes
S: La Aduana, Un Gajo de la Historia de Torreon en Su Centenario 1907-2007
S: Ecos de La 4ta Reunion Internatcional de Los Elizondo 
S: Familia Urrutia 
S: Genealogical Contributions by google-group identified 
The Descendents of Don Alonso Sanchez de Toledo by John Inclan
The Descendents of Don Juan Francisco Carranza Magana by John Inclan 
S: Muestran el mundo de Juárez en la intimidad 
Bautismos en San Julian, Jalisco by Guillermo Padilla Origel 
Registro Civil de Tamaulipas, Mexico
La Familia de doña Ana de Cuellar por Carlos Martin Herrera de la Garza 

Los Judios en Puerto Rico

De Lepe (Huelva) (II)

Cebu City, Philippines
DNA Shows woman isn't Peron's daughter
El Boletín de la Asociación Genealogías Colombianas"
Optic Article on "El Dia De La Raza"
Institute of Genealogy and History for Latin America 

The First Real Thanksgiving Feast 
Robin Hood was Welsh and never went to Nottingham
Immigration Diversity Facts

Family History 
Ancestry Expands its Record Collection
Civil War: Confederate Research Sources
Spanish Record Extraction - An Instructional Guide 
Research Tips and BlackberryCobbler 
Don't Believe Everything You Read By DW in USA
Digital Genealogist

Tomb of Aztec emperor may lie in Mexico
Mexican archeologists find largest Aztec figure 
Quince entierros humanos de la época prehispánica

A Different Christmas Poem
Daisy, first civilian Canine to win the Medal of Honor of New York City
Baile Chino Espectacular 

This is sent as a service, if you prefer not to receive the notification, please let me known. Thank you. Mimi



Click here: Somos Primos 

Dear friends and family . . . As we start a new year, Somos Primos is expanding its' international networking. Angel Custodio Rebollo, our columnist from Spain, is coordinating a new International Networking column. 

Somos Primos contacted over thirty historical and genealogical societies from Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries. Angel will compile the information from the queries each month. This issue we have surname contact requests from Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, and Brazil.

May 2007 be your best year for gathering family records and honoring the lives of your grandparents. 

Sincerely, Mimi 

United States 
Action Item
A Legacy of Valor Display 
A Memorial to a Hero, Guy Gabaldon
National Museum for the Latino Community

National Issues
Looking at crime and immigration
Blood and Sweat in the Meat Industry
Call for Papers: New Directions in Race Research
Extract: Diabetes Inflicts a Dangerous Toll on Hispanics in the US
National Internet-based Menopause Study
Preparing a Family Health History
WellPoint Launches Online health Assessment in Spanish
Blue Cross of California Launches
Diccionario Biográfico Médico Hispanoamericano
New Book: The Journey to Latino Political Representation by John P. Schmal
Migrant Workers in Michigan: 1969 Field Notes

The Supreme council of the Mexican-American Movement
Work begun on Valadez Middle School 
Ruling: Classes divided by race
Book Inspires Student Displays On Bilingual Education History
Teaching of English and Latinos in America: Where do we go from here?
Latino College-Bound, Tech Savviest Among Peers, Missing Parental Help 
Recommended websites for parents
Badillo Lashes Latinos, Rips Hispanic Values 

Starting Your Own Family Search
SHHAR invites you to become a member
International Networking 
Self Identity: Hispanic/Latino Widely Accepted, but Multiethnic is Used
Introduction to the History of Mexican-Americans, Wikipedia
Goya Producciones
"My Roots Run Deep" by Bobby LeFebre 

National Latina Business Women Association
Mexico Creates Network of U.S.-based high tech Migrants

Anti-Spanish Legends
The Price of Empire 
Setting History straight should be the aim of every Hispano or Latino.... 
Reactions to Herman Badillo’s Book, One Nation, One Standard 

Military & Law Enforcement Heroes 
Comforting Embrace
WW II Pilot Hector Santa Anna
Retired AF General Robert "Bob" Cardenas
Reminiscences of a Naval Aviator, Daniel L. Polino
Medal of Honor Series by Tony (Marine) 
Wounded Warrior Project
Cold War Museum
Family Fact of the Week: Veterans
Military Records Flesh Out Family Histories
Navy Color Guard 4-minute Video 

Part-time Slave, Beneath the Shadow of the Capitol by Ramon Moncivais
Una Historia de Luis Murillo, translated by Frank Sifuentes
Stories from the Barrio and Other Hoods by Margarita B. Velez
Growing Pains in the Barrio by Heradio Luna
My Gift from Santa Claus by Ben Romero
Carrie Books 

The Funerals for Carlos V by Vicente Riva Palacio, translation by Ted Vincent
S: Done Vienen La Ranitas? Children's story by Frank Sifuentes

Surnames identified in the Surname Column, 2000-2006
Two new FTDNA surname projects: Tarin and Zambrano
Successful Networking for Finding Primos means sharing information 

Spanish Sons of American Revolution 
Louisiana Society of the Sons of the American Revolution 
El Regimento de La Luisiana/The Spanish Louisiana Regiment, 1781
Spaniards who went to the Philippines in the 1700 to 1800s. 
Buenos Aires Patriots of the American Revolution, M-Z

Orange County, CA
January 27th SHHAR Quarterly Meeting, Open to Public, Free
"O.C. Historical Update" 
Gualberto Valadez, Beloved community member dies at 93 
Vicki Ruiz Preserves the Stories of Latinas in America
The Road Home for the Holidays is Paved with Extortion

Los Angeles, CA
Tracing your Native American Heritage
Latino Rights Pioneer from Orange County dies at 91
L.A. Wallflower: Hidden for Decades Mural is Being Restored

California’s Heritage Discovery Center 
To Whom it may Concern
Traces of Spain in the National Parks & Monuments of the U.S.
Save the Juana Briones House
Jan 12, Mini-Festival of Latino Arts 
El Central Union High School, Class of 1950;

Northwestern United States
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Southwestern United States
Book: Tio Cowboy
The Western Connection
Improbable Discovery in New Mexico
Hace 'apenas' 347 años, Cuidad Juarez/El Paso

Black People - Slavery
Freedman's Savings and Trust CompanyCreating Racial Identities: 
The Free-Colored Militia in Colonial Mexico 
Slave Rebellions in the State of Virginia (1800, 1831)

Gibson's Film is far from a Tribute to the Maya
Maya say Gibson movie portrays them as savages
New Book: Ajq'ijab by Jean Molesky-Poz 

History of Sephardic Groups (1915-1985) in New York City

Perez Elementary Named For Fallen Austin Marine
Distribution of Land in Texas, 1836
Extracts from the Chronological History of Harlingen by Norman Rozeff
Book: Capt José de Urrutia : Royal Presidio, San Antonio de Bexar 
Accessing John Inclan's Research
"Avenue Cafe" or "Las Manitas"
December 2006 Report: Undocumented Immigrants in Texas
Book: Hecho en Tejas, Premier!! 

East of the Mississippi
Katrina Begets a Baby Boom by Immigrants
Little Hope Cemetery, Bienville Parish URL
Louisiana Life Magazine URL
Louisiana State Parks URL 

East Coast 
Puerto Rican Pioneers In New York City: Forging an Urban Path
Jose Ruiz, Director Education-Based Latino Outreach Deceased 
National Institute for Latino Policy 

Durango Antiguo 
S: En la Historia
Exploring Colonial Oaxaca
S: Fechas Historicas de Torreón 
S: Abre UANL Centro Genealógico
The Descendents of Ensign Pedro Garcia de Rivera 
En la Historia
Abre UANL Centro Genealógico
The Descendents of Ensign Pedro Garcia de Rivera by John Inclan

Book: La Ciudad de los Castillos

Welcome to, Si Espana
España el Día de la Constitución
S: ¿Leyenda?
S: Juan Cartaya, Sevilla 

International Networking Facilitated by Somos Primos
Sand Sculpture in the Spain's Canary Island of Gran Canaria 
La Emigracion Canaria a America a Traves de la Historia
Genealogía y emigración 

Who really sailed the ocean blue in 1492?
Eureka! Digging for Gold.

Family History 
Tell the stories behind this year’s photos.
100 Ports of Arrival and 100 Million Names
Ancestry Store Grand Reopening 
Ancestral Artifacts Online
Orphan Records
Birth certificates slowly going digital 
Ellis Island One-Step search form
Getting Our Youth Involved in Family History
Cemetery Essentials

St Paul's tomb unearthed in Rome 

Saved from a Fire
1969 Highlights

This notification is sent as a service. If you prefer not to receive it. Please let me know.


Dear Primos . . . February has quite a few Action Items that I suggest you read carefully. The first two exclude us historically and currently, very much to our detriment. I hope you will involve yourself in whatever manner you can. Our presence and patriotism is needed. 

I would like to dedicate this issue to Dr. Granville Hough. Without a drop of Hispanic blood, yet Granville has dedicated a decade of time and money to document the contributions of Spain during the American Revolution. A graduate of West Point, Granville saw the Latino men who served faithfully. It was to honor them that he has produced evidence that Hispanics have been an integral part of the United States, even before it became a nation. His final piece of research is in this issue. Thank you Granville, with the deepest respect, from all of us.

Sincerely, Mimi

Action Items
*THE WAR* 14-hour WWII Documentary, excludes Latinos, why???
Letter to Ken Burns by Rick Aguirre, Latino Advocates for Education, Inc.
*Hispanic Employment in the Federal Government*
Letter from Los Angeles City Council in support of Guy Gabaldon
Legacy of Valor Display traveling this summer
Dr. Hector P. Garcia Legacy of Valor Projects
Dr. Hector P. Garcia's daughter, Wanda Garcia to share life stories
Idea for 2007: a new $5 coin to honor Dr. Hector P. Garcia 
Effort to have a U.S. postal stamp honoring Postmaster Hector Godinez.

National Issues
Lawmakers want museum to salute Latinos' U.S. role
Velazquez Joins Pelosi in Parade of House 'Firsts'
Voces Primeras, a film by Mujeres de La Caucus Chicana
Chicana Issues Conference publication, La Razon Mestiza
Book: Chicanas in Charge, Texas Women in the Electoral Arena 

Wired for Success
English Language Learners at Hub of National Crisis
Federal Resources for Education Excellence
Cal State Fullerton Serves Latino Students as a Hispanic-Serving Institution
Hispanic Achievement Lagging Behind in U.S. Public Schools 
Latina All-Girls School, Esperanza Academy, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Is retired Santa Ana teacher helping students into science careers?
San Antonio Demonstrates Power of School Vouchers 
The Segregation of American Teachers
Texas On-time Graduation rate
Obituary: John Serrano Jr
Dissertation study - call for females who identify as Mexican American
Hispanic women needed for study; UT doctoral student needs help

Bilingual Education
A Brief History of Bilingual Education & Role that Villa Alegre Played
Serna Vs Portales Landmark Case In New Mexico
We Serve Whites Only
Little School of 400
Dr. Armando Rodriguez the first Mexican born teacher in California. 
Bilingualism may delay onset of dementia: study
Spanish Word of the Day

Hispanic Contributions 
Series of Children's books (8-9 years) of Famous Latinos
Latino Arts Network of California
Corridos in Migrant Memory

Living the American Dream: Hispanic Homeownership Increasing
The US Hispanic market continues with strong growth potential
Hispanic Marketers New Search Engine-Optimized ‘Interactivo Release’
Communities Without Borders

Shame on You and the Legacy of Valor Display
Mexican-American is encroaching on dominant society's past
Why one Hispanic immigrant is being trashed for his blueprint for success
Put Down the Pitchforks and Hear Badillo Out
Former Congressman's Book does Disservice to Latinos

Book/Photo: Strength and Honor: Mexican Americans in the Vietnam War
by Fredrick and Linda Aguirre
Aviation History - Charlie Brown's Story - a True Story
Valor and Discord by Eddie Morin
Elizabeth Mendez aka Sgt. Elizabeth A. Quinones
History Hispanic Medal of Honor Recipients, Part I 

A Tribute to a Father, Dr. Hector P. Garcia by Wanda Garcia 
A Tribute to a Mother, Ruth Mojica Hammer by Linda Garcia Merchant
A Tribute to a Brother, Enrique "Henry" Bautista by Mercy BautistaOlvera
Cats and Mice by Ben Romero
New anthology welcomes submissions

Pedro de Alvarado

S: El Apellido Cartaya en Canarias 
Locating Hispanic Ancestors Getting Past Frequently Misspelled Names

October 12, 2003 Address Given by Dr. Granville Hough in Long Beach
Spanish Contributions to the American Revolution still invisible
Action Item: Honorary U.S. Citizenship for Bernardo de Galvez
Simple Commercial made for Hispanic Heritage Month
Book: The Santa Fe Presidio Soldiers
The Year Was 1776, 1789, 1794
Buenos Aires Patriots of the American Revolution, Part 3, R-Z

Orange County Superior Court, Leadership Academy
Feb 15-16-17: "The Art of Remembering"
Free Family History classes scheduled for February
Heart surgery's invisible man

Los Angeles Conservancy
Going on the Record with the Chicano Studies ResearchCenter 

Preserving our Past for our Future: Discovery Heritage Center
Soldados de Cuera, The Many Ancestors of Lorraine Frain 
Introduction to the Colonization of Alta California
The Sacred Expedition of 1769 to Alta California
Juan Bautista de Anza Colonizing Expedition to San Francisco, 1775-1776
Rivera y Moncada Colonizing Expedition to Alta California - 1781
Juana Briones House, letters in support
Locals try to stall Briones demolition
Historic Jackling House Still Stands

Book: Hispanic Pioneers in Colorado and New Mexico
Colorado Society of Hispanic Genealogy
Anza Trail enthusiasts: 'Noticias de Anza' - January 2007
Obituary: George Cardinet, helped establish Juan Bautista de Anza NationalHistoric Trail
Symposium on Anza at Santa Clara University Open to the Public
Anza Conference in Hermosillo, Sonora
Border Crossing by Dorinda Moreno
Obituary: Mary Helen Taylor
Online magazine: Ser Empresario - - Borderland Success

Black History Month has Special Meaning for SHHAR Board Member
Developer Donates Neglected Galveston Cemetery
Central America and Caribbean 1521-80

Children's Book: Kichi in Jungle Jeopardy
Children's Book: Crossing Bok Chitto, a Choctaw Tale of Friendship & Freedom
Oaxaca: A Land of Diversity
Indigenous Jalisco: Living in a New Era
21 generations from Moctezuma to Angie Jimenez Milligan

Historic passenger lists of ships go online 

George Washington Parade, February 17, Laredo
Book reading: "Inherit the Dust From the Four Winds of Revilla" JoseM. Pena
Luis Jimenez Tribute
Book: Tio Cowboy, Ricardo D. Palacios
Book: Tejano Roots, Dan Arellano
Nomination for Texas Historical Foundation for Annual Preservation Award
Austin-Travis County Veterans Exhibit 

Battle of New Orleans Commemoration, Jean Lafitte Park
Reconsidering the Battle of New Orleans
Pictures of Chalmette Battle Re-enactors 2006 
John Folse's Louisiana Food Heritage Programs on LPB 

American Sephardi Federation & Yeshiva University MuseumFilm Festival
National Archives Events
N.J. Veterans Angry Over Education Bill 

Ojinaga and Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca 
Andres Dorantes de Carranza, (ca. 1500-1550s)
Exploring Colonial Mexico, The Stones of Huentitán PHOTO NEEDED
Book:The North Frontier of New Spain
New theory for mass deaths under Spanish conquest stirs heated debate in Mexico
La Aduana, un Gajo de la Historia de Torreón en su "Centenario"
La Aduana, un Gajo de la Historia de Torreón
Condado Del Valle de Súchil
Las Esposas de Francisco (Pancho) Villa
Questions Concerning Juana Porcallo de la Cerda
More on Porcallo, Who’s Who of the Conquistadors
The Descendents of Don Gonzalo Porcallo de Moran
Ayuda Genealogistas de Coahuila 
Book: Marriages of Monclova Coahuila, Mexico, 1686 - 1822
Descendents of Don Pedro de Almandos
Estoria de la Semana

Racer's Storm
Central America and Caribbean 1521-80
La Presencía de Germáníca en Puerto Rico

Complutense University of Madrid
Live in Sevilla
The Hispanic Role in America
Spain seeks a makeover for gangs
The Library of Iberian Resources Online
Concatedral de Santa Maria - Cáceres 

Networking Internationally PESQUISAS- QUERIES
Example of a book digitized by Google
Peruvian Hairless Dog
S: El Apellido Cartaya en Canarias
S: Títulos de Castilla en Indias

What Thomas Jefferson learned from the Muslim book of Jihad

Millions of New Ancestry Records online
Civilian Conservation Corps
Suggestions for getting children involved in Family History
E-mails worth saving
Learning More about Family History
Harvard University Opens Immigration Collection
Open Collections Program: Women Working, 1800 - 1930

Peru pushes to make Inca city one of world wonders
Ancient footprints found in Mexico valley

Cubs or pork chops

This notification is sent as a service. If you do not want to receive monthly notification, please let me know. Thank you. Mimi

MARCH 2007

Hi . .   Tuesday a meeting is being held in Washington at the offices of the National PBS headquarters to solve the problem of the exclusion of Latinos in the 14-hour documentary by Ken Burns.   Let us hope that solutions will be reached. 

To write to your representatives and elected officials, here is a URL to help you connect.  Where the two XX are at the end of the URL, just substitute your state's 2 letter postal abbreviation. 

Includes the phone, fax number and URL for that office

Warm regards,  Mimi

United States

Action Item
The War, 14-hour documentary on WWII with NO Latinos included
Editor Questions and Suggestions
Comments by Alfredo Lugo, Producer 
Carlos Guerra: PBS' WW II film no longer on Diez y Seis, but still no Latinos 
Some of Ken Burns' WW II Heroes are Missing in Action by Jorge Mariscal
Action taken by Dan Arellano,Ccommander of Tejano in Action
Letter from Professor Deena J. González, to Ms. Anne Harrington
Letter from Ted Vincent to Ms. Anne Harrington
Letter from Floyd E. Vasquez to Ms. Anne Harrington
Status update sent by Dr.Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez
Letter by U.S. Congressman Bob Filner to Paula Kerger

National Issues
Sen. Salazar Re-Introduces Latino Museum Commission Act   
Three Rivers, Texas to name post office, why not Pvt. Felix Z. Longoria
Medal of Honor for Guy Gabaldon, Please give it to him
U.S. Postal Stamp, Mendez v. Westminster School District 60th Anniversary
Please support the grassroots efforts of the "Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday Coalition"
U.S. Born Babies of Undocumented Face Challenges
2003 Dorinda Moreno, Cesar E, Chavez & Robert F. Kennedy: Lifetime Achievement Award

Bilingual Education
Demand for English Lessons Outstrips Supply
117 Individual languages require translation in federal courts.

October 30, 1947, Letter by Dr. Hector P. Garcia, 
Jan 31, 2007, Intolerable: Texas' high dropout rate will lower incomes while hobbling the state
Youth, Identity, Power
Chicana persistence in higher education
Book: Drug Lord, true story

Art Review of Martin Ramirez (1895-1963)
Artist Carlos Callejo,  Cesar E. Chavez sculpture and El Paso Mural

Hispanic Marketing 101
Macy's Community Star Award
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
Immigrants boost most California workers' pay 
Colorado to use inmates to fill migrant shortage

Anti-Spanish Legends
Our Hispanic Roots: What History Failed to Tell Us!
Historical question from a Los Angeles County Camp Youth Leader
Lost Vivaldi Opera Finally Gets its Music and Words Together

Military & Law Enforcement Heroes
Austin post office renamed for  Sgt. Henry Ybarra
U.S. Mexican, Latin American War Contributions at University of Texas
Book: Mexican Americans and World War II by Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez 
Honor your World War II Veterans 
Latinos & WWII, Interview of Carlos Samarron by Cliff Despres 
Michael E. Lopez-Alegria breaks U.S. Spacewalk Record
Hispanic Medal of Honor recipients Part 2  by Tony (The Marine) Santiago 
Permanent location for  Legacy of Valor Display Being Considered

Good Old Days by Wanda Garcia
An Effort to Create a Dr. Hector P. Garcia Day in Texas          
La Virgen de Guadalupe by Wanda Garcia
The Iceman Cometh to 2010 East 7th St. Austin, Texas by Frank Sifuentes
The Day I went up to the Mountain: A "WOW" Moment Dr. Francisco J. Zamarripa
Recuerdos de Concepcion 'Chonito" Prieto  by Frank Sifuentes

Literature: Catalina de Erazu by Vicente Riva Palacio

Surname: Galvez

Patriots of American Revolution
Group says state's role in Revolution overlooked
Wills of a Father and Son &  a Contribution to the American Revolution
2003 Letter from Granville Hough, Ph.d. to Leslie S. Whitaker, Phd 
2002 Bibliography for General/Viceroy Bernardo de Gálvez, Prepared for Long Beach event.

Orange County,CA
SHHAR Quarterly meeting, March 17, Speaker: Dr. Jose de la Pena
Multicultural Center, Coalition Conference, Orange County Great Park
Nellie Kaniski has accepted a seat on MANA's National Board of Directors.  Los 

Dionicio Morales - The Mexican American Legend
March 9th: The 16th Annual Latina History Day Conference
The Founding of El Pueblo de Los Angeles -4 September 1781
Mosaic Los Angeles

Californians Hope to Save Famous Drive-In Restaurant
March 4th: House of Spain presents David Gomez, acclaimed Spanish Pianist
A History of Mexican Americans in California
My Californio Family by Lorraine Frain, 3 parts  
   El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe 
   Presidio at Monterey, Alta California The Briones Family
   The Villa de Branciforte - Santa Cruz
Former Juana Briones House
March 31st Dedication of Duarte statue
Los Californianos Heritage Calendar, many heritage events listed

Southwestern US 
Mujeres Valientes
Albuquerque's El Vado Motel Saved
Stealing from the Dead
March 10th, Book signing: Aquí Se Comienza: 
     A Genealogical History of the Founding Families of La Villa de San Felipe de Alburquerque.
Funds dispersed to homesteaders in New Mexico

Moreno Wedding Photos
Libros Latinos catalog: African Americans in Latin America
DNA Research
Frank Snowden; Major Scholar of Blacks in Antiquity

Cherokee Wisdom
Book: Scalped
The Nahuatl language
Protein Linked To Elevated BMI In People Of American Indian and Mexican Ancestry 

The Sephardi Report
The American Founding Fathers and the Jews
Glimpses of Southern Jewish Roots

First discovery of oil in the United States was in Benavides, Texas
Spanish Missions in Texas
History of the Month Book Club, March 14th and 16th
The José L. Castillo Photo Collection 
March 4th Texas Tejanos: The 1835-1836 Revolution, Original Play
Genealogy of Dionicio & Concepcion De La Garza
Tejano Battle of Medina Memorial Service, April 14, 2007
Podcast of Tejano Leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas 
The National Tejano Genealogy Conference, Sept 13-15 2007,Austin, Texas    
News from Texas

East of Mississippi
Falcon Brothers from the Canary Islands in Louisiana 
Correction to Louisiana State Capitol Plaque
S: Ivan Perez, famous Decima singers in Louisiana 

East Coast
March 6th,  THE WAR: 14-hour Documentary on WWII 
"Latinas: A Growing Power…An Untapped Resource" 

First patent Color TV in world obtained Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena, 1940  
Jerezanos en Torreon por: José León Robles De La Torre 
Quinta Gameros por Guillermo Padilla Origel
Matrimonios selectos de Tlaltenango 1696-1697 Extraídos por Arturo Ramos Pinedo
List of proposed settlers for the yet unnamed villa that became Revilla, 1750. 
Historia de la Semana
The Descendents of Don Pedro de Almandos Compiled by John D. Inclan

Dominican Republic
Los Cubanos escrito por el periodista Mexicano Victor Mona

Sociedad Estatal de Gestión de la Información Turística
Casa de Libro 
October Tour of Basque Country
Incorrect information found in genealogy of Diego Colón,

La aventura vital y espiritual de Don Bosco 
Fundación Archivo Gráfico y Museo Histórico

Why Mexico celebrates St Patrick's Day!
Quick searches on Ancestry.comFamily History

Family History
Search Census by Place of Birth
Library of Congress to Digitize Genealogy Books
Book: Map Guide to the Federal Censuses, 1790-1920,
Genealogy Photos
LostCousins - a new approach to US genealogy 
Family Roots Radio Airing

Miscellaneous: Dog Adopts a Fawn 

This notification is sent as a service, please let me know if you prefer not to receive it.

APRIL 2007

Dear Primos and Friends, 

You will be happy to know that your reaction to THE WAR has really made a difference. In this issue you will read other ways in which our historical presence is not being recognized; but, you will also read of the wonderful accomplishments of dedicated Latinos. 

Under-representation of Hispanic/Latinos Evident throughout the Government
One: Military Service: DoD Personnel & Procurement Statistics,Incomplete
Two: Federal Employment Report Inaccurate
Three: PBS produced THE WAR, No Latinos included 
Four: Latino Museum Bill Receives Senate Hearing

Civil Rights Giants: Hector P. Garcia, George I. Sanchez, Gustavo Garcia
Letter to U.S. Senator Lyndon Johnson, January 10, 1949 
Honoring Cesar Chavez by Mercy Bautista Olvera 
About the Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday Coalition
New Book: The Struggle to Unionize America's Farm Workers
Life and accomplishments of Chávez observed in California

Beating the Odds: Dr. Ronald Navarro
Action Item: To Honor DEA Agent Enrique Camarena
Coyote Teaching 
New Window of Opportunity for Latinos: Catholic Universities in the Americas. 
Flat Stanley Educational Fun

Bilingual Education
Growing up in a Hispanic community in South Texas
Theodore Roosevelt on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907. 
Subject: English language, prejudice, etc.

Mexican Film is Alive and well in Los Angeles
Study Finds Americans Cooked With Chili Peppers 6,000 Years Ago
Los Angeles Celebrates the Arrival of Avocados from Mexico

Two New Scholarship Guides for New Americans 
Kaiser Family Foundation Free Report on Racial& Ethnic Health Disparities 

Anti-Spanish Legends
Bill to Replace Columbus Day by Indigenous Day introduced in New Mexico 
Letters to the L.A. Times Editor
Missing in action: WWII documentary chronicling 50 people features no Latinos

Military & Law Enforcement Heroes
William Rodriguez, the last man out of the North Tower
Army Sgt. Hector Hernandez
What is a Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT)?
Catholic War Veterans, San Jose Post 1805 
The Devil's Brigade Is Looking for Stories About Your Veterans
Hispanic Medal of Honor Recipients, Part III
DFAS Retired Pay Newsletter: Learn More About Your Retired Pay

Family Traditions by Wanda Garcia
Inspiration by Wanda Garcia
California: My First Lifetime Ended in El Valle by Elvira Prieto
That Time in the Snow by Melissa Lopez
From My Doll to Midol by Ben Romero

BiL: A Tale from the Conquest: Xicotencatl By Vicente Riva Palacio 
Translation by Ted Vincent

Don Fernando Muñoz Altea Fernández y Bueno, Cronista Rey de Armas 
Enciclopedia Heráldica Hispano-Americana of Alberto and Arturo García Carraffa

Patriots of American Revolution 
June 1991, Granaderos de Gálvez with Don Juan (padre of the king)
February 2007, Grandaderos and TCARA 
Reaching Out to the Community

Orange County, CA 
April 28th: Orange County Family History Fair
April 13: 9th Annual Latina Conference: Community,Family, and You
April 14-15th The "Mexican" OC, 2-act Play
Did SHHAR hold a meeting in San Antonio, or not?
Save the date: May 26 SHHAR Quarterly

Los Angeles,CA
Bert Colima, Boxer with Early California Roots
Sons and Souls of California
May 2: Feminists Who Changed America 1963 ~ 1975
April 21st Adelante Mujer Latina 

Margaret Cruz "Little Giant of the Mission District"
Mexican Genealogy Group, Northern California
Red CalacArts Collective, 3rd annual Chicano Park Day Fundraiser
Southern California Students
Los Californianos Heritage Calendar, April 
Recibido de la Peña Andaluza en California
Party/fundraiser organized by Amigos de El Salvador. 
California Genealogical Society Changes Its Address 

Southwestern US
Los Veteranos of World War II:
Cecilia's Year
Reflections of an avid Genealogist 

Recovered History: The First Major Black Theater
Freedom's Journal
Tips from the Pros: Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy
Florida's Forgotten Rebels
Roots of Latino/black anger 
What is to be done about Latino prejudice against Blacks?
Five historical perspectives 

Fuerza Mundo
Senate passes bill seeking Navajo code talkers stamp 
Cherokees Pull Memberships of Freed Slaves
Indigenous Baja 
Three Sisters' Defense of a Cemetery 
American Indian Dad-Daughter Study
Robert W. Young, 1912-2007 - Linguist helped create Navajo dictionary 

Technology creates extreme genealogists 
17th Annual Conference Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies
Jews in Arab Countries 1948 and Now

Tejano Mounument, Inc.
April 25,Ken Burns to explain exclusion 
April 4: Tribute to Artist Luis Jimenez
April 7: Alamo Plaza Project
April 27/28: Symposium in Dallas"Hispanic Genealogical Research - the Basics"
Tejano Oral History Project
Texas Launches New Award Humanities
Land Grants Given by Spanish Royal Commission in 1767
Those interred in the San Diego, Texas Cemetery 

East of Mississippi 
Looking Back: Former Resident recalls her years in the Square.
Spanish Louisiana Infantry Regiment 

East Coast 
National Archives April Schedule

Bil: Jerezanos in the history of Torreón, Coahuila
Finding Your Mexican Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide
S: Que han Contribuido al Engrandecimiento
Bil:Investigation on Mexican Human Genomic Concluded 
Descendents of Benito Juarez, President of Mexico
Descendents of Jose Geromino Vasquez
S: Descendientes de Victoriano Barrón de San Juan de Ahorcados, Zacatecas 

El Regimiento Fijo De Puerto Rico Recreado
United States sources available for Puerto Rican genealogy research
El Músico Lisandro Ramírez Velásquez y su descendencia enMasatepe. Guzman Reports: Latino Power

Hispanic Genealogy Blogspot
Spain, the United Kingdom and the Junta of Andalucía ShipwreckProject 
Panoramic Flight

DNA shows Scots and Irish should look to Spain for their ancestry 
Map proves Portuguese discovered Australia: new book 

Ancestors of today's British and Irish are Basque 
Slavery An Integral Part of Nation's Shared Ancestry 

Family History
Free Online Genealogy Database Hits 150 Million Names 
Figuring Out Family Relationships
Family History Web sites, and New Services
"What's in an Address?" by Juliana Smith
Power Point Presentation of a Family TreeWebsites Recommended

Golden Plates found in Bulgaria
Chankillo,Oldest Observatory inPeru

Juke Box Music 1950-1984

MAY 2007

Hi All . . . Happily many activities to promote are history are happening all over the nation.   May you all enjoy the Cinco de Mayo festivities in your area.  Please feel invited to share your photos. Let Somos Primos share what went on in your area.

Thank you all for reacting to THE WAR.  PBS did not expect the reaction that they provoked.  The battle is not over. We must persist. For weekly updates, go to

Warm regards, Mimi

Action Item
Letter to PBS from California Latino Caucus
Letter to PBS from Rafael Jesús González
Burns Won't Reedit 'War,' PBS Clarifies
It is a shame that PBS
The Rio Grande Valley
Waco LULAC Council 273 request KWBU PBS not to air, THE WAR
Reaching out to Non-Hispanics to share our history and presence
Defend the Honor Update
Expanding our History via podcasts 
Mexican Americans Defending the United States

National Issues
Dr. Hector P. Garcia Day in Texas on fast track
South Texas War Dead Have Returned, October 30, 1947
English Only, the Constitution of the United States
Inspiration by daughter, Wanda Garcia
Justice for my People, the Dr. Hector P. Garcia Story, documentary available
Hernandez vs. Texas: Groundbreaking case for Latinos
Cesar Estrada Chavez Study Act
Statue of Cesar Chavez to be Unveiled Oct. 9, University of Texas, Austin
National Cesar Chavez Day Committee
Farmworkers Bring Down the Golden Arches
Nation's Largest Latino Museum opened in San Antonio, Texas
S: Abrirán museo hispano más grande del mundo
USS New York, ship's motto? "Never Forget"

American Hispanic School
El Diccionario Biográfico Medico Hispanoamerícano
The Millennium Momentum Foundation, Inc.
Louis Caldera, Vice Chancellor, California State University, Fullerton
Flat Stanley Visits The Health Care Agency
Latino Education: Parent Involvement

Bilingual Education
Mendez v. Westminster, 60th Anniversary, Stamp Honors Desegregation 
Mendez v. Westminster, forerunner of "Brown v. Board of Education
Spanish word of the Day
John 0. Gonzales, a longtime social-rights activist 
Hold Your Tongue
Being Bilingual can be a Dangerous Thing
Language Oppression & Resistance: Middle Class Latinos in US

May 3rd, Ask a Mexican, Book Debut and Signing
Luis Valdez elected to the College of Fellows of the American Theatre
Poems by Danilo Lopez 
Bill Tapia, Ukulele legend has song in his heart 
The 70's from a Chicano's Perspective, Jesús Manuel Mena Garza
Another artist to celebrate: Andres E. Montoya 
Special Feature: About the Charro Mural & Other Things 

The Mexican Initiative: A Workable Guest Worker Program
Latinos Claim Largest Slice of Minority-Business Pie
Small Business, Big Returns

Clearing up Confusion in Chicano Park
Omission is still racism
Examples of changing history by omission

Speech of the Honorable U.S. Representative Linda Sanchez of California
Hispanic Admirals in the United States Navy
The Final Inspection 
Hispanic Medal of Honor recipients
Letter to Honorable U. S. Representative Lloyd Doggett
The Soldiers' Project

Anastacia Nunez-Bautista, a Noble Woman and Survivor 
Sharing Family Stories with Children
Growing up in Kingsville, Texas 

La Promesa de un Genio by 
Vicente Riva Palacio

SURNAME: Lopez/Lopes

The Order of Granaderos y Damas de Galvez 
Presidio Santa Barbara Soldados participate in the 225th Founding Ceremonies 

May 26th SHHAR Quarterly Meeting
Orange County Cinco de Mayo Celebration 
"Early Placentia" chronicles city history
Seeking Photos of Santa Ana from 1940s to 1980s for Historic Photo Book
Seeking Volunteers for the Orange County Fair

Cinco De Mayo, Culture Clash, Zorro in Hell
Compañía Nacional de Danza 2!
May 19, Los Angeles Women: A Record of Experience, Story Symposium 

Building California - 200 Years of Arvizu History
May 5: Cinco de Mayo Fruitvale Festival & Parade
May 12: San Fernando Museum of Art & History, Ritchie Valens Park, Pacoima 
May 25: Defend the Honor co-chairs in San Diego
Inauguracion de Galeria en San Diego
Briones supporters protest demolition
Feria de la Gastronomia Española 

Pace Of Cultural Change Too Fast For Rural Washington Town

May 19, 2007, Presidio Real de San Agustin del Tucson, Arizona
La Gente del Presidio, Living History Fair circa 1775-1856
Tucson Presidio Heritage Park Construction Photos
The Spanish Mustang, An Important Link to Hispanic American History
Juan de Oñate by Antonio Ruiz Caballero

Texas Rosenwald School To Open as Museum
National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque , NM 

La Otra Conquista
The Real First Americans Were From Iberia 

The Thirteenth Tribe, The Khazar Empire and its Heritage
Thomas Jefferson's rare European lineage 
Libro: Expedientes de Limpieza de Sangre, Sevilla: 1567-1825. Letras A-D

Tejano Genealogy Society of Austin, Texas
Mexican Immigration: The Poverty of Policy 
La Alondra de la FronteraAngel of Goliad Descendants Historical Preservation 
Book: Remember Goliad! A History of La Bahia
'Family Legend' recalls Texas' bloodiest battle
The Tejano Battle of Medina
Texas Rangers Baseball Club, Héroes en la Comunidad

The Canary Islands Heritage & Cultural Society of Louisiana 

Group Wants To Remove Dumped Debris from 1759 Fort
May 9: Voces de la Cultura 
Puerto Rico Cultural Parade 
May Schedule of Programs at the National Archives 

Sistine Chapel of Crystals
Bil: Jerezanos Radicados en Torreón, José León Robles De La Torre
S: Enciclopedia de los Municipios de México, Puebla 
Descendents of Joseph de Olivares, Compiled by John Inclan

S: Puerto Rico Global

Millau Viaduct
La Leyenda

Guatemala City Sinkhole
S: Casa Ximenez
S: Boletín Digital Turístico de Gran Canaria 
Bil: International Exposition and Conference of Archives" in Bogota, Colombia
S: Los Guadarrama en Venezuela

Mexican Americans, World War II, and the Bracero Program
Braceros WWII Query and MALDAF response

Genealogy Bank Resources
Genealogical DNA Testing Myths
eVetRecs: Request Copies of Military Personnel Records

JUNE 2007

Dear Somos Primos reader:
If you sent an article and it does not appear in this issue, please forgive me. It will be in the July issue. I was up to 300 pages on the June issue and needed to shrink the issue down. I suggest you let the issue load fully before scanning. It is about 250 pages, and slow to fully load.

In the July issue, I hope to include lots of ideas for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Please feel invited to share sites, cultural and heritage materials, or ideas.

I think you all will be touched by efforts of three individuals honoring the leadership and sacrifices that their father made for La Raza, Wanda Garcia, Magdalena Morales, and Eddie Marin. Especially shared with joy in recognizing Father's Day.

Warm regards, Mimi

Content Areas
United States
Action Item
Damnatio memorie
Defend the Honor Campaign Expanding
Los Veteranos of World War II
Latino Stories of World War II
Colors of Courage: Sons of New Mexico, Prisoners of Japan (2002)
The Short Life of Jose Antonio Gutierrez

National Issues
Dr. Hector P.Garcia, The Medal, by daughter Wanda Garcia
Dionicio Morales, leader in Civil Rights movement daughter Magdalena website

Among the Valiants, Eddie Marin carries on father's fight to honor our military
Only 3.6% of federal employees at senior levels in 2006 were Hispanic
Book: The Journey to Latino Political Representation
Importance of September 19, 1947 on US School Desegregation

Teacher Aguirre helps student win two Scholarships, $30.000 & $80,000.
High praise for San Antonio West Side high achiever
The American Flag Comes in Second
Theodore Roosevelt's 1907 ideas on Immigrants and being an American
Voices in Urban Education
Heroes & Heritage
Victory of the Mexican people over the French
Latin Scientists of World War II
The Heart of "Los San Patricios" - Rudy Padilla
Resources for classroom Teachers
Latinos in the Industry, Network launches programming for preschoolers
Uruguay children try low-cost laptops

Bilingual Education
An Early Blow for Equality
When Spanish borrows words from English
Support for Immigrant ESL Programs
Spanish Language GED Practice Exams
Inspired by Judge A.D. Azios article by Dr. Armado A. Ayala
Perspective on Latino Education by Manny Hernandez

Heirlooms in the Sand
Low-rider car in Japan
Camino Mágico, New Latino Diet does not discount Cultural Roots

City of Oakland seeks a Chief Curator of History for employment
Addy Perez-Mau, "California Small Business of the Year" for District #68
Hispanic Ad Spending Rose 14%
Univ of Calif Press announces publication: The Farmworkers' Journey

Anti-Spanish Legends
The Big Juan
Speedy Gonzalez
Subliminal Racism
Native Americans Protest statue of Juan de Onate
What an outrage.

Military & Law Enforcement Heroes
Pray and wear Red on Fridays
Hispanics in the Civil War
Bataan Survivors to Meet in Tacoma
Unsung heroes, Filipino vets gather in Tacoma
Puerto Ricans in World War II
Websites for Researching Military Records, Compiled by Rafael Ojeda
WWII records destroyed in fire.
How to find and order Earned Awards and Ribbons
Navy and Coast Guard Information
WWII Government Archives
WWII veterans. Photos and re-editing of names submitted is possible.
Latino WWII veterans that were POW
More names of WWII Latino pilots aces.
Texas WWII web site

A Sea story by Paul Trejo
The Veterans History Project Seeking Veteran's stories
Encyclopedia of Latino Folklore, edited by Maria Herrera-Sobek, Ph.D.
Herbs, papaya and the Milk Devil, and mi abuelita Curandera
Chicken Fluff by Ben Romero
It Must be a Generation Thing by Ben Romero

Full Moon Over the House of the Avocado by Rafael Jesús González
Professor, 100, still leading classrooms
La Maquina de Coser by Vicente Riva Palacio - translation by Ted Vincent

Surname: Ramon
Relative frequency of various family names in Spain
Name Origin Research: Gonzalez

Patriots of American Revolution
Presidio Ceremony Honors Original Soldiers of the Garrison in 225th
List of the names of the Santa Bárbara Founding Garrison
List of the Escolta of Mission San Buenaventura
American Prisoners of the Revolution: Names of 8,000 Men
Haitian volunteers

Orange County,CA
Volunteers Sought for Orange County Fair
June 1,2,3: 9ine Digits Away From My Dream
June 2: 18th Annual Adelante Girls Conference
In Memoriam Ruth Almanza Barrios, 1914-2007
Report on the September events of "Mendez v. Westminster"
Remembering Scenes from The "Mexican" OC
June 15th Annual Young Fatherhood Event

Los Angeles,CA
Meeting of the North East Veterans Association Gabaldon Memorial Committee
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
The 6th Annual "Honor Thy Father" Awards Dinner Ceremony
The Church of the Epiphany and the Chicano Movement

The Forgotten Cities
Las Misiones Antiguas
Persons with no memory
Book: Married to a Daughter of the Land: Interethnic Marriage in California, 1820-1880
California Mission Cultural Center
Antioch, California Monument
Teen Filmmakers screen 2 Latino Leaderships documentaries
Rededication of the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail
Building California - 200 Years of Arvizu History
Los Paseos' Historic Mural

Southwestern US
Tucson Graveyard, Blas and Juana Valdez
Antonio Candelaria and Teresita de Jesus Veracruz Family
Spanish - Mexican Land Grants: A Brief Introduction
Mission 2000
National Hispanic Cultural Center in New Mexico
The Presidio, 1775-1800
Consultas en línea de (en Inglés)
Border Journalism Loses Leading Voices
S:Nombres de quienes cruzaron de México a EU, 1903-57
S: Memorial of the Southwest by José Antonio Crespo-Francés y Valero

History of Mexican-Black solidarity
Military Anthology Seeks Submissions
By What Process?

A response to an article in the May issue of Somos Primos
The City, Temple, Stage in Mexico by Jaime Lara, Ph.D. of Yale
Ghost Stories
Young filmmakers shine at Native American Film and Video Festival
Mexico will rescue its Nahuatl language
Dennis Banks visits Fresno, Dis-enrollment Concerns
Mexico will rescue its Nahuatl language
Query Answered

Celebrating 40 Years Jerusalem United
First Non-Jewish Faith Hosts Event at Israeli Consulate
Jewish World Review
CD: Limpieza de Sangre del Ilustre y Real Colegio de Abogados de México
S: Judíos españoles secretos durante 400 años
S: El venerable rabino Boaron
[For a list of Spanish Jewish Surnames, go to Mexico.]

With ALL ARMS by Carl Laurence Duaine
Jesus de la Teja, Texas' First State Historian
Texas Postcards
June 2 , Los Bexareños Meeting, Speaker: Dan Arellano, Battle of Medina
June 2, Brownsville Historical Association
June 3, Hidalgo County Historical Society
The Great Spanish American Cattle Drive Road Marking Project
First-ever Tejano Hill Country Celebration! Libraries join efforts
Richard Sambrano Retires
Tejanos Memories of the Texas Rangers
Mexico to the rescue in Eagle Pass
East of Mississippi
Finding Levitia's Headstone by George Windes
Habla usted español?
Diocesan stage of Georgia Martyrs cause completed

East Coast
Reminiscences of Life in Camp with the 33D Unived States
Genealogy Collections and Topics: New York State Library
National Archives Events

San Pablo de las Tunas
Los primeros colonizadores de Coahuila y la Laguna
Jerezanos en Torreón, Coah., tres generaciónes
Project, Seeking Diego Treviño & Beatriz Quintanilla Descendants
The Descendents of Don Juan Jose Ramon de Burgos
Don Christobal Gomez de la Vara
Judios de México
Archivos de México

Solving Family Mysteries By Roger Hernández
Hearing shows Puerto Rico is a U.S. colony
Book: None of the Above
CENTRO de Estudios Puertorriqueños

Spanish Colonial Currency, Used In Panamá
Franciscanos by Angel Custodio Rebollo
Spanish and Latin American Journals from Routledge
The Nobility of Spain
Royal Spanish Academy

Peru: Incidents of Travel and Exploration in the Land of the Incas
A monument of Christian work in Peru

Memorial Day Origin: Waterloo, New York
Super Target on a Civil War battlefield?
Dusty Document Reveals First European Voyage up Delaware River

Family History
Free BYU Family History Course releases 90 million military records
Weekly Family History Live Online
Records Program to Increase Access to Worldwide Collections
Family Oral History Using Digital Tools
Time for Hands-on Preservation with Park Day 2007
If it wasn't Recorded
Mankind's A to Z of Regional Genealogy and Local History Research
Godfrey Memorial Library & FamilySearch Centers Announce Partnership
Online genealogy just got easier

Archaeology for the latest happenings
Historical Connection between Harvard University & Stanford University

JULY 2007

Dear pimos and friends:

Hope you all have a safe and fun July 4th.  Remember our ancestors helped bring about the victory!!  For the 3rd year Hector Diaz will be participating as part of the National Archives festivities in Washington, D.C..

It is exciting to see the increasing of heritage activities across the nations, which are including and recognizing the Hispanic/Latino historical presence.

For example, new volunteer (we all are!) Somos Primos staff member, Rafael Ojeda is moving two projects forward: identifying all the Hispanic Purple Heart recipients, and the forming of a Spanish colonial unit of reenactors in the state of Washington. 

However, much understanding is still needed. Just this morning my husband showed me an article in the latest U.S. News and World Report, July 2/July 9, page 45:   "Before 1848, Calfironia was just the sleepy northern frontier of Mexico.  The popultion consisted of at least 300,000 native Indians and only 700 foreigners, most of whom were Americans."   No mention of the Spanish/Mexican presence. 

I hope you will all be on the look-out for examples of racism by omission in your area, and share with Somos Primos readers.

Warm regards, Mimi

The making of  Hispanic in the Military by Eddie Martinez

The David M. Gonzales - William Kouts Story
A medal, a debt, both of honor
Defend the Honor Update
Copy of letter from Major General Montano to Tom Brokaw
Interested third party: "Mexican Stand-off " . . of sorts
Air Show in Reading, Pennsylvania
Hispanic military museum is planned for San Antonio
Free Ramos and Compean

American Only by Wanda Garcia, daughter of Dr. Hector P. Garcia
1936, US Bureau reclassifies Mexicans as "White"
Hernandez vs. Texas: 1954 Groundbreaking case for Latinos
Immigration Reform: A Glance at History by Dionicio Morales
The History of Barrios Unidos, Healing Violence in the Community
Latinos Nix Violence
Increased Immigration Lowers Crime Rate: "Latino paradox"
Third-Generation Latinos Detached from both Past and Present

Annenberg Media
Hispanic Heritage National Parks
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo - A Voyage of Discovery
Heritage Discovery Center

Hispanic Students Hungry for College
Evaluating Instructional Materials for Social Content
Minority Population Tops 100 Million
Book: Journey to Latino Political Representation by John P. Schmal
Book: 500 Years of Chicana Women's History
Book: I was a Really Good Mom Before I had Kids
Book: The Power of Poetry

Book: Power of Parents: Bicultural Parent Involvement in Public Schools
Latino Education: Beyond The Millenium by  Manuel Hernandez-Carmona

Loteria in San Juan, Texas
Luis Rodriguez and Tia Chucha - Casting A Giant Shadow
For the Record: 2007 ALMA AWARD WINNERS
Farid De la Ossa
Mosto & Rojas Arte
La Raza Galeria Posada
Angel Cabrera Defeats Tiger to Win U.S. Open
At home in the booth
Book: Playing America's Game: Baseball, Latinos, and the Color Line

Luis Ruiz 1918-2007, Co-founder of Ruiz Foods

Upside down American flag
Why would the English use a Spaniard to set their behavior?
Juan Gines de Sepulveda, the ''Father of Modern Racism''?
Latino Fear and Loathing by Linda Chavez
Erased from history by Ruben Navarrette Jr.
Yonkers father questions anti-immigrant cartoons used in school

Family Reunification, Filipino Veterans
Puerto Rican Veterans
Purple Heart Project
Homeless Veterans
Mexican fighter squadron to be honored with marker
Hispanic Medal of Honor recipients, Part 5 by Tony Santiago
Puerto Ricans in World War II by Tony Santiago

My Dad, Catalino Lozano by Mimi Lozano
Understanding Our Heritage By Anita Rivas Medellin
Carmen Salazar by Elisa Oniel

Zorro: Hero of Hispanic America
Poetry by  Rafael Jesús González


Arizona Spanish Colonial Blue Coats
Nuestra Familia Unida: Texas Connection to the American Revolution
Spain's Involvement in the American Revolutionary War
Lorenzo and the Turncoat, winner 2006 Arizona Authors Literary Award
The Descendents of  Colonel Gilbert Antonie de Saint Maxent

SHHAR Quarterly meeting, August 25, Dr. Vicki Ruiz
Latino Advocates for Education Seeking to contact Korean Veterans
Residents of the Cypress Barrio in Orange reunite to remember
"Arte LatinoAmericano: From the Figurative to the Fragmented"

Tamale Museum to open in 2008
Tamale Festival, November 9, 10, 11
Malibu Grandmothers Gathering
Fire Damages 82-Year-Old East L.A. High School

"Roll Call" A Latino play by film producer and writer Alfredo Lugo
San Joaquin Valley Latino Population
Family Photographs of Everyday San Francisco Online
Mexico Aviation History, San Diego Museum
July 29th: 3rd Farias-Talamantes-Reunion dinner
Juana Briones de Miranda home, California Registered Historical Landmark, No. 524 plaque
Los Californianos Alert: Castro Adobe Brick Making
Years of searching lead to pioneer's grave site
"Will the Real Founder of San Diego Please Stand Up"
The San Gabriel Mission Matrimonial Investigation Records

Fort Nunez Goana
Invitation to join this Re-enactor Group of the Spanish Bluecoats Colonial Era.
Alaska Natives and ACLU Sue Over Voting Rights Violations in Bethel
Developer proposes Latino market

Denise Chavez
Joseph Sanchez

The Human Race Machine
A Rising Voice: Afro-Latin Americans
Black Denial
Letters to the Miami Herald
Black Indians Questionnaire

US Border barrier 'desecrated burial sites
Origin ancestral de los Pueblos Amerindios
Missing from the Circle
The End of the Hollywood Trail
Hayword Lakota Couple Fosters Family of More than 20
Tiny Sonoma County Reservation Makes list of Endangered Sites
Tribe's buildings on list of Endangered Sites

Alamo Plaza - A Star is Born and TCARA
Abel Vidaurri Sr. Memorial Arena Ceremony at the Garcia Ranch
Texas State Conference Information
Los Bexarenos July 7,
    Warren Stricker: Genealogical Holdings at DRT Alamo Library
With All Arms
El Diario Newspaper
Tejanos in Action: The Battle of Medina
A Tejano Son of Texas in Brownsville
Events at Presidio San Saba
Robert Rrunyon Photographic Collection
Old Spanish Trail

Antonio Salazar
Raul Aguilera

Cemi Underground
July 4th: Patriotism, Sacrifice, Freedom
Colonial Reenactments on the East Coast
Babies and Bicycles - The Conversion of a Long Island Town
San Juan Del Puerto, La Florida

Cuilapan, Oaxaca
Dr. Don Luis Maeda Villalobos, La Region Lagimera
     Translation of  Dr. Don Maeda's article by Mercy Bautista Olvera
Notas de interés sobre historia, patrimonio histórico, usos (y abusos)
Descendents of Jose Froylan de Mier
The Descendents of Don Nicolas de Cardenas Pinillas

The art of Migdalia Cabán
El uso de los soldados puertorriqueños en la segunda guerra mundial
Voz del Centro - Puerto Rican Cultural Website

Spain's Tall Ships Built by Spain
History on Spain time line since 1372
Man of Honor
Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain
Polynesians beat Spaniards to South America

Trephinated Skulls
Captain Alexandro Malaspina
Uncontacted Tribe Emerges from Amazon Forest
Book: Children of Cain -Violence and the Violent in Latin America
My Heritage
Gaunches Canary Island DNA

Beautiful Family Tree Display 
Academic Libraries Internet Subject Directories      
Free utility programs are a must have to do genealogy.....

Yes, a Bonaparte feasted here
Spain sues over shipwreck bonanza







Happy New Year to one and all . . .  Let's hope and expect that 2008 will be a wonderful year, filled with excitment, adventure, and family unity, with the good health to enjoy it all.
Let me point out that the submitters listed for each issue are submitters or contributors in some way for that specific issue.  Somos Primos reflects the interest of readers, who share what they feel will be of interest to you.  Please feel invited and welcomed to send items.
Warmest regards to each of you . . .   May you find information that will help you in your family research, or peak your interest to seek out some unknown data. 

New Book: From the Barrio to Washington: An Educator's Journey
Close Encounters with Dr. Hector P. Garcia
The Journey to Latino Political Representation
Legacy: Spain and the United States in the Age of Independence
Smithsonian Latino Center just got a big-time sugar daddy
Slim and the Smithsonian Latino Center
Pew Hispanic Center: Research and Surveys on the U.S. Hispanic Population
Adopted Valor: Immigrant Heroes
Service records of Herrera surname soldiers in US Wars
From Homer to Homeboy:
       Heroism, War and Memory in Chicano Life and Letters (1999)
A Website called: Ken Burns Hates Mexicans
The sweet stuff, Zero calories developed by Tim Avila, California
Defend the Honor Activities in Orange County, California
Arlington Cemetery, Washington, DC
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is setting up a genealogy program
Corrido: Los Soldados Olvidados De La Segunda Guerra Munidial
Resource information from the Defense Link Military
The Worm in my Tomato by Dr. Santos C. Vega
Segundo Barrio
Locating our veterans buried at National & community cemeteries.
The State of Education in California
Youth, Identity, Power, The Chicano Movement
CA Philanthropy Roundtable Speakers' Bios & contact info.
Full Ride College Application - please share!
Scholarships Directory
UH Center for Mexican American Studies  - Visiting Scholars Program
2008 White House Internship Program
Latino Awards, Fellowships, internships, and research grants   
Latino/a History, For Kids!!!
Hispanic American Theater
La Cancionera de los Pobres, Lydia Mendoza Tejana singer dies
Hollywood's Most Acclaimed
José-Luis Orozco is an author and recording artist
History of the Pinata
Hispanic American Theater
Sánchez Family Foundation $10 Million Gift to TAMIU College of Business Thriving Latina Entrepreneurs in America
The Connection
FBI: Hate Crimes Against Hispanics Up 25% Since 2004
Anti-Latino Humor Has Entered the Mainstream.
Hispanic Medal of Honor recipients, Part 11
List of 43 Hispanic Medal of Honor Recipients
Articles of Hispanic Military Men/Women written by Tony Santiago
Tony the Marine-Marcelino Serna update
Tony the Marine-A surprise recognition
Spanish Patriots of Peru, During the American Revolutionary War 
Continued Alzamora to B  by Granville Hough, Ph.D.
New Year Perspective from an Old Chicano by Gilbert "Magu" Lujan
Echo Park, by Leticia Duran
En La Vecidad de las ormigas Rojas Furiosas
S: Yo Soy La Muerte por Carlos López Dzur
S/Eng: La Fiesta de Chepetlan, por Vicente riva Palacio Guerrerro
S/Eng: porque . . . /because . . .
SURNAMES:  Barrera and Guerra
The Mexican Revolution and two streets in Ciudad Mier 
Custom of the Vega Beam
Mier revisited with presents
Spanish naming Customs
Garcia and Rodriguez now among top 10 U.S. surnames
January 26, 2008:  SHHAR Quarterly Meeting
Let your opinions be known
Orange County Safe Schools & Support Services
Orange Family History Center  Schedule of Free Mini-classes 
List of Family History Centers in Orange County
Jan 5:   Participants > Immigrant Rights Writing & Working Group
Jan 22: History and Heritage of Indigenous México.
Rancho Los Cerritos, Two January Events:
Jan 24: Living History Tour, Free
Jan 26: Volunteer Open House
Feb 1:  Los Lobos, UCLA Royce Hall
Feb 9: Latinos with Diabetes Symposium
The Search for a Civic Voice, California Latino Politics
January 5th: Casa de España en San Diego
Early California website
Presidio Historical Association fighting to preserve historical site
Juan Bautista de Anza Trail Guide Audio Files
Explore North features articles by Dr. Arsenio Rey Tejerina
A Patriarch Bentura Jimenez
Excerpts: Ringside Seat to a Revolution by David Dorado Romo
Revolt of the Mexican Amazons at the Santa Fe Bridge
A Language, Not Quite Spanish, With African Echoes
Black Wealth, White Wealth By Henry Louis Gates
The Return of Native Americans as Immigrants
Tribal heritage learned, Conference aims to preserve traditions
Campeche: On the Edge of the Mayan World
Most Common Languages in Mexico & rate of Monolingualism in the 2005 Conteo
Hispanic women at risk of breast cancer gene
New TCARA Officers Sworn In
January 26: The "Battle of Medina" Archeological dig
History Texts Need to Diversify, Says Texas State Historian
San Benito Opens Long Awaited Museums
A&M set to name first female and Hispanic president
Some more Texas WW II web site
La Voz de Culebra Park: Emma Tenayuca
Book: The Spanish in New Orleans and Louisiana
"Exploring the early Americas" at Library of Congress, Wash. DC
Muzquiz, Velarde, Rodríguez, Ensayo Histórico
sobre las Familias por Tres Apellidos, Diez Generaciones
    Joaquín Velarde Salinas/ Teresa Garza Jasso
    Héctor Rodríguez Velarde/ Amalia García Barrera
Personajes del Centenario, Ciudad de Torreon por José León Robles De La Torre
Present Status of Indigenous Languages in Mexico by John P. Schmal
Descendents of Don Juan Galvan y Alvarez de Godoy, Compiled John D. Inclan
Descendents of Don Joseph Antonio Cantu y Cantu Compiled by John D. Inclan 
Book: The Birth of a Rican
Francisca de la Rocha
Kings and Queens of Spain
Jornadas "Archivos para todos", Bilbao
S: Mas Sobre Colón
S/Eng: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, New Argentina President
S/Eng: Mexican Christmas Inauguration in Rome
More Central American Immigrants Choosing Europe over U.S.
S: Emigración a Cuba en siglos XVII y XVIII y las tres primeras décadas del XX
The Spanish of the Canary Islands,  Gaucho Canario
Filipinos and other Asian Am. immigration discrimination in the USA
POW website updated, Filipino inclusion
S: El Entierro del Libertador-El Carabobeño 19-XII-2007
S: Historia y Tradición: El Entierro del Libertador 
How Attached Do Latino Immigrants Remain  to Their Native Country?
Book: Manifest Destinies The Making of the Mexican American Race
Why Texas was Destined to Become Part of the United States
History's Great Leaders
Successful Message Board Networking by Yolanda Magdaleno
Historic Newspapers Collections
U.S. Passport Applications, 1787-1925
Military Personnel Files Released by U.S. Government
Free DNA Testing Kits
Lost Half Sisters Found
Linda Wilson's photo log of San Francisco's mission district
Major Regional Family History to offer Free Ancestry.Com Access
Buscando Ancestros Mexicanos en el Internet'on
Ancient pyramid found in central Mexico City
Ancient Mayan Marketplace Discovered
4000 year-old Inca temple
SAN QUENTIN PRISON: The legacy of Muralist Alfredo Santos
The Jay Leno we don't often see....
Ooo-Rah Moment


Close Encounter II with Dr. Hector P. Garcia 
Dr. Armando Rodriguez,  From the Barrio to Washington: An Educator’s Journey
Promotional Activities for Dr. Armando Rodriquez national tour
In Memory of Lt. Col. Michael Alba
True Diversity Doesn't Come From Abroad
2007 -- wildest ride ever for Hispanics
Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980
Pew Hispanic Center Data
What is the Statistical Abstract
Pew Hispanic Center Names New Deputy and Associate Directors
Blacks and Hispanics Live Longer with Alzheimer
Immigration Leveling Off and Aging U.S. Workforce Needs Immigrants
Increasing Need for Post-military service for Latinos
A Chicano in Vietnam  by Dr. Manuel Caro

Ode to Our Forgotten Chicano/Latino Soldiers of WWII
Legendary Aztec Eagles Mexican Fighter Squadron 201
Online Help for Vets' Pension Program
Fair Ruling for Immigrant Vets Seeking College Aid!
Hispanic Higher Education Association Honors Dr. Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez
Defend the Honor, Goals and Activities
Defend the Honor Cartoon Contest 
Citizenship Waiting Time
We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For
Learning Crisis Data
Washington State Office of Education (OSPI)
Numbers of Minority Law Students Dropped
Resegregation of U.S. schools deepening
Book: Voices from the Classroom 

Fountain of Uke
Four Generations of Charro
Los Lobos songwriters tell their stories in Irvine, California

Jobs For A Future/ Homeboy Industries
Chicago loses more black kids than soldiers in Iraq to gun violence
Website for the History of migrant farm workers
Media Aggressions Against the Latino Community
5 Hispanics who deserve the Medal of Honor
Tony Santiago, honored by the Puerto Rican Senate
Latinos/Latinas - Ultimate Sacrifice
Brothers Pay Tribute to the Men Behind Medals of Honor
Adding names to the WW II Memorial Archives
General Pete Quesada 
Patriots of Peru During the American Revolutionary War
Bernardo de Galvez Spanish Hero of the American Revolution
A Soldier's Letter to Mom
From "This I Remember" by Maria Urias Munoz
Pirates of the Caribbean by Vicente Riva Palacio
The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love
Chapa Researcher
Count Cristobal de Narriahondo Perez de Onate

400 attend funeral services for Alfred Aguirre  

Abrazar Free Tax Filing  

Anaheim dedicates Yorbas' star  
Mexican American Calendar images inspire pride
Chicano Art and South Exhibition
President Signs Los Angeles H.R. 2764 Bill
The Dream – a Remembrance by Robin Collins           
Obituary of Rosamond E. Griffith
Virtual Surname Wall Database
Carving marks first European (Hispanic) expedition in Utah  
Yakima County, Washington
Latino Legends of Leadership Honored
Spanish Night Watch
El alcalde de Zalamea 
Land Grants & Lawsuits in Northern New Mexico

California Mission Studies Association Conference
The Jesus Otero Family of Arizona
Horse Thieves Caught
Geraldo Ortiz Family  
Are Mexicans "Great Race" Indians?
First Black President in North America was in Mexico, 173 years ago

Climate Change affected the Pre-Columbian peoples of the Andes
American West No More, Lakota Nation Releases National Map
Scam Revealed Algonquin Negotiators Caught
Tribe members come from across nation to reunify in Robstown
Scam Revealed - Algonquin Negotiators Caught

Revista de la Inquisicion

Who Was Clay Davis? 1849
Texas State Historical Assn, 112th Annual Meeting, March 5-8 
Southwestern Historical Quarterly 
Redefining the Alamo for the 21st Century
Archeologists Remains of Tejano Soldiers from Battle of Medina

 New Orleans Convention and Visitor's Bureau Collection of Photos 
How a small town in Mexico came to call Indianapolis home

Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute Seeking Undergraduate Students,
Apply by February 29
Celebrando El Centenario de Torreon, Coah.1907-2007
Slaves of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico,  Featuring slave Antonio de la Trinidad
Andres Descendents of Don de Berrio y Berrio Viscount of Santa Ana y an Miguel
El Proyecto Digital Regeneración de la Dirección de Estudios Históricos
Descendents of Don Jose Tiburcio Diaz 
Descendents of Captain Miguel Flores de Valdez 
Photos of Old Chihuahua

Website for La Genealogía de  Puerto Rico
65th Infantry of Puerto Rico
Golden Girl

De Cuba, Alentejo.  Mas sobre Cristobal Colón  
Era de Lepe
La Carta Vaticana de Martin Alonso Pinzon

Asunto: Biblioteca Digital Hispánica
Chicano Park Recognized in German Online Article
Monograph Review, Chicano Park
Historia y Tradición: El Panteón Nacional
CANARIAS. Temas Canario
 Stolen Birthright: 
The U.S. Conquest and Exploitation of the Mexican People
Book: A Land So Strange: The Epic Journey of Cabeza de Vaca

James L. Sorenson, a pioneer in DNA research has died
Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980
Family History Live Online (FHLO)

Pre-dating the love of chocolate

An Unusual Family, Tiger Mommy and Piglet babies
The News of Your Birth Year

MARCH 2008

Click here: Somos Primos: Dedicated to Hispanic Heritage and Diversity Issues
Dear primos and friends:

A few computer problems delayed this notification.  Last Thursday, in trying to navigate on my new mouse-less computer, I (eek) deleted about 3/4th of the issue.  Unfortunately, my back-up did not cover all the losses. Searching through files, emails, etc. I still was not able to recapture everything.  So, if you sent information which did not get included, I am sorry and invite you to send it again. 
Dr. Manuel Caro and Mr. Otero/Ortiz, I feel that I did not fully cover your stories.  February was the beginning of shifting to the new computer, a bit confusing. Please contact me again.

The good news, the April issue will be the 100th Somos Primos issue online
If you would like to celebrate with me by sending a comment or two, some family stories, or current tidbits reflecting our heritage, that would be great.  

Oh  . .  if you would like to send family photos . . .that would be fun.
Just include, the family name (individuals if you like) date and state.
Warmest regards. . . .  Mimi

Table of Contents, Somos Primos, March 2008
From the Barrio to Washington, An Educator's Journey
Close Encounters with Dr. Hector P. Garcia, Part III
21-year-old Marine Sgt. Alfredo Gonzalez of Edinburg, Texas
Article 1:  February 1999 Marine's Sacrifice in the Battle of Hue  
Article 2:  October 25, 2002  Commentary section
Article 3:  June 1, 2006  When the River Dreams
Article 4:  December 7, 2007  Mother of Hero Awaits Ceremony
A Legacy of Service; Mexican-American Defenders of California

Legacy of Valor Traveling Display

First Sioux to Receive Medal of Honor      
Maricopa County, Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Calaca Press Field Commander, Raúl R. Salinas Dies

Why wasn't WW II Hero Guy Gabaladon Given the Medal of Honor?
Powerpoint presentations being prepared, Help sought
The Forgotten Servicemen/women In Iraq!
Xerox will send a soldier a Thank You for you
Contact your Legislatures, educate them concerning Hispanic historical contributions
Ken Burns $50 book is being sold for $2

Texas State signs admission agreement with Laredo Community College
Verizon Foundation to give $1M to literacy program
Dr. Elsa A. Murano: New President of Texas A&M University
NASA Aeronautics Offers University Scholarships

Growing Up Latino/a in the USA
Book: Mexican Americans in School: A History of Educational Neglect        

Gustavo Arriola, a cartoonist who created "Gordo" has died
Gordo cartoonist Gus Arriola dies in Carmel
Legends of Latin Rock
The model for the Hollywood " Oscar" Statue was Mexican
Latinos and Museums

LISTA mourns passing of Sara Gonzalez, Pres/CEO Georgia Chamber of Commerce

La Leyenda Negra.  Un invento contra Espana 

Latinos/Latinas - Ultimate Sacrifice  Part II
So, you want to join the Marines? By Tony (The Marine) Santiago          
Medal of Honor Request for Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta
How the U.S. Army Selected, Trained, and Paid the first Army Pilots     
To request photos

Spanish Louisiana Regiment

The Battle of the Hook
The Real Story of the American Revolution
Spanish Patriots of Peru During the America Revolution
Prayers, Potatoes, and a Twister  by Margarita B Velez

Mr. P, from Poetry of Yesterday and Today by Raul Garza

Bil: The Divorce: The Vicene Riva Palacio Series
Carnival Beads - Cuentas de Carnaval  Rafael Jesús González
Bil: Lozano Reunion, July 3-6
The Descendents of  Thomas Meade - Irish- Mexican Connection   

March 22: Society of Hispanic Historical/Ancestral Research Quarterly Meeting
March 19: Philharmonic Society presents State Symphony of Mexico           
Latina Artists Wanted by Breath of Fire Latina Theater
Emilio Martinez, Orange County Musical Historian
March 25th: A Guatemalan Experience

April 26th Orange Multi-Regional Family History Center Conference
Artists Sought for Senior Arts Project  
Baldwin Park Post Office named after St. Atanacio Haro-Marin, Jr.
March 7, 2008 Eva Ayllon at Walt Disney Concert Hall
March 8: Marks 40th Anniversary of the East Los Angeles Walkouts
Los Angeles River Bridges, Conservancy Project         
March is International Women’s Day & Women’s Herstory Month        

Heritage Discovery Center, March Update
Briones House, Palo Alto, California
California Military Museum        
California Ranchos by County    
California VoterRegistrations, 1900-1968
Cesar Chavez Youth Leadership Conference
Artists Sought for Senior Artist Project
Mayans in Colorado

Book: Mexican American And the Environment by Devon Gerardo Pena
Dr.Carter G. Woodson
Through the Eyes of Eagles

Challenging Indian Land Trusts
Wiyot tribe memorializes 1860 massacre

Farewell Espana, The World of The Sephardim Remembered by Howard M. Sachar
Ladino-English/English-Ladino Concise Encyclopedic Dictionary by Dr. Elli Kohen
Historia de Mexico, La Revolucion de Independencia y Mexico Independiente
      by Alfonso Toro

Remembering Adina De Zavala                 
Book: Cortina Defending the Mexican Name in Texasby Dr. Jerry Thompson       
March 18: HOGAR de Dallas Meeting
March 29-30: Angel of Goliad Descendants Historical Preservation Gathering
Hecho a Mano Monthly Festival and Artist Market 
LULAC 12 Council No. 2 names four recipients
30th Annual CineFestival en San Antonio Latino Film Festival April 10-13, 2008

Illinois State Representative Linda Chapa La Via Mother and Father's 50th
Ongoing Research Project of Mexican-Louisiania Creoles       
History of Cajuns-From Ancient France to Nova Scotia to Louisiana to Colonial Texas
When What Seems Ordinary, Isn't         

Canary Islander (Isleños) Information at Louisiana State Archives Collections: 

Comprehensive study of a Latino community in East Lancaster, Pennsylvania         
Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute Seeking Undergraduate Students

The Forgotten Eagles
Celebrando El Centenario de Torreon, Coah.

Tercera Conferencia Binacional de Historia Familiar
Construirán museo sobre Pancho Villa
The Slaves of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Exploring Colonial Mexico
Location of Ranches in Mexico

Descendents of Don Ignacio Cayetano de Urrutia y Flores de Valdez
The Descendents of Don Domingo de Saldua

What's New at
World War II Veterans
Soy puertorriqueno nacido en Estados Unidos

Gomez Pereyra (1500-ca.1568), Precursor del Método Cientifico

La Mujer en el Descubrimiento de America 
Beatriz Enriquez de Arana por Alberto Casas 

History of Oil Painting Sought
Seeking our our Italian Connections

The1562 Map of America by Diego Gutiérrez

DearMYRTLE’s Best of the Internet for Genealogists Award 3 Feb 2008
Roots Television Launches Cemetery Series
Overseas Military Uniforms
Tips from the Pros: The Hispanic Room of the Library of Congress
Conference on Genetic Genealogy

Discover Your Ancestors         
"Searching for your Mexican Ancestors" in Spanish        

Archeologists find 5,500-year-old plaza in Peru
Brian Kemp learned a lot from one 10,300-year-old tooth.

Who the heck was KILROY?
Dolphins protect man from sharks

APRIL 2008

Dear friends and primos:
This issue marks the 100th issue of Somos Primos online!! I am delighted to mark it by publishing the text of the diary of Lucas de la Fuente.  Lucas de la Fuente was the great grandfather of SHHAR Board member, Bea Armenta Dever.  The Spanish language diary was compiled and completed 100 years ago today.
Please know that you have a story to tell too.  Your family is a part of the whole picture.  Do share and connect with your primos.
Warm regards, Mimi  
Dr. Armando Rodriguez Honored, March 28th, San Antonio
Hacu Honors its Own, Dr. Antonio Flores
Tribulations, Trails and Triumphs of Hispanic Education, Kristian Jaime
A Salute to Dr. Armando Rodriguez, Dr. Henry J. Casso
View from the Pier, Herman Sillas
Dr. Hector P. Garcia versus Corpus Christi Independent School District
Dr. Armando Ayala. Pioneer Bicultural Program Recognized by US Dept of Edu
Dr. Armando Alfonso Ayala Recognized by the State of California 1992
Mujeres de Conciercia/Women of Conscience
Column of the Americas, Remembering & Honoring Ruben Salazar
Book: Right Before Our Eyes: Latinos Past, Present & Future

Defend the Honor
Report from Public Policy Institute of California:   Crime, Corrections   
Sadly, Center for Disease Control study overlooked Hispanic women 

Central City Community Health Center in need of Diabetes Meters
Corrido: Los Soldados Olvidados De La Segunda Guerra Munidial   
The Coalition for Western Women's History announces Writing Contest 
Enrique Camarena U.S.Post Office Stamp Update  
Cesar E. Chavez Foundation Petition 
Cesar Chavez Internet Resource

California State Board of Education to provide Internet Access to Student Textbooks
"We Love Spanish" Educational Materials 
California's economy needs more college-educated Latinos  
Solving California's Dropout Crisis
HACU 2008-2009 Scholarship Program
Requesting Support For SB 1301 - Calif. Dream Act
Book: "From the Classrooms to the Courtrooms" by Prof. Richard Valencia

Film: "Green Eyed Monster" 
Cheech Marin presents Chicano Art & Soul 
Tex-Arcana: Tortillas have a long and tasty history
Emilio Martinez, The Naranjero Blues
Nuestra Familia Unida Podcasts
FINCA, Small Loans-Big Changes
Uncertain Safety for Latino Workers

Aviation Legend Don Lopez Dies
Letter to the United States Army, Equal Opportunity School Latinos
Latinas - Ultimate- Sacrifice, Part III by Mercy Bautista-Olvera
Seeking information about Sgt. Robert "Pancho" Garcia
Free Online Military Rolls and Regimental Histories 
Mexico 201 SQD and the Legion of Merit medal awarded
Interesting facts on Latin America during WWII and some Latin American Aviators.

Battle sites of the American Revolution on the Gulf coast, 1779-1781
Spanish Patriots of the American Revolution in Peru, Part 5

Valley Fog by Ben Romero
Dancing in Combat Boots by Teresa R. Funke
The Nursing Home Resident by Raul Garza

Mexico's 19th Century Romantic, samples of Vicente Riva Palacio
Quienes son los Puertorriquenos segun . . . Gabriel Garcia Marquez

History of Spanish Surnames 
Mixed Bicultural Marriages Hide the Hispanic presence
Historical figures reflect cross-cultural marriages on high social levels
Jewish and Irish Cousins
Laredo, Texas Cross Cultural Marriages
Portilla-Power-Welder Clan of Texas, Cross-Cultural intermarrying, 1800s
Livermore, California Cross Cultural Intermarriage
Surnames found on the Genealogy Chart of Californiano William G.Taylor
Photo of Arvizu Family Reunion 2000
What is a Hispanic?

April 26: How to Do Hispanic Family History Research
Breath of Fire Latina Open House, April 12
The 8th Annual Cesar E. Chavez State Holiday, held Delhi Park, March 22

April 12: Frida Kahlo in color by Gregorio Luke
Thousands honor '68 walkouts by Mexican American students
Armando Torres Morales, Ph.D.


The April 1, 1908 Diary of Lucas de la Fuente
Handwriting Analysis of Lucas de la Fuente

Minerva Goldmine for Historians 
Channel 61, News and Public Affairs Programs
Hecho en California/ Donde Esta Marcos? Radio 1010
Jesus Orosco Radio Show

His Excellency Carlos Westendorp 
Woodburn, Oregon: A Microcosm of Immigrant Shifts in America

Arizona Presidio brings 1700s to life . . A blast of the past
Hispanic Research in New Mexico 
Lesson plan book on New Mexico History
April 5: The Pueblo Revolt Massacre Slide/Lecture Presentation 
Club Los Conquistadores formed in the later 1930's
El Pueblo de Atrisco, Nuevo Espana

Museum exhibits explore heritage of Afro-Mexicans 
Welcome to VidaAfroLatina.c om
Se habla Nahuatl? Old tongue returns. 
Teaching American Indian languages in Schools to Raise Achievement
A sorry attempt at apology
Sec. 301.  Resolution of Apology to Native Peoples of United States
8,000 Drums 
The 62 Mexican living languages
Hidden History: 6 Flags Over Texas . . . Wrong. . There were 7 !!
Multicultural Initiatives Committee (MIC) Blog.
Green Flag of Texas
Leadership and Mestizaje
Photos/Footage Needed for PBS Documentary, Hernandez V. Texas Case
The My San Antonio Blog of  Elaine Ayala

The Storyteller & the 24th Chicago Latino Film Festival
Laurel, Mississippi 
NASA Glenn's tribute to Hispanics

Founding of New Iberia, Malaga

Rosa Rosales’ Contributions to the Community Recognized by Top Latina Leaders   
New Mexican Hispanic Culture Preservation League

Personajes de la historia,  Municipal de Torreón, Coahuila 
The 1910 Mexican Revolution and Migration to the United States
The Genealogy of Juan Montanez and and His Descendants 
The Slaves of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Publicaciones de El Colegio de Chihuahua 
Oaxaca Invita a Su Primera "Reunion Familiar"
Descendents of Doctor Ignacio Zapata
Latino Pirates of the Caribbean
Artist Rafael Tufino Dies
The Ortega Diaz and Torres Hernandez Family Tree
Legendary Cuban musician 'Cachao' dies at 89

Archivos Espanoles
El Linaje de Colón
Famous Hispanics in the World and History
Spanish News web site

Lope de Olano (ca.1480-1516)
Religion: Santeria gains ground in Catholic Venezuela
Historia y Tradición: Pedro Elías Gutiérrez y el “Alma llanera”    

San Patricios - The Irishmen Who Died for Mexico
Mexico's Fighting Irish : The San Patricios: An Historical Perspective

20 US Hispanic newspapers are now online
Obituaries should tell your life story -write it yourself

One Great Family Online
New Family History blog in Spanish   

Brian Kemp learned a lot from one 10,300-year-old tooth.

New Zealand  dolphin rescues beached whales
What is your Biblical birthday verse?  
The Sneeze

MAY 2008

Dear primos and friends:
Thank you so much for the wonderful articles, resources and tidbits that you share with one another via Somos Primos.  If you have not started writing incidents from your own life, I strongly encourage you to do so, and then share.  I've included one of my own memories in this issue, under Cuentos.  Hope you enjoy the issue.
Happy Cinco de Mayo, Mimi


National Latino Museum Major Step Closer to Reality
Senate Approves Bill Including Latino Museum, Cesar Chavez Provisions
Hector P. Garcia, M.D. Cultural Competence Award
Ruben Salazar, American Journalist
UC San Diego Honors Educational Reformer and Feminist
Couple wants to use its experience to help the war-wounded
Youth, Identity, Power, The Chicano Movement
Why Chicano Studies?
Armando Morales Presente!

Job Announcement for Director, Smithsonian Latino Center

Book: That's Not Fair, Emma Tenayuca's Struggle for Justice
Mexican-American Baseball Project Receives National Humanities Award

National Public Radio story on Guy Gabaldon aired
Absolut vodka pulls ad showing California in Mexico
Tejano Declaration of Independence
Saving Private Jose: Midwestern Mexican American World War II

Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People of 2007, Defend the Honor Update
Memorial Day Celebrations, May 30th
Veterans Day National Committee Seeks Artist for Poster Competition
Smithsonian Develops Photo Initiative

School's Mendez Family Bookshelf tells story of inclusion
Going to School under an American Rainbow
States aim to help military families
Texas Educators split over teaching English Basics
Outstanding Migrant Students To Be Recognized

Texas State Board of Education Ignoring Needs of Hispanic Students, 
School Superintendent threatened Over Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish

"Hacienda Heights," First English Speaking Hispanic TV Soap Opera
National Poetry Month/Mes nacional de la poesía  
La Peña presents two young singer-songwriters    
Meeting Favianna Rodriguez
Jose Simon, Musician Dies


Latino among nominee for 2007 NASA Commercial Invention of the Year Award

Fueling the Beast by Henry Godines

Latinos/Latinas - Ultimate sacrifice, Part IV 
Capt. Kathlene Contres, United States Navy’s highest ranking female Hispanic. 
Astronaut Joseph Acaba
Hispanic Military Heroes with non-Hispanic surnames

1779 Cattle Drive from Texas to Louisiana to be Commemorated
Valley Forge Workshop Commission
Spanish Patriots of Peru During the American Revolutionary War, Part 6 
      (continued with surnames beginning with D and E)

Ice Cream and Chorizo, 1933 by Mimi Lozano 
Chorizo Care Package,  Armando A. Ayala, Ph.D.
The Balance of Take-Aways by Norberto Franco Cisneros
The Sweet memories of Sharon Brooks   

Battle of Cinco de Mayo, What it Meant to a Participant by Vicente Riva Palacio


The Family Secret of Dr. Hector P. Garcia
Captain Ignacio Seguín Zaragoza, Mexican General and Hero of Cinco de Mayo
Hispanic Roots, Genealogists Uncover Royal Blood Lines

May 1-30: Fire in the Morning Exhibition
May 2: Mariachi Divas, Orange County Pavilion, Downtown Santa Ana
May 17 OC Rancho Days Fiesta, Heritage Hills Historical Park
May 17 2nd  Annual Southern California Barrio History Symposium
May 24 Searching for Indigenous Roots in Mexico, SHHAR Quarterly Meeting
May 24 United Mexican American Veterans Association Annual Picnic
Sacrificing Our Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes for the War
Westminster LULAC Council #3017 Awards Seven Scholarships
Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society, New books  

Carmelita Chorizeros Baseball Team, Mexican-American Baseball in Los Angeles
The History of Carmelita Chorizo Company
Mexican-American Baseball in Los Angeles: From the Barrios to the Big Leagues" 
     Pasadena Exhibit, July 1-July 31st
Celebrating Culture, History and the Arts of Los Angeles
May 3, The Black/Brown Dialogues, Part 11
May 3, Fiesta of the Spanish Horse
Phantom Sightings: Art After the Chicano Movement
Race, Labour and Citrus in the Making of Greater Los Angeles, 1900–1970 
Memorial Service for Laborer Leader, Fernando Pedraza
May 10th: Dionicio Morales Transit Center

Legacy of Valor, May 16 to June 1st, San Jose Mexican Heritage Center

May 8th: From the Barrio to Washington: An Educator's Journey 
Heritage Discovery Center, May Update
Luis Angel Alejo receives public service award
May 3, La Peña's California's Musica Mexicana series continues
Rodolfo Marquez Cuellar, Descanse en Paz Hermano, 1927-2008
May 3, Cinco de Mayo Festival, Roseville, CA

May 4th Cinco de Mayo Festival and Parade in San Jose, CA.

Latinos and Seattle's Civil rights history
May 17th, Fort Nunez Dedication

Father Kino's Memory Politicized
Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail
Eloisa Carrasco Baca Dies
May 3, Antologia de un Charro, Cinco de Mayo Celebration
Forty-niners in the Valley

Immigrants from Costa Chica share an ancient ethnic heritage 
Diego Mendez, Persona de color
8th Annual Garifuna Festival  
A good day to remember ‘Yellow Rose of Texas'

Tribes Clash over remains at Huntington Beach, California homes site

Abstract: Aztecs devised sophisticated arithmetic system
Presentan diccionario nahuatl-espanol con mas de 13,000 palabras
Indigenous Law of the Western Hemisphere
Mission Statement, Aztecs of North America, Inc.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo; February 2, 1848

Crypto Jews & the Mexican Inquisition by Richard G. Santos
Judy Frankel, San Francisco’s Ladino chanteuse, dies at 65
Judy Frankel, the Ladino Songstress, 65 years
En La Mar, Song sung by Judy Frankel

Seven Flags of Texas
29th Hispanic Genealogy Conference, August 28th to August 31st
"Por La Raza y Para La Raza"  Jovita Idar
Los Bexarenos Monthly Meeting: Monclova, Mexico Records Available
The Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas
Main Plaza Conservancy 
Redevelopment Project 

Guerrero Viejo Inherit the Dust from the Four Winds of Revilla
Alberto Gonzolo Garcia and Eva Carrillo Garcia Leaders in Austin Community
Who Was Clay Davis?
Save date:  Sept 24-27 2009,  30th Annual Texas Conference
The American Heritage Bookshop
Spanish Missions 

University of Notre Dame Archives, 1798 Feb. 5
Plans for New anthology on Mexicans/Chicanos in Chicago and the Midwest 
Lansing Community College
WWII Museum expanding
Historical facts and tidbits on Louisiana 



Plan Ahead ==> 1st Hispanic Youth Symposiums in Virginia

Personajes del Centenario de Torreón, Coahila
Elementary School in Mier, Mexico
Book: The Last Knight: Don Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara

Conmemora los 300 años de la fundación de la Ciudad de Chihuahua
Descendents of Francisco-Javier Quiroga-Gutierrez

Puerto Rico in the American Century: A History Since 1898
Beautiful Me(s): Finding our Revolutionary Selves in Black Cuba
Roberto Clemente, PBS's award-winning American Experience.
NASA Hispanics in the NEWS [Boricuas en NASA]
New video invitations for the San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 25-27 event
La Guarida
  . . .  Movie Becomes Hit in Havana 

Girl Power! Women outnumber men in new Spanish cabinet
Julio Romero de Torres, Spanish painter
Lope de Olano (ca.1480 - ca. 1543)
El Gran Mito

Historia y Genealogia de la Familia Bonilla, Melendez, Galvis
The Three Chicarones, Edward, Joseph and John Farias
Canary Islands Spanish Military Recruitment papers
Ysidor M. Sanchez, recipient of France's Knight of the Legion of Honor medal
Mis Apellidos Maternos Venezolanos Paraguaneros

1812, The War that Made the  United States a World Power

Volunteers Sought for Identifying Little Known Mexican Records 
Social Explorer adds Census Maps and Data from 1790 to 1930
Naturalization Records in the US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Ancient gold necklace discovered in Peru

Noah's Ark
The Autograph
From the Chaplain
Take Me Back to the Sixties

JUNE 2008
Dear Primos and Friends:

You will find lots of wonderful articles to make us proud of the accomplishments of our primos and primas. 

Thank you all for your involvement in sharing your family histories, insight, suggestions, happenings, and concerns.  It is a joy to share what I receive.  If you have sent something and I have not responded, please contact me again. 
Be sure and look at Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.  We have located quite a few exciting new resources which are already available.  Other resources are in the process of completion and will be highlighted in the July issue.

Warm regards, Mimi

United States 
An Illegal Immigrant Turned Brain Surgeon -- With His Own Two Hands 
Dr. Jose Manuel de la Rosa and the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine
Ribbon Cutting Marks Monumental Milestone
The America GI Forum, Message from your Founder, Dr. Hector P. Garcia
Latest census information, May 1, 2008
More People with Hispanic Last Names Registering to Vote
National Museum of the American Latino Signed Into Law
National Hispanic Veterans Museum: Why a Hispanic Veterans Museum?
NHMC Congratulates Xavier Becerra effort to secure Latino Cultural Legacy
National Hispanic Veterans Museum
National Issues
Anniversary of Illegal Immigration - May 6 , 1882 
Population Changes
New Resources for Military Families
FNS News: Migrant Mental Health Concerns Grow
Manifest Destinies: The Making of the Mexican American Race
Action Item 
BORDER Documentary Raises 10K for Ramos and Compean Defense
Pacific War Hero Deserved Higher Honor 
Defend the Honor May 21, 2008 Newsletter
Policy Summit on Latino Higher Education 
Famous Hispanic Inventors - Top 10 Mexican Inventors
Google, LULAC, and the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 
Lulac and GM partner to create websites for LULAC councils across the nited States
Mexico Welcomes Spain's Business 
Axis of Global Inequality: Native and Immigrant Workers
Spanish Power Company to Invest $8 B in U.S. Renewable Energy
Hispanic-Owned Businesses Estimated to Reach at Least 2.2 Million in 2008

June Graduate
Road Ahead, Commencement Address by Dr. Richard Tapia
Out Before the Game Begins
'First teachers' go to class
Bilingual Education
Manufacturing hope and despair: school and kin support networks
Nearly 25 Percent of Children Younger Than 5 Are Latino, Census Says

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
U.S. Latino Patriots: From the American Revolution to Iraq 2003 - An Overview
Latino Patriots in American Military History                                      
The Scoop, a Publication Serving Vance Air Force Base, Enid, Oklahoma
World’s Largest Online Military Film and Video site

San Ysidro Labrador, Patron Saint of farmers and Ranchers
Dream Act

A Good Example by Vicente Rivas-Palacio
Celestial Prayer-Wheel by Rafael Jesús González
Durango, Mexico Poet, Enrique Torres Cabral
Anti-Spanish Legends
The Tree of Hate
The American Experiment of Democracy and the Vanishing White Man
Military/Law Enforcement 
Latinos/Latinas - Ultimate - Sacrifice, Part V by Mercy Bautista-Olvera
Compilation of Purple Heart Sites by Rafal Ojeda
Hispanic Military Heroes with Non-Hispanic surnames by Tony Santiago
Half Mystery Solved by Long Distance Friends
WWII Photo and Why They ARE Very Important in 2008
Norman D. Cota, Major General, US Army, WWII
Introduction to article: US in Focus, Immigrants in the US Armed Forces
Latinos Claim Larger Share of U.S. Military Personnel - Population Reference
Information for Members of the Military and Their Families
Naturalization Information for Military Personnel
Patriots of the American Revolution
N.Y. Revolutionary War Encampment Faces Development
Spanish Patriots of Peru, Part 8 (Garibay to Hac) 

Guerra, de la Guerra Family Crest and Name History
Huehuetlatohli: The Ancient Word of (my) Creator Couple
Tomas Saenz Gonzalez Life Story
Orange County, CA
Orange County Celebrates Law Day with General Salinas 
Court Tour Program Needs Volunteer Docents 
Culture Clash and the Sadler Family
SHHAR May 24the Quarterly Meeting Honored John Inclan and John Schmal
Los Angeles,CA
June 1, Lecture: African Presence in Mexico Exhibit
June 11: LISTA Technology Trends Breakfast Series 
Pechanga Scholarship Award Program
Isabel Rodriguez, the 94 year old Matriarch
Inaugural Gala honoring the life of Dionicio Morales
Las Dos Republicas, Los Angeles, California, October 12, 1895:
The Legacy of Valor
Stop the Hijack of a National Park
Land She Loved Loses Noted Native Daughter
Between Two Worlds: Voices of the Elders and the Youth
New Website for California Researchers 
Know Who You Are Before They Tell You*
Northwestern United States
Welcome to the Makah Nation

Southwestern United States
Open Letter to the Mayor and City Council of Santa Fe
So called "Repatriation" of Mexican-Americans to Mexico
Are there any lists of names for the repatriated?
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and The Texas Revolution: A Conflict of Cultures?
In the Conflict over Immigration, Turn to International Law by Armando Rendón, J.D.  
Stop Thinking of the One Drop Rule
June 12, Celebration for Mixed Racial Marriage Couple 
The Eye on the Prize
Lady Buckskin Regalia
Hebrew DNA found in South American Indian populations 
American Indian Boarding Schools 
Oñate's Spirit Still Lingers
Native American Cultures, South Texas Segment of the Camino Real de Los Tejas
The Pueblo Revolt Massacre by Rubén Sálaz Márquez
Between Two Worlds: Voices of the Elders and the Youth
Ladino Remains the Link
Through Sephardic Eyes: Israel at 60

Laredoans 1948 San Diego Recruit Training Center
Recordando a Lena Guerrero
Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas
Beyond the Alamo: Forging Mexican Ethnicity in San Antonio, 1821-1861
Inherit the Dust from the Four Winds of Revilla  
2008 Clotilde P. Garcia Tejano Book Prize
Don't mess with Texas! Fun tidbits of Information. 
East of Mississippi
Carmena Family Gathering, Baton Rouge, La   
Dr. Lucy Cruz Gajec and El Museo Indigenista
East Coast
System Enslaves Tomato Pickers, Senate Committee Told
El Dia de la Madres
Types of Information that are found in Mexican Protocolos
Descendents of Don Giovanni Barbrigo Masaga
Descendents of Don Rodrigo de Mendoza y Pimentel
1st Marquez de Montesclaros  

Borinqueneers Documentary
Puerto Rico History Comment
The Birth of a Rican
Fue Una Aventura
¿De donde era?  
Jean Cousin
The Basques: An amazing facet of our Hispanic Diversity!  
Guerra de la Triple Alianza
Philippine-American War
Anniversary of Illegal Immigration 
Family History
Family Tree Magazine State Research Guides NARA Agreement
The Guanches of the Canary islands 
Legend of the Crystal Skull
Humor: Sheck Your Mexican Status

JULY 2008

Click here: Somos Primos: Dedicated to Hispanic Heritage and Diversity Issues
Dear Primos and Friends:

Sharing a July 4th message:
"This Independence Day, let’s pause for a moment and thank Spain, our forgotten ally and a steadfast friend during the Revolutionary War.  Spain was there from the beginning.  In September 1776, Spanish New Orleans sent 10,000 pounds of supplies:  muskets, cloth for uniforms, gunpowder, lead and medicine."  
Lila Guzman, Ph.D. , author of the Lorenzo series.

The issue is jammed-packed with articles of readers caring and sharing.
New things happening, I will just share just a few:

At the request of a reader, I have started a new section, Books.  Please feel invited to send information on books, new and your favorite.  

A new series by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca starts with this issue, La Leyenda Negra which you can locate under Anti-Spanish Legends. Plans for a symposium on this topic are underway. 
In preparation for Hispanic Heritage Month, new resources have been developed: Dan Arellano has prepared a very moving 4-minute video on Hispanics in the Army.  Tony Santiago has shared two studies which can be downloaded, Hispanics in the Marines and Hispanics in the Navy. 
For Indigenous researchers, John P. Schmal has created a PDF file prepared from data and materials gathered for presentations on Indigenous Mexico
Please share with family and co-workers, and have a great 4th of July celebration. 
Warm regards, Mimi
TABLE OF CONTENTS for Somos Primos, July 2008
United States 
Orange County Superior Court Leadership Training
NCLR 40th Annual Conference, July 12-15, San Diego
Number of California's potential immigrant voters to swell
Hector P, Garcia, 1963 Through 1972 the Civil Rights Revolution
Epidemic of Fatherlessness
PBS project: Hector Galán to produce “The War Within” 
Letter: Francisco M. Vega to Carlos Guerra, San Antonio Express-News 
Defend the Honor Press Release on "The War Within"

National Issues
Los Saldados Olvidados de la Segunda Guerra Mundial
National Hispanic Veterans Museum in San Antonio
Oscar Cantu Made Auxiliary Bishop-Elect
Veteran's Pensions
Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez, NALIP Lifetime Achievement  Advocacy Winner 
U.S. Hispanic Women Face Osteoporosis Epidemic 
Pew Statistical Portrait of Hispanic Women in the U.S.
Hispanic teens try drugs, suicide at higher rates
$43 Million Research Center Specializing in Minority Health
Hispanic Gains, Minimize Population Losses in Rural/Small-Town America

Action Item
Congressional Medal of Honor Award for Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta
Push for WW II Marine Pfc. Guy Gabaldon to Receive Medal of Honor
Abstract: Ending the Widow Penalty 
Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation, Public Policy Fellowship in Washington
Invitation to Mexican artists for media visibility

Hispanics in Philanthropy--'Thinking Big' Leads to Success
25 Largest Latino Nonprofits in the United States
July 11: National Latina Business Women Association
Managing Your Money, Oaxacan Style
Dichos Cookies
Bombardier Doubles Investment in Mexico
Some U.S. farms outsourced to Mexico 
With Migrant Workers in Short Supply, a Farmer Looks to Machines

A History of the Spanish People of Northern New Mexico by Louis F. Serna
Hispanic Military Heroes by Virgil Fernandez 
Life in Laredo by Robert D. Wood, S.M.

Forum helps teach undocumented students how to get into college 

Bilingual Education
Humanizing Education for the Chicano by Armando Ayala

Latinos Conquer Broadway With "In the Heights"
CSUF Art Student Inspires Others
New "Amazing Journey" CD Play: "Portrait of Ten Women" explores AIDS 
Cinco de Mayo Cultural Exhibit, Texas 
Musicians Omar Sosa and John Santos Reunited  <<<<<what?
SolArte Art Gallery, Special Chicano Artist Exhibit
La Peña Music Programs for July 2008

Anti-Spanish Legends
Policy Summit on Latino Higher Education
Lo Que se Quedo En El Tintero/What Did Not Get Out of the Inkwell
La Leyenda Negra, By Felipe de Ortego y Gasca, (#1, New Series)
The Tree of Hate Awareness Initiatives
Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanics Americans in the United States Army, produced by Dan Arellano
Hispanics in the United States Marine Corps by Tony Santiago
Hispanics in the United States Navy by Tony Santiago
National Hispanic Heritage Month Home

Military & Law Enforcement Heroes
Tony the Marine Santiago Recognized by Puerto Rican Senate
City of Laredo Plane, Crew 7, 60th Squadron - 39th Bomb Group 
Honoring Heroes: Sculpture pays tribute to Company E
Command Sgt. Maj. Mark Cornejo takes command
Latinos/Latinas - Ultimate- Sacrifice, Part VI
Francisco Lovato, Defender of the Honor -Sacramento Area
Filipino Untold Story of WWII Baatan
Major Leonard A. Gonzales, U.S. Air Force
State Parks Searches for Purple Heart Recipients

Patriots of American Revolution
1780 British warship found in Lake Ontario
Spanish Patriots of Peru During the American Revolution, Part 9: (H thru K)

Los Cuentos de Kiko 

A Mexican Look at Egypt, Riva Palacio on Malanco
Las Cobijas  - -  The Blankets

July 3,4,5,6: Lozano Reunion of families of the US and Mexico
Apellido Lespron
U.S. Name Count, Garcias Are Catching Up With Joneses

Orange County, CA
Father's Art: Four generations of the Guevara family
Eviction is bitter fruit of citrus man's labors - Truly an end of an era
Remembering Normandy: Augustine Martinez's story 
Plaques for the pioneers 

Los Angeles, CA
Wolf Gallery presents: Honoring the Mexican-America Soldier
Treasure from the Los Angeles City Archives
My Web Stand 
Dionicio Morales Receive Honorary Doctorate at Cal State L.A. 
Give Em’ Hell Ray

CAHistory group
Friends of Santa Cruz State Park
Alert:  Presidio of San Francisco National Historic Landmark District
California Mission Studies
Obituary: Rodolfo Marquez Cuellar, Farm Workers 
The California Boricuafest
National Project to Spotlight Berkeley Mural
A Nostalgic View of the Spanish Frontier

Northwestern US 
Manuel Nuñez Gaona Biography 

Southwestern US
Living History at the Tucson Presidio, Spring 2008
Ten Generation Genealogy chart, Tubac/Tucson Presidio, Arizona
Seeking Multiracial Black-Mexican Individuals
The coal miner who became the father of black history
Indigenous Mexico, New resource by John P. Schmal
"Uncontacted" Tribe Seen in Amazon
Foods of The Americas: Amaranth, The Outlaw Grain 
American Indians of the Alamo Scouts 
Native American languages are dying out with the elders.
North Meets South - A comparison of Native American healing practices,

Rabbi (Capt.) Raphael Berdugo, 15th Generation Rabbi
Spirit of Sepharad, From Casbah to Caliphate|

The Tejano Battle of Medina
The Order of Granaderos y Damas de Galvez, July 4th Ceremony
Los Bexarenos, Excellent Tejano Genealogy & Historical Education
Dallas Historical Society Museum
29th Annual Texas State Hispanic Genealogy Conference
East Texas Hispanic Genealogy Society
Obituary: Manuel Borrego traced roots to early Spaniard in Texas

East of Mississippi
Senator Valde Garcia, first Hispanic Senator in Michigan.
Tennessee says illegal immigrants can marry
Juan Crow in Georgia by Roberto Lovato
Rally for Immigration Rights in Milwaukee

East Coast

Carmen Daria Cordero

Personajes de la historia/Presidentes Municipales de Torreón, Coah.
General Jose Manuel Rafael Simon de Mier y Teran family connections
Descendents of Don Joseph Gutierrez de Zulaica
Burgos, Tamaulipas, crónica de un viaje en busca de mis ancestros maternos


Raul Alarcon Sr.

Licenciado Barbosa
Barbosa y la Inquisición
La Santa Maria
La Niña Dolores

Porfirio Toledo Toledo, Padre de la Canariedad en América
José Antonio Ramos, Nuestro Timplista de Artenara
Italian Families and Individuals in El Salvador
Emigrantes Canarios
Diario El Carabobeño
Bibliografia De Genealogía Chilena

Assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy
The Bixby Letter 

Family History
National Archives Opens Online digital Vault
USCIS Genealogy Service to Handle Citizenship Record Requests
Salt Lake Family History Library
Mexico IGI Batch Numbers
Improvements to the Family History Library Catalog 
Yahoo Announces New Latin American Sites


Dear Primos and Friends,

Hope you are all enjoying a fun summer, visiting family and relaxing.  The August issue is filled with so much information, I know you will all be touched by one or more of the articles included.
Warm regards, Mimi

United States 
Hispanic Medal of Honor Society at NCLR Conference
Think Piece: Should Latinos Vote Independent?
What Latinos want from their president
The American G.I. Forum: 1980 through 1990 the Glory Years
Hector P. Garcia Jr., a Tribute to My Brother
Hispanic Military Enlistees Increase
Dr. David Hayes-Bautista: the end of California as we know it 

National Issues
"Wait a Minute, Men!" 
Immigrant widows can sue DHS for green cards
Controversial Bill Aims to Help Minority Nonprofits
Save the date: Nov 14-16, La Cultura Cura Healing Traditions & Models 

Action Item
Burns Developing US National Parks Documentary
Reacting to Luis Ramirez Murder in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania
Clipping Away for Military Families
GI Bill Educational Benefits Carry Over to Spouse and Children
Burns Developing US National Parks Documentary

Gen. Joe Robles Honored as Corporate Executive of the Year
Hilda Zacarias Hired to Lead Family Care Center 
Hispanic Fans Critical to Major League Baseball
LULAC Receives $1 Million Grant from AT&T Denver Post

Fund Raiser: "Dream Act Radiothon" and Broadcast of Play 
AT&T Kicks Off $100 Million Education Initiative
Students' success begins in the belief system
Culture-based Educational Approach and Accountability
New way of tracking high school students 

Bilingual Education
The Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE)
Role of Schools in English Language Learner Achievement Gap

Historia de Juanchorrey y Tepetongo, Zacatecas

Alfred Arteaga Collection of Works
Berkeley Chicano/Ethnic Studies  
Las Ninas: A Collection of Childhood Memories
Annotated Baptisms 1789 to 1823 San Agustin de Laredo

“Por Amor/For Love: An Operachi in One Act” 
Calavera Highway
Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderón
A la Guerra ya me llevan Despedida El Soldado Razo 
La Peña Presents Poetry Schedule

Anti-Spanish Legends
July 2008 Shenandoah, Pennsylvania Hate Crime

Hispanic Heritage Month
Theme: "Getting Involved: Our Families, Our Community, Our Nation"
Sample Proclamation for Hispanic Heritage Month
Latino Leaders websites
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage, Teacher Materials

Military & Law Enforcement Heroes
Hispanics in the Navy, with non-Hispanic surnames
Latinos/Latinas – Ultimate – Sacrifice Part VII
U.S. Latino and Latina World War II Oral History Project
Luis Fenollosa Emilio: A Brave Hispanic Soldier
In Memoriam:  S1/c Sijifredo Salinas, 1922 - 1945.
The Col. Juan Ayala Story, Department of Defense Heroes
Elwood Richard Quesada, Lieutenant General, US Air Force
China Burma India Theatre
2LT Francis Ildefonso Cervantes
Honoring Forgotten Heroes 
Veterans History Project
Air Force Memorial Foundation

Patriots of American Revolution
Granaderos de Gálvez Celebrate Independence Day
Spanish Patriots of Peru During American Revolution, Part 10: (L-Ll)

Memoir Writing Tips
Tim Crump and Family
Remembering Guy Gabaldon
La Familia De Alvaro

The Plagues of Colonial Mexico
Cervantes y America
The Sun Is Gracious . . Bondadoso es el sol
Meditations in Preparation for the Summer Solstice

Excelsior Surname Column Series
Peter Carr, Cuban Genealogical Researcher
The Mendez Family

Orange County, CA  
August 23, Mariachi for Gringos, SHHAR quarterly meeting.
New: Summer Mariachi Kinder Program  
Accredited Mariachi Program at Southwestern College
The Orange County Register's Latino Life
Serving his country on horseback
Anaheim group honors 8 for community contributions

Los Angeles, CA
Tribute to my Grandfather: Frederic N. Hernandez
Reginaldo del Valle: UCLA's Forgotten Mexican American Forefather
Aug 9 to Sept 5: David Flury and Miguel Felipe Exhibition
Aug 10: The Stories of Cesar Chavez, One man show
Sept 1st, The Walk of “Los Pobladores”
Nov 6th & 7th: 14th Annual East LA Chicano Film Festival

Report from the Heritage Discovery Center
Presidio of San Francisco, Historic & Archaeological Preservation
Santa Barbara Presidio"Buy-A-Brick Campaign" and be in a Parade
La Historia Historical Society Museum presents El Monte Art Festival
The Family of California Hispanic Businessman
On the Trail of California’s Mexican Past
A Nostalgic View of the Spanish Frontier, Part II
Southwestern US  
57th Annual Traditional Spanish Market, July 26 & 27
Who Owns the Southwest? 

Black Survivors of the Holocaust 

Indigenous Mexico, John P. Schmal Archive
An Indian Sacrament Behind Prison Walls
Siskiyou County woman hopes to revive Shasta Indian language 
Photo of Amazon Tribe Not a Hoax
The Great Inca Rebellion  . . Rise of the Inca
The Indigenous People of Zacatecas by John P. Schmal

Jewish War Veterans Select Jose M. Garcia to Represent Them

29th Hispanic Genealogy Conference
August 13: Dallas Historical Society: Outlaws and Lawmen 
August 16: 195th anniversary ceremony for Battle of Medina
Finding a Home for a Tribute 
Letter to the Editor by Dan Arellano
August 28-31: Texas Conference on Hispanic Genealogy & History

The Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas  
Finding a home for a tribute 
Harlingen City Cemetery
Pre-Industrial Sugarcane in the Valley 
HOGAR'S New 2008 Journal Ready

East of Mississippi
Celebration of "El Día de la Cruz"
Chicago art museum "A Declaration of Immigration"
Cathedral dig yields finds from 1700s New Orleans 

East Coast
“Art Off the Main": Bringing the Outside In

Sociedad Genealogica del Norte de Mexico
Personajes de la historia/Presidentes Municipales de Torreón, Coah.
Archives in Mexico
More Mexican family Pedigrees by John Inclan

I want a "Piragua" please 
Vietnam Memorial Wall names from Puerto Rico, sorted by town
William Cepeda's Puerto Rican Music Roots & Beyond

La Inquisición en América
Juan Mathe de Luna
Day of the Cross

Postularán a Ingrid para Premio Nobel de la Paz
Jose Toribio Medina
Hawaiian group demands restoration of the monarchy  


Celebrating an Idea and Not a Date by Richard G. Santos

Family History
Volunteers Needed
72 Million Names Added to Mexico Baptism Records Collection
The Amazing new . . . Record Search Pilot Web Site 
Examples of FamilySearch Record Search
Computer Program Reveals Anyone's Ancestry
Grupo de Genealogía del Valle de México

Evidence May Back Human Sacrifice Claims


Click here: Somos Primos: Dedicated to Hispanic Heritage and Diversity Issues
Dear Primos and Friends:
Thank you for the wonderful bits of information that I receive.  It is so much fun to gain historical knowledge from those selections. 

This has been a challenging issue to compile, so many news-worthy events and activities.  
If you are planning any Hispanic Heritage Month events, you may find the resources mentioned in that section particularly helpful. 

There are two very important items greatly in need of public support: the National Museum of the American Latino, and Mayor O'Neill of the city of Shenandoah, where, tragically, Luis Ramirez was beaten to death by community teenagers.  

I do hope that each one of you will take the time to send a letter on each issue, both are very important to increase public understanding of our historical presence and lead to a more unified nation. 

Warm regards, Mimi
Somos Primos, September 2008, 105th Online issue
2008 Beijing Olympics
American whiz kid Cejudo wins Olympic gold
Daughter of Mexican Immigrants Became Force in U.S. Water Polo

United States 
National Museum of the American Latino 
National Hispanic Veterans Museum, San Antonio, Texas

Tortillas the Choice of Space Station Crew
Real Women, Real Voices 
Sept 19: National POW/MIA Recognition Day
LULAC seeks to create a permanent leadership academy at the UNM
NAHJ Honors  Defend the Honors Dr. Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez
United States Photos Archive  
The Founding of MALDEF
SACNAC Conference & their list of Scientists
Major Fernando E. Rodriguez Vargas, DDS
Center for Mexican American Studies, UTAustin
Nov 14-15, 2008: Bicentennial of Hispanic Newspapers in the United States
The Last Message of Dr. Hector P. Garcia, 1990-1996

National Issues
Drug Wars, the Colombianization  Documentary
El Inmigrante Documentary
Changing the economics of illegal immigration 

Time for historical lesson on Mexican migration into U.S.
Mexicans turn to radio implants as kidnapping for ransom soar
Mexican Expulsions Websites
Nov 14-15: Recovering U.S. Hispanic Literary Project Conference
MPI's National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy
Training Program for Incarcerated Fathers
Social Cost of Divorce
African-American Million Father March

Action Item
Shenandoah, Pennsylvania murder case of Luis Ramirez

BienTech International
La Opinion Launches Partnership with AARP
The Gonzales Group

Dr. Julius Richmond, 91; Helped create Head Start program
Monte Perez, Ph.D., President of Moreno Valley Community College
Update on Tuition for Harvard & Stanford
HABLA program builds on idea: More words make better readers
Is this the next baby boom?

Bilingual Education
Judge orders Texas to revamp bilingual programs
Dismal Failure of Secondary Programs Violates Civil Rights 
Lulac Receives $1 Million Grant from AT&T

Edgar Hernandez: POW - An American Hero

Survivor, from Bataan to Nagasaki: Frank N. Lovato
Carlos, A Tale of Survival: Carlos Montoya

American Son, by Oscar de la Hoya, Steve Springer
Mexican Enough: My Life Between the Borderlines, Stephanie Elizondo Griest

F. Luis Mora: America's First Hispanic Master (1874-1940)

Jessica Arellano Talented Musician
Historia de un Letrero
Danny Flores, Hispanic tradition in popular-music industry
Dan Guerrero
Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story

Anti-Spanish Legends
La Leyenda Negra: The Columbian Exchange

Untranslatable Words: "Macho" by Rose del Castillo Guilbault 
This Bond of Common Faith
Harsh stereotypes damage our community

Hispanic Heritage Month Resources
New US Stamp, LatinJazz

La Quinceañera  

Military & Law Enforcement Heroes
WWII surrender photo is like looking in mirror for son
Honoring our First American Patriots Display and Exhibit
Helicopter rescue mission in Afghanistan
Sgt. Gabriel Nunez, Manga-reading martial artist 
Latino-Latinas Ultimate Sacrifice, Part VIII
Observing 63rd Anniversary of a Most Horrific Incident
Philadelphia Museum showcases minorities in WWII 
Quick Relief of PTSD Anxiety
High school re-named as Eastside Memorial

Patriots of American Revolution

Father Virgil Remembered
September 13, 1779 Baton Rouge, American Revolutionary War Encampment
Spanish Patriots, Peru During American Revolutionary War, 
(Ma  thru Me). 

My Uncle's Resurrection
The Ancient World of My Creator Couple
Olympic Memories
A Yard Sale in Austin

Un Stradivarius by Vicente Riva Palacio 


Orange County, CA
OC Register Seeking family stories for Hispanic Heritage Month
Sept 7th: Die de la Familia, Westminster
Nov 8: Honoring Mexican American Military 
California Healthy Marriage Coalition
Proposition 8, Definition of marriage
LULAC Tenth Annual Scholarship Awards Reception

Los Angeles,CA
Sept 4-11: Rafael Amargo, Tiempo Muerto
Sept 20: Pio Pico State Historic Park
"Los Pobladores" article now at Wikipedia
Reference List to Haciendas in Los Angeles

The Black/Brown Dialogues: “Lives at the Intersection”
Off the Streets and Onto the Rugby Pitch

Sept 20-21 Early San Diego Regional History Conference
Grants for Documentary Film, Video, Radio and New Media
Sept 5: School the Youth, on the Truth: One Dream 2009
California Healthy Marriages
Support Living Indian Museum
The Sutro Baths
Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana
Peña Andaluza en California

Northwestern US  
Arthur Chin

Southwestern US 
Sept 5-6th: 6th National Convention of Mexicans Abroad 
Sept 6: 3rd
Perea Encuentro de Medicina Tradicional, 
African Presence in Mexico
Floyd Red Crow Westerman

Native environmental hero: Jesus Leon Santos
Man recalls time at Indian School in 1920 
Lost Connection
Who's Pushing Dope to Destroy Indigenous Youth?

Syrian Jews settlement patterns in Mexico, US & Latin America 


Robert H. Thonhoff, Local historian honored with living memoria
Sept 3: Noche De Fiesta 
Sept 6: Texas Tejano Breakfast at Alamo Plaza
Sept  12-14th:
17th Annual Narciso Martinez Conjunto Festival
Creepy Creatures and Other Cucuys
Commentary: The Tejano Monument Project by Dan Arellano
The Battle of Medina, Historical Seminar
Battle of Medina Location Research

East of Mississippi
Iberville Museum Plaquemine, Louisiana
Sought:  pioneering Hispanic families in mid-Michigan
Provincial Press Catalog
Louisiana Endowment: Humanities Louisiana Cultural Vistas

Los Niños Heroes de Chapultepec  
Olimpiadas en Beijing
Historia de Los Altos de Jalisco
Las Villas del Norte
Goseascohea Family Tree
La Familia de la Garza Falcón
Art in Peril
Indigenous Jalisco: A Land Forgotten
New John Schmal Files 

Puerto Rico archeological find mired in politics
Names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall from Puerto Rico

Tuna Universiaria de Madrid
Cristobal de Saabedra
Francisco de Mendoza

Sisters of St. Joseph
Historia de un Premio Nobel 
Italiano en el Panteón Nacional 
Latin American Scientific Journalism Award
Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj named Ambassdor Indigenous People of Guatemala

Family History
Indexed Records to Remain Free on  
PAF Add-Ins for Now Offered  
Hispanic Records Available in
Available Now: State Research Guides Book  

The mystery story of the Maya slowly reveals new twists
Researchers open secret cave under Mexican pyramid 
Something "new" about tar. 

Dear primos and friends:

There are many wonderful events giving positive visibility to our heritage, but unfortunately also happenings that shape and affect the nature of our visibility in a negative way. 

In this issue there is information about Sgt. Rafael Peralta, nominated for a Medal of Honor, but who instead received the Navy Cross; the neglect once again by Ken Burns of our contributions to the nation in leaving Dr. Hector P. Garcia out of a documentary on Ted Kennedy; the murder of a young Mexican, Luis Ramirez,  by teenagers in Pennsylvania. Resources and information have been gathered to assist in reacting to these injustices, a separate page has been set up for Sgt. Rafael Peralta.
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month resources are in abundance. In addition to what is online, more items have been added to the Somos Primos heritage page:
Warm regards, Mimi

                             Table of Contents: October 2008

Sgt. Rafael Peralta

United States
Dr. Hector P. Garcia's birthday Honored by U.S. Senate
We Will Not be Overlooked by Wanda Garcia 
American G.I Forum National Archives and Historical Foundation
Vicente Jimenez Remembers Dr. Garcia's Major Contributions
Latino issues are American issues 
Olympic Winners
About the Honorable Mario G. Olmos
Nicasio Idar (1855-1914)
Newspaper editor and publisher and civil-rights advocate

National Issues
Southern California's dual citizens see little conflict
Hispanics are one-in-five of all Public School Students Nationawide.
Potential Creation of the National Museum of the American Latino Act
Joe Sheriff, Maricopa County, Arizona by Tomas Custer
Border DVD by Chris Burgard
Defend the Honor Leadership Recognized

Action Item
Luis Ramirez Murder Case Update
Brown Berets

Jude Gabbard y Munoz, Designer with a World Perspective

Texas School Named after S/Sgt. Jose Riojas
Five Exemplary Latinos Into Its Prestigious Alumni Hall of Fame
Address to USC Student Body by Efrén Paredes, Jr.

Bilingual Education
Oct 10: AACHE 25th Annual Conference

Dr. George Castro Programs: Chicano Center History
The Center for Applied Linguistics, Informational Brochures

Glasspar Boat Builder
Bosques' War
The Latino Threat: Constructing Immigrants, Citizens, and the Nation
500 years of Chicana Women's History / 500 años de la Mujer Chicana
William W. Warren: The Life, Letters, and Times of an Ojibwe Leader
From Warriors to Soldiers by Gary Robinson and Phil Lucas
Floricanto Press

Undocumented: Latino Immigrant Portraits
A little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll but pure Tejano
World United Radio/Membership Conference, Presented by Roots Music Association
Animator Bill Melendez Obituary from Whittier Daily News.
Cambalache Teatro en Español
The Warden Memoirs
Quinceanera Ritual Blessing to be Published

Anti-Spanish Legends
Cultures in Conflict--Number 3 in a series on La Leyenda Negra]
NCLR Launches "We can Stop the Hate" 
Leyendas Negras de la Iglesia Católica por Vittorio Messori

Hispanic Heritage Month
El Ruco, Chuco, Cholo, Pachuco, One Man Performance
Americans in Focus
Historical First Hispanics in Many Fields

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America
Hispanic Month Posters
Latin Jazz Stamp Brightens Up Hispanic Heritage Month Hispanic
Resources and Websites
Google listing of Hispanic events

Military & Law Enforcement Heroes
Latinos/Latinas Ultimate Sacrifice Part IX 
Basilio Perez
Observing 63rd Anniversary of a Most Horrific Incident
Officer Velia "Belle" Lopez Ortega

Patriots of American Revolution
The Relations Between Spain and the United States, Louisiana and the Middle West  
         Territory (1763 - 1795), By Antonio R. Peña
Patriots of Peru During American Revolution, Mi-N, # 12, by Granville Hough, Ph.D.

My Uncle Oscar Chapa
Life is a Pickle Jar
Interesting Old Memories of the Good Ole Bad Days 

Jacinto Canek and the Mayan Rebellion of 1761

Distribution of a specific Surnames throughout the world

Orange County,CA 
Oct 15: Mesoamerican Mythologies
Oct 17: Orange County Hispanic Education Endowment Fund
Light Impressions Archival Workshop
Nov 8: Latino Advocates for Education
Nov 14-16: La Cultura Cura: Healing Traditions, Models of Care with Latina/o Families

Los Angeles,CA
Cardinal Manning's personal collection of Leo Politi's Books with personal artwork 
October Events of Los Pobladores 
Oct 2: Dionicio Morales Foundation Reception
Korean Mexicans learn more of their Asian roots on visit to Southern California
Los Angeles National Veterans Home                         

Heritage Discovery Center - Pacheco Park Project 
Joe Rodriguez: Artist comes to SJSU to unveil tribute to Cesar Chavez
Cesar E. Chavez Humanitarian Award given to Dorinda Moreno
Did I Make a Difference?
Oscar Chapa  Dec.15,1917 - August 11,2008
Conference of California Historical Societies Fall Symposium, 2-4 October
Hemet Family History Fair, 11 October
Chino Family History Fair, 18 October
Los Californianos Meeting, 24-26, October
Finales del Concurso de Cantos Karaoke en el Restaurant Los Gallitos

George Ow Jr. to receive community service award
Cruz Gomez to be honored at community celebrations

The Miramontes Family 
Passing of Carmen Miramontes Perruquet
Still alive, Bernardo Yorba's Great Grandchild my Aunt Phoebe! 
Don Juan Pablo Grijalva
Pena Vaca Berryessa Reunion, June 6th, 2009

Northwestern US  
Hispanic Family History Research, 18 October 2008

Southwestern US
Migration of the Mendoza Family from Jalisco, to Kansas, to California
Viva el Arte!
Walt Whitman and the New Mexico 333 Celebration
AACHE Announces its 25th Annual Conference
Lineage Society, Early Settlers of Spanish and Mexican Land Grants 
From "Hispanic America USA" Information 
Photos of Ike . . in action and results
Pasadena NAACP recognizes John Transviña 
Allensworth, California

Crystal Shawanda
Gila River Indian Community
Aztec Mexicolore and Aztec Poetry
How to Trace Your Native American Heritage Video
Chumash recover their ‘alishtaha’n
International Day of World's Indigenous People, August 9th
Flyer, Mixtec Traditional Medicine Workshop held September 12
Extract: Eagle Feathers
Roque Ramos Quijada

Time-Telling and Cultural Phrases in the Winter Garden Area

Angel Marie Sepulveda Brown
Descendants of El Cid in Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Texas  
Mundo Latino, The State Fair of Texas
The Musical Legacy of Victoria, TX
The Portal to Texas History
Mexican Enough: My Life Between the Borderlines
Digitized Newspaper Grant 
Colegas de Center for Mexican American Studies, UTA
Royal Ancestor of the Sosa/Sousa Family of New Spain
The Tejano Vigil at the Alamo Fact Sheet   
Oct. 14: Tejanos in Texas Heritage Exhibit at Texas A&M - San Antonio
Historical Drama was Performed at the San Antonio Public Library:   
Sept. 25: HOPE Recognized Descendants of Juan N. Seguin
Rise and Fall of the True First Republic of Texas

East of Mississippi
Memorial Mass for Samuel and Santos Saenz
Mexicans in Michigan
Call for submissions for new anthology focusing on Mexicans/Chicanos in Midwest
Latino/Latina Veterans Photographic Exhibit in Madison, Wisconsin
Free Louisiana Marriage Records
Louisiana State Land Office Documents

Seeking a home for Fernando Muñoz Altea
Book Collection
Compiled Mexican Pedigrees
V Reunion Internacional de Los Elizondo, Octubre 10, 11 y 12 del 2008
The Malila Cross
Cadetes del Heroico Colegio Militar
President Calderon Hails Efforts of Mexican Medalists in Beijing
Pedro Rangel: Paralympics in Beijing

Importadora Espanola inaugurates new home

Iberoamericana Editorial Vervuert
El Último Viaje
Beatriz Enriaquez de Arana

Hispanic/Latino Culture in Japan
New Online Magazine: Temas Nicaraguenses 
Hawaii's Hispanic Connections
Basques in the Americas, From 1492 to1850: A Chronology

U.S.S. Barb: The Sub that Sank a Train

Family History
FamilySearch Record Search Update, 12 September 2008
USCIS Establishes Genealogy Program
World Archives Project: Saving the World’s Records Fifteen Minutes at a Time
Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last 
An Inexpensive Way to Preserve Your Photos
International Genealogy Passport CD

Aztec leader's tomb found

Mother Teresa's Anyway Poem
You Could Have Heard a Pin Drop


Dear friends and family:
In this issue, under the section of Southwest, you'll find a series of family history stories published by our local newspaper, the Orange County Register.  The effort was organized by OC Register staff member Ron Gonzales.  The stories are wonderful.  May I suggest that you consider contacting your local newspaper with the concept for next year. 
In a few days we will have the privilege of voting in probably one of the most important  elections we will see in our life time. May you be guided with wisdom in your decisions.
AOL is making some technical changes affecting our SHHAR website.  We should have the needed changes in place by mid-November.
Un Abrazo, Mimi

November 2008 Table of Contents
United States
Project to Document 200 Years of Latino Journalism in United States
Remember Dr. Hector P. Garcia
Largest Re-enlistment Ceremony - Ever
The Farm Workers Movement in the United States
Rural Migration News
U.S. Senate and House elected Latinos, 1822-2006
Mr. Ambassador: The Life and Times of Raul H. Castro
San Francisco State marked 40th anniversary of strike
Cristián Samper, Director, National Museum of Natural History
First Hispanic Woman Grad Credits Academy for Her Success
Marie Therese Dominguez, United States Postal Service
Israel Cuellar, 1947-2008
Peter Miguel Camejo
National Issues
Los Repatriados/The Repatriated, Play based on real events
Passports Denied: Mexican-Americans Can't Travel
Brown is the New Green: George Lopez and the American Dream
Mexican workers in US during WWII can get back pay
Action Item
National Museum of the American Latino
GI Forum Takes Action Against Media Treatment of Hispanics
Action Alert! The Truth About AB 540
By Any Means Necessary
Racism, Immigration, and Citizenship in Contemporary Plural Societies
Current stats on immigrants in our Military Armed Forces for your review
Alien Case Files May Be Moved from the National Archives at San Bruno
Silvia Ichar: California Business Woman of the Year
Whole Foods and CIW Reach Agreement!!
Quinoa: A Sacred, Super Crop
Languages fill the melting pot
Hispanics are one-five of all Public School Students Nationwide
Expert touches on education for Latinos
Status & Trends in the Education of American Indians and Alaska Natives: 2008
Brownsville, Texas Schools Win Prestigious Award
Bilingual Education
Teach Mendez: Magical History Tour
100 Consejos Para Los Padres
Finding Place for Mayan Kids in Florida
Latina Authors Panel and Book Signing held Signal Hill, Calif.
Latinos in Lotusland: An Anthology of Contemporary Southern California Literature
Las Niñas: A Collection of Childhood Memories. By Sarah Rafael García
The Last Supper of Chicano Heroes
Crazy Loco Love by Victor Villasenor
A Perfect Season for Dreaming/Un tiempo perfecto para soñar
Mary J. Andrade, Day of the Dead, A Passion for Life
Lingo Lore: Gringo
Luis Valdez Honored
Luisana Loreley Lopilato
La Bloga
Dia de la Raza, Creating a Future and Honoring Our Past
A Jewish Immigrant and Spanish Proverbs of South Texas
Anti-Spanish Legends
The Bad Seed--Number 4 in a series on La Leyenda Negra
Hispanic Heritage Month
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in Japan aboard the USS Cowpens
First Company of native Puerto Ricans enlisted in the American Colonial Army,
National Postal Museum In Collaboration with the United States Postal Service
Military & Law Enforcement Heroes
Women in the Military
East Austin Lions Club to Honor Viet Nam Veterans
Brigadier General Ruben A. Cubero
Assistance for Military Spouses looking for Career Advancement
Patriots of American Revolution
Question answered by Friends of Somos Primos
Early America, New England, Spain, and France
A Somewhat Overlooked Hispanic Hero
Resources for Bernardo de Galvez Research
Patriots of Peru During American Revolution, O-, # 13, by Granville Hough, Ph.D.
A true San Fernando “Valley Girl”
About Anyone Can Marry - That is the Easy Part by Rudy Padilla
Movie Theatres, Drive Ins and the Way We Were by Richard G. Santos
When Spain was Invaded by Napoleon by Vicente Riva Ralacio
Surname: Garcia
Orange County,CA
Orange County Mexican American history 2009 Calendar
Nov 7: Celebrando el Arte
Nov 8th: Special message from Latino Advocates for Education, Inc.
The Orange County Register Hispanic Heritage Month Series
2009 SHHAR calendar of monthly meetings
Los Angeles,CA
Cine Sin Fin: 14th Annual Chicago Film Festival
Dia de los Muertos
East L.A seeks to become a city of its own
Nov 15: La Pena Andaluza Member's Day Dinner and Dance
Briones House Update 10-20-08
Nov 29th: San Jose’s 231st Birthday at the Peralta Adobe
Original Settlers of the Pueblo of San Jose,  29 November 1777
History of San Jose
In Memory of Anabella Rafaela Alvarado
Southwestern US
Her forbears trekked from Mexico to Santa Ana
She tells stories from Los Alamitos' past
Joe Martinez: Their father and their hero
Grandfather; barber, leader known as 'El Maestro' in Placentia
Life took him from copper mines to the law
NM State Historian's Digital History Project
Boricuas vs. Nuyoricans?Indeed! : A Look at Afro-Latinos
Death Whistle ~ Mictlantecutli "Ancient Instrument of the Aztecs"
Bio of Xavier Quijas Yxayotl
Yanni Voices and Special Guests, Acapulco, Mexico, November 13-16, 2008
 Sitting Bull descendant tells of battle
State eyes historical treasure from Little Big Horn
Local Heroes Awards Ceremony and Reception
Indigenous Nations of the North American Continent
Indigenous counted in 1757 census
Major Pre-Columbian Site Found
Pre-Incan female Wari mummy unearthed in Peru
World Archaeological Congress
Portal to Mythical Mayan Underworld Found
Archeologists uncover evident of pre-Hispanic iron mining in Andes
With Jewish Roots Now Prized, Spain Starts Digging
The 'Secret Jews' of San Luis Valley
The Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas Updates
Nov 2nd: Memorial High Veterans Ceremony
Nov 7th:  Pvt. Eusebio Reyes, Survivor of the Bataan Death Honored
Nov 8th: Basilio Perez, Survivor of the USS Indianapolis to be Honored
Long-Suffering Border Colonia Powers Up With Renewable Energy
Portal to Texas History Website
World War II Honor List of Dead/Missing Army & Army Air Forces Personnel
Oct. 2008  Ceremony Juan Nepomucena Corina: May 16, 1824- Oct 30, 1894
To the inhabitants of the State of Texas, especially Brownsville,  Sept 30, 1859
To the Mexican inhabitants of the State of Texas
Proclamation by Juan N. Cortina, November 23, 1859

East of Mississippi
History of Latinos in Michigan and Detroit
Artists Needed: Michigan Mexicantown Revitalization
One-time Young Lords say message still relevant, 40 years later
Tulane University Archives
Linkpendium East Baton Rouge Parish
East Coast
Traces of Sepharad
The Amazing Journey of San Diego
Historia de Juanchorrey y Tepetongo, Zacatecas
Our Lady of the Fountain Alterpiece, designed by Felipe de Ureña
The Birth of a Rican
La Order de Isabel la Catolica Awarded to Dr. Eric Beerman 
"Don Quijote de la Mancha" International Award
Celebremos la Creacion del Nuevo Mundo
Lucia Miranda
Fray Alonso Giraldo de Terreros
Early Roman Catholic Priests on Spanish Ships
Hispanics and Filipinos Immigrants
Researchers pinpoint geographic origins of individuals using DNA
Beyond the Black-White Binary Construction of Race: Mexican Americans
Family History
FamilySearch Indexing Update, 3 October 2008
Family History Library Research Assistance
My Five Favorite Ancestry Databases
Google Your Family Tree
Guardian Angels
The Year 1908


Click here: Somos Primos: Dedicated to Hispanic Heritage and Diversity Issues

Dear Primos & Friends of Somos Primos:

In spite of the economy, wars, and conflicts, I am looking forward with hopeful  expectations that conditions will improve. With change in the air let me suggest that this is a perfect time to manifest our historical presence and current visibility, within our homes, neighborhoods and expanded communities. 
Please feel particularly invited to start out the new year by sending Somos Primos a family photo or message to Somos Primos readers.  Our readership is international.

NOTE: The Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research (SHHAR) has a free networking system in place at .  The URL is no longer dot org  .org,  but rather dot net (.net) - -  for networking.

May your Christmas holidays be filled with love and create wonderful memories. 

Un Abrazo,  Mimi 

United States 
The First Black President of the United States: A letter to Our Children 
Juliet V. Garcia, University of Texas at Brownsville President named to Obama's team
Eduardo Diaz Named New Head of Smithsonian Latino Center
Esperanza “Hope” Andrade, 107th Secretary of the Great State of Texas
California State University, Fullerton (CSUF)  
Isabel Gonzalez, the Hispanic “Rosa Parks” 
National Hispanic Cultural Center Exhibit: The Manila Trade, 1565-1815
American Pastorela: The Road to the White House 
Maria Elena Marques, Actress
Latino Public Broadcasting Announces the results of the 10th Annual 2008 Open Call

National Issues
Cartoon: La Cucaracha tribute to Latino vets
Pew Hispanic Center Releases 2007 National Survey of Latinos Dataset
A Notable Absence at Hearing on Latinos in Government
Significiaqnt Latino Underrepresentation on Census Staff
Current stats on immigrants in our Military Armed Forces 
Alberta Zepeda Snid, labor and education activist
Filipino Immigrants in the United States
Migraciones en el mundo contemporáneo presenta:  “Dying to live / Morir para vivir”

Action Item
A Killing in a Town Where Latinos Sense Hate
The Immigration Policy Center
Latino Immigrant Marcello Lucero Murdered by Gang of Thugs in Suffolk County
Surviving Spouses Against Deportation
The Kenneth A. Picerne Foundation
Microsoft's Martha Bejar Listed Among 2008 LISTA Awardees
Making Their Dreams Pan Out
Non-White Women-Owned Businesses Grow Nationwide
Gordon Leads Hispanic Association
Income gap between whites, Latinos has grown at four-year colleges
December 4th: Third annual Parents Step Ahead/Padres Un Paso Adelante
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Seeks Applicants for Internships  
Summer 2009 Tulum Ethnographic Field Research program

Bilingual Education
Dallas-area schools pushing Latino parents to be involved in kids' learning
Politics and Campaign Behind Proposition 227

NASA Bilingual Website

Dream in Color
Aztlán US/Mexico Border Culture and Folklore, An Anthology, Fourth Edition
Brotherhood of the Light
Barefoot Heart: Stories of a Migrant Child
¡Ask a Mexican!
Eyes to the Past by John Arvizu  and Rose Hardy

The Beginning of the fall of the Mayan Empire
The Art of Catherine Robles Shaw
David Archuleta, "American Idol" 17-year old runner-up
Dec 12-20, Play, American Pastorela: The Road to the White House 
José José, Ésta es mi vida
Bonds of bread: Pan dulce is a slice of Mexican life
The American Guitar Society

Anti-Spanish Legends

Hic et Ubique--Number 5 in a series on La Leyenda Negra

Hispanic Heritage Month
Americans in Focus Short Vignettes: Hispanic Heritage Month

Military & Law Enforcement Heroes
Latinos/Latinas - Ultimate Sacrifice Part XI
Veterans honored at Ambrosio Guillen Texas State Veterans Home
Korean War Hero Shares Story
Sanchez: Father, Son, and Grandson
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Internet Resources

Patriots of American Revolution
Contributions of the San Diego Presidio in the cause of the American Revolution
Patriots of Peru During American Revolution, Pe-Q , # 14, by Granville Hough, Ph.D

Christmas Traditions
El Patrio
The Value of a Penny
Fair Shake

Conquistadors, Priests and Conversion to Christianity
The Many Legends of La Llorona 

Premio Aztlán Literary Prize

Surname: Ancient Surname of Perez

Orange County,CA
Longtime community leader Manuel Marquez dies
9/11 hero returns home to O.C.
Los Angeles,CA
Manuel Dominic Badilla - A Life not Forgotten
Dec 3: Lyrical Recital of Zarzuela and Opera
Dec 6-28th: Too Many Tamales
Hispanic Marketing 101

Honor Them by Remembering
Chicano Park, San Diego
Desert boxing tournament pays tribute by looking ahead
Eyes to the Past
In Memory of Edward Balthazar Flores
In Memory of Rosanne Helen Miller (Lopez)
Senorita Josefa Martinez Dies; Born Here in Mexican War
San Jose's 231st Birthday at the Peralta Adobe in San Jose

Southwestern US
Orange County Register, Hispanic Heritage Month Series
Son of migrants fulfilled his parents' dreams by Tomas Saenz
They tilled the soil in pursuit of their dream by Dolores Contreras Austin
Local family's roots run deep, from Tustin to Mexico by Pascual Pat Rivas, Jr.
From her grandfather, she learned self-reliance by Rosemary Vasquez-Tuthill
Grandfather 'Deddy' taught lessons with laughter by Mary Garcia
Their immigrant family focused on opportunity by Ruben Barron, Ed.D
National Hispanic Cultural Center Exhibit: The Manila Trade, 1565-1815
American Pastorela: The Road to the White House 
The African Presence in Mexico: From Yanga to the Present
Families become more diverse through adoption

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl Performing with Yanni Voices Acapulco, 2008
Yaqui Marriage Document, between a Buitimea and a Baisea 
The Yaqui Indians: Four Centuries of Resistance
List of some of the Yaquis who were married in Guaymas in the 1780s.
Navajo Tribal Police mystery novels 
Fred Loftin Receives Gold Medal in Mixed Media for his American Indian spirit
Purepecha Tribe History

Namibia: Race against time to save ancient Portuguese shipwreck 

Pop Star Isaac Angel releases his first album
Moses Levy of Florida: Jewish Utopian and Antebellum Reformer 
Rahm Emanuel, An Adopted Surname
La Santa Catalina's Precious Cargo of 1580
Los Judios en el Norte de Mexico

Jesus Moron, Artist
Dec 5: Tejano Monument Committee
Dec 6: Emma Tenayuca and Her Legacy
You Aren’t Here
National Hispanic Veterans Museum

Author finds area ancestor
Genealogy Sites on the Internet

East of Mississippi
Finding Mexico -- in Detroit Artes Unidas de Michigan
Hispanic economic impact in Southeast Michigan.

Historia de Juanchorrey y Tepetonga, S.A.
La historiadora Lilia Eunice Villanueva de Cavazos falleció
La Nativitas in Salamanca, Guanajuato

Thoughts on Evelina
Passport offer for Spanish exiles
Spain to help families track Franco-era victims' remains
Mr. Jack Holmes receives the Cruz de Caballero, 1979 
Don Pedro Fernández de Velasco, II

The Other Less Known Pilgrims
The European Voyages of Exploration: The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries 
El Nombre de America
Verdad o Leyenda
Isla Aracena
Family History
30 Million More Records Added to Record Search Pilot
Wiki Adds Resources to FamilySearch Research
Family History Lesson Series
Es Muy Bueno 



Click here: Somos Primos

Dear Primos and Friends of Somos Primos:

I hope you are all looking forward to 2009.  It should be a wonderful year, full of surprises and new adventures. Thank you for your interest and support of our heritage.  Please note, the names that are in included We have all been blessed by the generous sharing of all of you and our committed volunteer staff. The effort continues. This issue is really full . 

Rafael Ojeda has prepared an remarkable compilation of medals received by Hispanics. I say remarkable because he did the exhaustive extraction to compile the listing.

Mercy Bautista Olvera has begun a new series, Hispanics Breaking Barriers. She will be seeking the names of Hispanics, well-known, or barely known, who have excelled.
Gratefully, Dr. Granville Hough (Spanish Patriots) Felipe de Ortego y Gasca (Black Legends) and Ted Vincent (Vicente Riva-Palacio works) will continue to share their expertise.   

In response to a new Ken Burns documentary on our National Parks, I will be starting a series on early Spanish colonizers in the areas where National Parks are identified.  Hopefully we will be able to react to the exclusion which the early press releases indicate we can expect. There are a few suggestions for contacting your local PBS stations, that might be fun and a valuable contribution to our heritage.

May we all be Witnesses to our Heritage . . . Mimi
Content Areas

United States
Wisdom of Thomas Jefferson, 1802
Hispanic Breaking Barriers, Part I by Mercy Bautista Olvera
    Bill Richardson
    Congresswoman Hilda Solis 
    Louis Caldera, Esq.
    Cecilia Muñoz
    Dr. Juliet Villarreal-Garcia 
Lauro Fred Cavazos, first Hispanic President of a U.S. University 
Botica Garcia:  Dr. Hector P. Garcia
Hispanic Link Weekly Report enters its 27th year of publication
Mexican Mother in a Whirling World 
The Farmworker Movement Documentation Project 
Race & Gender in Politics

Special Compilation of Medals Received by Hispanics
U.S. Distinguished Service Cross Hispanic Recipients
U.S. WWII Army Silver Star Hispanic Recipients
U.S.  WWII ARmy Air Force  Silver Star Hispanic Recipients 
U.S. WWII Navy Cross Hispanic Recipients
U.S. Army Korea Silver Star Hispanic Recipients
U.S. Marines (USMC) Korea Silver Star Hispanic Recipients
U.S. Army Viet Nam Silver Star Hispanic Recipients
U.S. Marines (USMC) Viet Nam Silver Star Hispanic Recipients
Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) Medals Award
National Issues
National Museum of the American Latino
National Hispanic Veterans Museum
The Latino Warrior Foundation
Mutts Like Me by Patricia J. Williams 
The National Parks: America's Best Idea
Documentary, Focus on Individuals that Helped Promote National Parks
Hispanics Presence is Minimal in Historical Documentary
January 22, Sneak Preview, Salt Lake, Utah Outdoor Industry Conference
Western Reserve PBS & Cuyahoga Valley National Park to produce documentary
PBS History Detectives seek questions to research
Action Item
BORDER Documentary by Chris Burgard
The Desperation of Life for Many in Mexico
Understanding RACE
Killing of a third Latino Victim of a Hate Crime in Five Months
Eradicating the sexual assault and harassment of female farm workers.
A Class Apart - -  Hernandez v. Texas film
Isabel Garcia: Compassion and courage earn reward
Julian Samora Research Institute Website Links

Carlos Muñoz, Jr., Ph.D. 
Christine Ortiz, Ph.D.  

Dolores Huerta Labor Institute co-sponsoring Student Leadership Academy 
Free Harvard Education for Students from Low-Income Families

Bilingual Education
Una Perla Para Chavez

Indigenous artist Gustavo Rodrigo Toaquiza Ugsha
Future Landscapes Designed by Women
Proposal for contemporary/conceptual art by local Latino Artists
Latino USA  The Radio Journal of News and Culture
Teatro Chicana: A Collective Memoir and Selected Plays
Rudy Gonzales "Idaho Cowboy Poet  &  Western Humorist"
Suddenly Realized I Have Finally Joined la Gente

500 Years of Chicana History
New Mexico Colcha Club: Spanish Colonial Embroidery
Federico Villalba's Texas: A Mexican Pioneer's Life in the Big Bend
The Jews and New Mexico, Centuries of Contact
Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural  Age
MEChA Leadership Manual: History, Philosophy, & Organizational Strategy
The Latino Education Crisis. The Consequences of Failed Social Policies
Soccer's Story & A Futbol Fable by Gil Sperry
The Last Supper of Chicano Heroes: Selected Works of José Antonio Burciaga

BALDO by Cantu and Castellanos
Estimating the Contribution of Immigrant Business Owners to the U.S. Economy
Hispanic Business Magazine launches Digital Edition
Grupo Salinas

Anti-Spanish Legends
The Lamp and the Golden Door--Number 6 by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca in series 

Military & Law Enforcement Heroes
2LT Francis Ildefonso Cervantes
Lt. William Carrillo
Lt Richard Gomez Candelaria: WW II Fighter ACE
Lt Oscar Francis Perdomo: Last WW II Ace in a Day
Lt Francisco “David” Mercado, Jr. B-24 Bombardier
Sgt.1st Class Luis Morales Receives Silver Star for Valor
Petty Officer 3rd Class Alfonso Chavarrias Receives Navy Cross 
Dr. Luis Walter Alvarez, American Physicist and Inventor
U.S. Military Academy at West Point Launches 'Center for Oral History
Medal of Honor Information

My blog: by Viola Rodriguez Sadler
Roaches and Rats: A Nativity Reflection by Miguel A. De La Torre
A Work of Art by Ben Romero
Los Cuentos de Kiko

Ciento por Uno by Vicente Riva Palacio

Gutierrez by Peter Carr
Numerical Popularity of Spanish Surnames

Patriots of American Revolution
9th generation descendents of Spanish Colonial soldiers in Tucson Presidio DAR Event, March 15, Austin, Texas
Mexico Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, MXSSAR
Patriots of Peru During American Revolution, by Granville Hough, Ph.D.  # 15, R-Ru

Orange County,CA
2009  . .  Starting Your Family Research 
Jesús Navarro, Achiever of the American Dream, Dies at 83
Bill Thom, Anaheim Mayor and Councilman
Family's holiday festivities stretch back 84 years

Los Angeles,CA
Jan 14: A Celebration of Life: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Beatriz Valdez, L.A. County's first female registrar-recorder
At the Intersection of Sacred & Civics in East L.A.

Week of the Cuban Culture by Jaime Cader
Los Californianos Meeting -- January 23rd through January 25th 2009
NParks: George Melendez Wright

Phoebe Farias Scott: Descendant of Yorba, Peralta, Farias and Talamantes   

Southwestern US 
The Loneliness of Writing History by Dr. Rudolph Acuna
Rudy, Don't Be Lonely, I Could'a Been Born in Tucson by Rosalio Munoz
Más New Mexico Brings Bilingual News to Albuquerque, Santa Fe
Preserving California's WW II Military Heritage at the California Military Museum
Return to Military New Mexico, WW II Deaths of New Mexico
Tucsonans Killed in World War II    
'Voyages' database tracks slave ships, offers glimpses of African-American ancestry 

Unveiling of the U.S. native Warrior Exhibit
Summer Sun, Winter Moon , Symphony created for Lewis/Clark Bicentennial
You Tube Symphony Orchestra
Crow Creek Sioux woman recalls Depression
Indian elders warned 'hard time' before Depression hit
100 Years Ago: 'Primitive' Indians in California
Dakota ride finishes four-year cycle
Archeologists in Peru unearth ancient Wari city

Sephardic Jews leave genetic legacy in Spain
The Jews and New Mexico,Centuries of Contact, lecture notes by Lou Serna
Dialogue on "Limpieza de sangre"

Dr. Bambina Cardenas, UTPA
Francisco Cigarroa named sole finalist for UT chancellor
Antonio “Tony”  Leal Becomes First Latino Texas Ranger Chief
Jan 24, Daughters of the American Revolution
Texas Film Companies Projects 
    Civil rights leader Gus Garcia
    Wildfire Films Officially Launches in Austin
    Big-budget films on their way to Texas
Southwestern Historical Quarterly, continuously published since 1897

East of Mississippi
Old New Orleans
Mid 1950s Band members of the Rudy Voltolina Band

East Coast
Lozano Reunion in Boston, Massachusetts 
NParks: 1541 St Petersburg Florida National Park and De Soto National Memorial
NParks: 1513 Ponce De Leon and Dry Tortugas National Park Launches New Florida Census Collection
Latinos in Lancaster County,  Pennsylvania
Ramon Velez, New York City Councilman 

El General Manuel Orellana Nogueras by Guillermo Padilla Origel
Personajes de la historia / NAVIDAD DEL 2008
Las Vías del Exilio . . Niños de Morelia  

Sebastián Ramírez de Fuenleal
Link del Censo Guía de archivos de la Iglesia España
Espana, tierra de castillos - Spain, land of castles

Desde las entrañas de Suchitoto 
HISPAGEN, Asociación de Genealogía Hispana
General en Jefe Carlos Soublette, "El conciliador"
Notificación de la muerte del Libertador
Bureau of Land Management, General land Office Records

Family History 
Gooble Expands News Archive by 20 Million Historical Pages
Gulf Coast State Histories Slated for Online Access
25,000 Historical Titles Now Free Online
Family Search makes more records available online

Remember our Troops and Try to understand their Sacrifices


Click here: Somos Primos: Dedicated to Hispanic Heritage and Diversity Issues
Dear primos and friends:

Once again Somos Primos is filled with a wide variety of articles showing the current Hispanic/Latino presence, and many and diverse historical connections. 

Thank you to the continuing contributions of information by readers from all over the world, Somos Primos can share personal comments on life helping us to understand the complex range of perspectives that constitute the Hispanic/Latino community. 

Just as I was ready to send out the notifications, I received the link to a very moving web video, sent by Joan De Soto.  It speaks of change, hope and responsibility:    I think you will all enjoy it.

God Bless America . . .   Mimi

Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama
Impressions and photos of this historic event by Fidel R. D,
Behind the Scenes with Mayor of Fullerton, California, Sharon Quirk
Hispanics Breaking Barriers, Part II by Mercy Bautista-Olvera
    Colorado Senator Ken Salazar
    U.S. Secretary of Energy Federico Peña
     Stanford  University  Professor of Law Mariano-Florentino “Tino” Cuéllar 
    CEO of CRA/LA Chief Executive Officer Cecilia V. Estolano
Remembering Dr. Clotilde Garcia by Wanda Daisy Garcia 
Representative Herrero Files Legislation Honoring Dr. Hector P. Garcia
For the Record: Louis Hubbard y Mendez, 1st Hispanic Pres of a U.S. University 
Portraits of the 44 Presidents of the United States. 
White House new Spanish language website
Hero Street, U.S.A. by Marcus Wilson

Texas Department of Transportation Vehicle Used to Carry Drugs
Mexico sentences migrant smuggler to 60 years
Ofrece Obama apoyo a Calderón contra el narcotráfico  
Another Major Anti-Latino Hate Attack Makes the News
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 
More Latino immigrants seeking office back home
Catholic Church Launches New Campaign for Immigrants
Undocumented in America, interview with Jesse Diaz & Javier Rodriguez

"A Class Apart" Documentary
Defend the Honor
Find Out Who Else Supports this Initiative a National Museum of the American Latino
A Forgotten Injustice
VA officials assist veterans with health care costs
Juan Reynosa's Environmental Mission: You Voted: Now What?

Hispanic Heritage Parks, An Iberian Project
Joseph P. Sanchez, Director, Spanish Colonial Research Center
Gabaldon National Campground in eastern Arizona
Tapia, California State Park
Tech Innovator and Entrepreneur David Segura
Lydia Villa-Komaroff, Breaking Barriers: Molecular Biologist Blazes New Trails
Border Businesses Thrive amid Recession, Violence
Living Under the Trees

Francisco  Cigarroa, 1st Hispanic named as Chancellor of a University system
The Hispanic Development Fund of Greater Kansas City
A Story of Identity-Making of a Mexican American Bilingual Educator in Texas
Wickenburg Hispanic Pioneer Families by Julia Macias Brooks and Christine Maxa
Moctezuma's Children: Aztec Royalty Under Spanish Rule, 1520-1700
The Last Supper of Chicano Heroes, Selected Works of José Antonio Burciaga
Publications by University Presses
Full Text Online Libraries

Romero String Quartet
Channeling Mexican pop stars
Manuel Diosdado Castillo changed the face of San Antonio
Jorge Huerta, Ph.D., leading authority on contemporary Chicano theater
Race in Colonial Mexico by Vicente Riva Palacio translation by Ted Vincent 

La Leyenda Negra/The Black Legend by  Felipe de Ortego y Gasca

Latinos/Latinas - Ultimate Sacrifice, Part XII
Lt General Elwood "Pete" Quesada
General Wainright and Pvt Eusebio Reyes
Honor the Fallen Hispanics/Honra a nuestros Caidos.
Soldiers under twin eagles/Soldados de Dos Águilas
Hispanic Americans & The U.S. Coast Guard
Army Expands Military Funeral Honors for Soldiers 
Eight Villarreal Tejanos accepted as Sons of the American Revolution
Jose Antonio Curbelo
Henry Yanez, re-enactor with the Tucson Presidio Trust for Historic Preservation
General Bernardo de Galvez and Cuba
Patriots of Peru During American Revolution, by Granville Hough, Ph.D.  # 16, Su-

The Marine and the girl next door, a love story by Tony Santiago
My Day with History by Tia Maria from Marvilla 
The Circus by Ben Romero
February 7, 9-12 am, Start Your Family History Research
Libreria Martinez Bookstore Makes a Small Move
Hurricane in a Bottle, Breath of Life Latina Theater Ensemble

Early Photos of Los Angeles
Curriculum materials for the history of Early Los Angeles
7th Annual African American Family History Conference 
Chicano Cultural Center is Selected for Renovation
Trail Dust: Anza a vigorous leader in trying times
Ramona Pageant 
Leo Avila Obituary
Saturnino Barrios Lerma  Obituary
CA Spanish Missions and Presidios

P'urhepecha Indians in Portland hold fast to their identity 
Multiracial families see Barack Obama as 'Other' like them
Raul H. Castro, Arizona's only Latino governor reflects on career
Henry Yanez, re-enactor with the Tucson Presidio Trust for Historic Preservation
Sosa Albornoz and Zaldivar reports by Jose Esquibel
The Little Ice Age and the Alamo in Winter Garden History

Poet Rafael Jesús González speaks on Inauguration Day 

Mescalero Apache leader took a gamble that paid off
Lakota Gather Peacefully at Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Historical Video: Indians Invade Mount Rushmore-1970
Madonna Thunder Hawk-Spoke at The Mount Rushmore Reunion
Archaeologists find lost city of 'cloud people' in Peru
Ancient ship found buried near Argentine river
DNA tracks ancient Alaskan's descendants
Ancient American Indian remains found in Friant
Una Nueva Civilizacion en Mesoamerica?
Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine Details Gene Modification Work
Brotherhood of the Light: A novel of the Penitentes and Crypto-Jews of New Mexico.  
Sephardic Jewish Carvajal Family of Mexico
Calahora, a remarkable Sephardic family in Poland 
13th NY Sephardic Jewish Film Festival, February 5-12, 2009

February 21:  George Washington Parade and Celebration
30th Texas Hispanic Genealogical & Historical Conference
Tell'em Who You Are: In Defense of Land and Family
Tejanos in Texas Heritage Exhibit held in Austin, Texas
Hebbronville, Jim Hogg County, Vaquero Capitol of Texas 
Yznaga family
Domingo Pena
Texas History Quiz
Laredo Morning Times Editor, Odie Arambula writes on Land-Grants
Western PBS documentary on Cuyahoga Valley
Two Hundred Twenty-Five Things to Do in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Ms. Rosa Acevedo-Rodriquez
Demographic Changes in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania 
Good News from Nashville: Diversity Not Uniformity 
Poster of Esquadron 201
Invita Calderón a Obama a México 
Pierde Archivo General de la Nación documentos históricos
The Church of Los Reyes de Juarez
Research of Jose Antonio Esquivel
Royal Ancestor of the Sosa/Sousa Family of New Spain
El portal Genealogico de los Cuellar
Monclova Census 1823

Dr. Isabel Estrada, she blazed a medical trail

Beatriz de Bobadilla
De Nuevo, Dona Beatriz de Bobadilla                                                                     
Transporte a America     
Colonial Spanish Coins
Artista Salvadoreña Publica Su Libro
Resources for International Research
Video on The American form of government
President-Elect Barack Obama Inherited Speaking Skills?
Free DNA Text Opportunity
Latest Resources of LDS Extraction Program
Music from the Fifties and Sixties

MARCH 2009

Dear Primos and friends: 

The March issue is filled with marvelous bits of information submitted by readers and researchers.  Thank you all for sharing thoughts, facts, and happenings.  I am amazed at what is developing across the nation, supportive of our Hispanic roots and history.  
Please feel personally invited to submit articles, written or found.  It is the blending and combination of all of our lives stories which will untangle the truth of who we are as Hispanic Americans.
Warm hugs, Mimi
United States 
Hispanics Breaking Barriers, Part III By Mercy Bautista-Olvera 
Born Again American Video
Telemundo Launches 2010 Census Campaign, 'Hazte Contar!'

National Issues
A Class Apart, Daisy Wanda Garcia
Latino film maker recognized by state lawmakers for new PBS documentary
Nota by Roberto Calderon, Ph.D.
Comments by Eva Maria Guerrero and Dr. Henry J. Casso
Thanks to Defend the Honor Alert
PBS's American Experience Premieres A Class Apart
Citizenship of Babies Delivered by Midwives Near Border Questioned
In Rural California, Profanity Gets 'Bless Me, Ultima' Banned
Soldiers of the Fields: The Bracero Program Documentary
Identity in America: Are Perspectives Shifting?
U.S. Military Will Offer Path to Citizenship
U.S. Is Arms Bazaar for Mexican Cartels
Mexico Under Siege
Gun Control

Action Item
Will Latino Civil Rights be included in Proposed Civil Rights Oral History Project? 
La Nueva Raza Issue #10 – Spring 2009 has just been released!

National Parks Service
A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary: Discover Our Shared Heritage
Mission 2000  Return to the Tumacacori National Historical Park home page.
New Mexico Cliff Dwellings Reopen After Fire
Wiki Links to National Parks

Census of Agriculture Shows Growing Diversity in U.S. Farming
Latinos are the fastest growing market in the USA

CDC Disease Detective  Camp 
U.S. Department of Education, Hispanic Outreach & Resources
The Hispanic Development Fund
Latino Civil Rights Group Fights to Keep Desegregation Order on the Books
Can a Burro be a Genius?
Outstanding Dissertations Competition 2009
President Blandina Cardenas Cites Health Reasons for Resignation
Valley Leaders Saddened by Resignation of UTPA President

Bilingual Education

Ayala Tapped by Governor to Improve California's Early Education

2009 Young Ambassadors Program 
Earliest chocolate use found in what is now US
Joe Cuba: The Father of New York Boogaloo has passed
National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation
"The Violin" by Francisco Vargas
22nd Solo Mujeres Annual Exhibition
Su Teatro among mayors' arts honorees
Ramos' win hits high note with Tejano fans
Unearthing Deep South Narratives from a Texas Graveyard 
Finding musical common ground.  What's in a name?
Young Latinas Have Webzine to Call Their Own 

Aztlan: US/Mexico Border Culture and Folklore, 4th Edition by Jose Villarino 
The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire by C.M. Mayo
Claiming Rights and Righting Wrongs in Texas: Mexican Workers by Emilio Zamora
Ancestral Voices of the Past: Curbelo Family by Robert Perez
Guerrero, Lincoln and Obama by Ted Vincent 2009

Anti-Spanish Legends
The Black Legend, Part 8: Searching for America by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca 
March 28th: Espanola Convento: The Price of Statehood
Seeing More Than Black & White by Elizabeth Martinez

Military/Law Enforcement 
The Hook Up: Navy Flight Officer Lieutenant Roy Lopez 
The Boys of Company E by Joe Olvera ©, 2007
Heroes in the War on terror: Sgt. Scott Montoya
First Junior enlisted soldier to receive full military honors at Arlington
Joe Rivera Memorial
Brutus, First K9 to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor
Veterans History Project, Library of Congress: Browse by Last Name
Indians in the War
Patriots, American Revolution
Rancheros y Vaqueros, South Texas Families, Part I, Vicente Flores
Ernest Jerry Garcia was accepted into the Sons of American Revolution
El Regimento de La Luisiana
Granaderos at Special Bernardo de Galvez Commemoration in Mexico City
Patriots of Peru During American Revolution, by Granville Hough, Ph.D.  # 17, T-U

Surnames: Flores/Florez

She's the One by Mark Marquez
Changemakers is an initiative of Ashoka: About Dorinda Moreno
Kiko El Callejero, Andaliego, Arrimado y Engrido by Frank Sifuentes
A Stab at Canicas con La Connie Munoz that made me See Stars by Frank Sifuentes
Joaquin Murrieta Ride by Ben Romero

Orange County,CA
March 7th, "Hack your Hispanic Family Tree using Google" by Crispin Rendon
April 4th: Cesar Chavez, “Viva la Causa” Documentary to be viewed
Heart of the Orange Student Project Needs Donations for Books

Los Angeles,CA
Army Distinguished Service Cross Awarded to Los Angeles Native, Erik Oropeza
March 7: Exhibition: Women Artists on Immigration: Crossing Borders, Confronting
LA Board of Education votes names high School after Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez
Nati Cano y Los Camperos, Dorinda Moreno, Continuing legacy
March 26-29, 2009: New Destinations in Oral History
Project One- wants to speak at your school! 
The Passing of Juan Rafael Santos, Champion of Myriad Causes

"Lachryma Montis," the home of Gen. M. G. Vallejo 
Watsonville activist Luis Alejo to receive inaugural Tony Hill Award
California State Library SUTRO San Francisco
Early California Population Project

Northwestern US 
Every Child Matters by Elena Rodriguez
Southwestern US  
Wickenburg Hispanic Pioneer Families
March 14: Crypto Jews of New Mexico
Hero Street, USA (Book)
The Julian Samora Legacy Project
Mexicans in Tempe by Santos C.  Vega  (Book)
Ricardo and Enrique Flores Magón, founders of the Mexican Liberal Party

Fifty Years of African Impact on Cuba by David González López (Caribbean/Cuba) 
Mexican Cycles

Excerpt: 'Massive Funeral Complex' Unearthed 
Prehistoric village is found near San Pedro River, Arizona
Andean Crops Cultivated Almost 10,000 Years Ago by Michael Abrams
13,000-year-old set of tools unearthed at Colorado home

Marranos on the Moradas, Secret Jews & Penitentes in the Southwestern U.S. (Book)

2009 Clotilde P. Garcia Tejano Book Prize
March 7th: Trinidad Coy, Alamo Defender by Robert Garcia
March 9th:  P. L. Buquor and the Texas Rangers Association
March 21: Nights of Wailing, Days of Spain by Jose Antonio Lopez
March 28th: Hispanic Genealogical Seminar with George & Peggy Ryskamp.
March 28th: Cortina, Defending the Mexican Name in Texas
In 2004 Henry Martinez started a family history project
April 4th and April 5th: Celebrating the First Texas Republic
Battle of Medina and the April Edition of Texas Monthly
Renato Ramirez, Banker Assists Others
Where Mexican Americans Fit in the Early 21st Century Racial Order
The Mercurio Martinez Papers
Gone to Texas Certificate
Hablas Valluco?  Area Lingo a way of life for some, Confusing to others.
East of Mississippi
Louisiana Division 
Louisiana History: Old and New Place Names
Repatriation of Mexican Community in Detroit
Select by Parish
The Michigan Committee to Honor Cesar Chavez Goals

East Coast
Extraordinary Woman Award

16th Century Hacienda Galindo 
Rebautizarán avenida en honor a Israel Cavazos 

Don Antonio de Vedia y Dona Teresa Javiera de Pinto hijos
En homenaje a Enriqueta Ochoa
Martyrs of the Religious Persecution during the Mexican Revolution († 1916-37)
Nuevo Santander

Second Symposium of Critical Practices in Caribbean Cultural Studies
Fifty Years of African Impact on Cuba by David González López 

Los Carmenas
Bartolome Ruiz de Estrada 

How I traced my Arzamendi family back to Spain or “Lauro’s Golden Apple” 
Auditioning as a Toreador by Jose M. Pena
Find a City Anywhere in the World
Use of the Basque Language in Warfare
The seeds of Latin America's rebirth were sown in Cuba
Historia y tradición, 20 de febrero de 1859, "La Revolución Federal"

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo resources

Family History
How Many Ancestors do I Have?
National Geographic's Genographic Project
New Acquisitions to Support Your Research
Search the Largest Newspaper Archive for Family History Research 
14 Online Indexing Projects Already in 2009
Highly recommended:
Twenty Ways to Avoid Grief When Researching

Two Stories, both true and both connected 
Must see video of the friendship of an elephant and a dog.
Find music of the 1950s- 1970s by song title or artist.

APRIL 2009

Dear Friends and Primos . . . .

Many wonderful happenings promoting our heritage. 
I know you will enjoy evidence that our history is being revealed in many forms: art, articles, photos, theater, essays, plaques, reenactments, displays, panels, etc.  Somos Primos continues presenting a broad vision of who we are . . . through the generous sharing of information by readers, like you.  Thank you . . .

Warmest regards, Mimi
Table of Content for April 2009 issue of Somos Primos

United States

Alamo Plaza, A Vision for Historical Inclusion
Photos from the George Washington Parade in Laredo, Texas
Edna Ferber and Dr. Hector P. Garcia
By Daisy Wanda Garcia
Casting a 'Giant' Shadow
Ed Pena Honored at 27th United States Hispanic Leadership Institute
Latinos Have Opportunity to Transform U.S. Society
Hispanics Breaking Barriers, Part IV by Mercy Bautista-Olvera
Astronaut Joseph M. Acaba by Tony (the Marine) Santiago
New Data on Hispanic and Foreign-Born Populations in the U.S.
President Harry Truman

National Issues
Mexico Under Siege, Drug cartels' New Weaponry Means War
State of War By Sam Quinones
Recommended DVDs: Drug Wars by G. Fleming and Border by C. Burgard
Crossover Appeal, Mexican folk songs to dissuade immigrants
"Crime, Justice, and the Border" Conference, March 31-April 2
Day Labor Centers
2007 ACS Data Tool: Demographic & Social Characteristics
Maps of the Foreign Born Residing in the United States
Dr. Francisco G. Cigarroa, Fifteenth Annual Eagle Pass Business Journal Awards
Unopened claims letters hidden at VA offices

Action Item
Cesar E. Chavez National  Holiday Petition Drive
Benito Abeytia spent life as an activist
Dream Act: The Time is Now!
English in the Workplace
Future Landscapes Designed by Women
National Association of Latino Independent Producers Holds PBS Accountable
Citizen Action Taken in Response to a Community Forum Meeting

National Parks

Why Chief Tenaya is not mentioned in Yosemite National Park Information
Inclusive History will Happen When
San Antonio Defenders of the Honor will Not Stand Down

HCM/Latino News Clips
Ruben Ruiz, author of The Richest Latino In America
Latina Women Of NASA of The Month - Dr. Marla E. Pérez-Davis
Chicana Latina, Teresa M. Olivas
Hispanic Women Tapped for The California Wellness Foundation Board 

A Class Apart
For the first time, Hispanic children are the majority in Texas’ first-grade classrooms
Candamo Scholarship Available for Puerto Rican Students Who Give Back
Mendez case at center of new curriculum, California State Board of Education
Hispanics Become More Prevalent on College Campuses

Blingual Education
Bilingual Research Journal, Guidelines for Book Reviews
40 Years of Youth Liberation

Difficult to Find Book Published in Mexico
Hispanic Links Weekly Book Reviews

Don Marco - The Master Caryola Artist
Canciones Tradicionales Infantiles
Falleció Irma González, legendaria soprano y pilar de la cultura mexicana 
Former teen music group members reunite for a 60th birthday bash
Am I Chicana?
Hispanic Health Paradox
Latino Print Network
Ana M. Valdez, Hispanic Association for Corporate Responsibility

Riva Palacio Series by Ted Vincent, "Visuals in  . . .Mexico a Traves de los Siglos"  
Conquest Mexico and Chicano Literature By Felipe de Ortego y Gasca

Patriots, American Revolution
Dedication of the TSDAR Patriot Monument, Texas State Cemetery.
Mexico Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
SAR-TALK  Genealogy Policies/ Fall Leadership Conference
Trip to Spain May 10 - 20, 2010
Spain's Patriots of Peru by Granville Hough, Ph.D. (Va through Velasco) # 18

Anti-Spanish Legends
The Historian and the Lion--Number 9 in a series on La Leyenda Negra

Military/Law Enforcement 
History Channel Seeking Hispanic Veterans with Tatoos
Filipinos who fought for the US during WW II to receive checks
Government Resources and Military Tax Breaks

Surnames: Gomez/Gomes

What an Honor by Mimi Lozano
Somos Primas by Wanda Garcia

Orange County,CA  
April 18: Family History Fair 2009. A New Era 
Networking in Orange County
April 4th: Mexican American Heritage & Cultural Center of Orange County
Tiny Latino neighborhood has resisted joining Anaheim
Fists of Steel

Los Angeles,CA
L.A. Storytellers - My Journey, My Rights
Bilingual Foundation of the Arts
Anthony "Tony" Quinn's memoir, The Original Sin: A Self-Portrait

Eyes to the Past - Pictorial History, Families of Azusa, Baldwin Park & Irwindale
April 2:  Mariachi for Gringos Songbook, Book-Signing by Gil Sperry
April 3-4:  Righetti High School Marimba Band & Ballet Folklórico
Continues till April 18: Fotwaddle Cosmico/A Twenty Year Retrospective
Juana Briones story included in NTHP's Women's History Month 
California Council for the Humanities Awards Grants
April 13: Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project

California Heritage Calendar
Northwestern US
Drawings by Don Marco
Southwestern US
The Loretto Chapel, Miracles of the Amazing Stairs in San Fe, New Mexico
Celebration of the First Thanksgiving, April 24,and 25th, 2009, San Elizario,
40 Years of Youth Liberation

Statehood bought with Hispanic losses  
Afro Mexicanas/os and  Mexican Revolution
Ebony & Jet Magazines are on the Verge of Financial Collapse
Possibly individuals of African origin among Columbus crew Members

We Shall Remain: Upcoming PBS Mini-series on Native American History
Geronimo's kin sue Skull and Bones over remains
Salvadoran Indigenous legends
April 6-7, Traditional Hopi and Western Sciences Braiding Conference 
April 25,  Honoring "Indians Of All Tribes" and the Legacy of Richard Oakes Carpinteria School Board to Decide Mascot Issue, the War Over the Warrior

Marc Simmons: Archaeologist unearthed Pueblo life
Who Discovered Machu Picchu?
La Cultura Mesoamericana de Cuicuilco 

La Inquisicion
La Inquisicion en Peru

San Fernando Mission Event, circa 1940-01
April 2, Artist, Carmen Lomas Garza, 7th Annual . .  A Viva Voz!
April 7, Semana Santa, photo exhibit by Jesse Herrera, runs through May 31st
New César Chávez exhibition opens in San Antonio
April 4th, Reenactment, Tejano Declaration of Independence
Recommended websites for Texas History
Hidden History
Los Texas Wranglers Ballroom Extravaganza "Waltz Across Texas"
Nuevo Santander by Raul N. Longoria
Los B's Networking online
Texas universities see record number of applications
Archivo Digital de Documentos, Sobre Guerras de Texas, 1835, 1846-1848.

East of Mississippi
Sister Mary Drumsticks and the New Orleans All-Star Kazoo Band (1941)
Dispensations and other University of Notre Dame Records

East Coast
King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia, Pensacola, Florida
Fashioning a Royal Visit, Pensacola News Journal

Exploring Colonial Mexico
XIII Reunion de Historiadores de Mexico, Estados Unidos y Canada
Arbol Genealogico de la Familia Ricoy
Arbol Genealogico de la Familia Iduñate
Nueva Vizcaya Books by Frank Dominguez
Blogs sobre Historica de Mexico

Caribbean Business
Nuestros Paisanos
Villafranca de Oria
Coronas de Indias
Chasquis promueven al Titicaca como maravilla natural
Letras mexicanas en París
El primer desterrado de Venezuela 
Chasquis promueven al Titicaca como maravilla natural

Why Spanish Harlem Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Family History
Status of New FamilySearch Digitizing Projects  
Family History Centers in Mexico
Researching Family History in the National Archives
Cultural Attitudes about Family Research

Birthday calculator

MAY 2009

Dear Primos and Friends,

Happy Cinco de Mayo.  I Hope you all celebrate your heritage with joy and understanding.  I am pleased to share exciting events and activities dedicated to uplifting our heritage and history.  

Artist Eddie Martinez has dreamed a dream of sharing our unique history, visually, in such a way that respect and honor will be given to both our indigenous and European ancestors.  He is featured in this our May issue . . Journey of the Plumed Serpent.  An amazing artist and historian, Eddie will make this historical journey available online for teachers and youth leaders to use, supplementing history, social studies, and multi-cultural subjects. 

Please note that we have a new topic area, Witness to Heritage. Dr. Henry J. Casso is engaged in a variety of activities to promote deeper understanding of the factors which shaped the anti-Hispanic/Latino attitudes embedded in US history. 
The opening photo was from a recent LULAC Regional meeting which was held at  ABRAZAR, a Community Services and Education Center, Westminster, CA.  It is an amazing, multi-faceted center, meeting the varied needs of all ages. Next month, Gloria O. Reyes, Executive Officer will share the 30 plus years of ABRAZAR's history and development. 

Thank you for sharing your stories and concerns.  They bless all of us.
Warmly, Mimi



United States 
UCLA Professor Chon A. Noriega to Co-Host Latino Images in Film on TCM
Hispanics Breaking Barriers, Part V By Mercy Bautista-Olvera
The StoryCorps Mobile Booth 
5th Annual Texas Diversity & Leadership Conference & Exposition
Education is Our Freedom by Wanda Garcia
LULAC:  Emerging Paths to Partnerships in Science and Technology; 
Data to share in Celebrating el Cinco de Mayo

New: Witness to Heritage
NCLR 2009 Conference in Chicago
Witness to Heritage Hero
May 16: The Las Vegas Hispanic Historic Forum

National Issues 
Interactive Map Showing Immigration Data Since 1890 
Growth of Spanish language driving social evolution in U.S.
Number of illegal immigrants' children soars
Arrests of illegal immigrants trying to cross U.S.-Mexico border
El Mosquito Zumbador, new newspaper dealing with day labor problems
Study Shows Sharp Rise in Latino Federal Convicts
Recommended website:

Action Item
This is a Stand Down Call:  There will be no Rally!!!
Hello Tejano Monument Friends
Victory finally in sight for supporters of Tejano Monument on Capitol grounds
Dr. Lino Garcia Corrects an article on David Crockett
Hispanic Affairs Delay Draws Fire
Report: Moraga Adobe threatened with development

Special Feature: Journey of the Plumed Serpent

Study: Hispanic Online Activity Skyrockets
San Ildefonso Pueblo purchases trading post

Dream Act
Data of Importance to Parents
Breean and the Flying Farfans, 13-Year-Old Pilot Flies 3,671 Nautical Miles
Dropouts Cost CA Cities Millions
Hispanics Become More Prevalent on College Campuses

Bilingual Education
Let us Remember the Histories of those who have Preceded us

The Inaugural Américo Paredes Literature and Letters Award
World War II and Mexican American Civil Rights by Richard Griswold Del Castillo 
     Book review of Griswold book: “Ok, We Fought, Now What?” by Katherine Cloer
Latinas in the United States: A Historical Encyclopedia, Three-volume encyclopedia 
     Edited by Vicki L. Ruiz and Virginia Sánchez Korrol, 

Soccer's Story and a Futbol Fable: The Beautiful Game, A Beautiful Season 
     by Gil Sperry
Latino/a Rights and Justice in the United States: Perspectives and Approaches
     by Jose Luis Morin
JUNE 1st Deadline:
2009 ALLA Book Award

Donaciano (Chano) Cadena Y su Conjunto by Tom Saenz
Who is Alex Ramon?
UCLA Launches world's top online archive of Mexican, Mexican-American recordings
Another Elder has fallen: Herminia "Tecihtzin"  Acosta Enrique, presente!

La Bendicion de Abraham, Vicente Riva Palacio series, translation Ted Vincent 

Anti-Spanish Legends
The Towers and the Wall--Number 10 in a series on La Leyenda Negra  
     by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca

Military/Law Enforcement 
Nov 7: 13th Annual A Tribute to Mexican American Veterans, Fullerton, CA
Remains of a Hero Finally Return Home
Old Vet Takes Old Jeep on One last Mission
Voices of Valor
From Voices of Valor, a Play
New eMagazine Keeps Service members, Families in the Know

Patriots, of the American-Revolution
Macharaviaya - Sede de los Galvez
Introducing Sylvia Ann Caravajal-Sutton
Spain's Patriots of Peru During the American Revolutionary War, #19, Final Segment

Surnames: Garza/de la Garza

Staying Awake
Tim Giago: An older brother who paved the way
Los Cuentos de Kiko

Orange County,CA
May 2: Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research Workshop
United Mexican American Veterans Association (UMAVA)  

The History of the City of Fountain Valley
Los Angeles,CA
May 2: Frank Martinez - His Legacy and Influence
Report Southwest Oral History Association (SOHA) by Dr. Roberto Calderon
Eastside high schoolers get a lesson in oral history
"A Toda Madre" Group Exhibit 

Reader from Spain desires to connect with Jose Antonio Yorba descendants
Santa Barbara's 227th Birthday Celebration, April 18, 2009 

Southwestern US
New Mexico youtube video entitled Somos Primos
Lineage Society for Descendants of Early Settlers of Spanish & Mexican Land Grants
Western Paintings
Migrations of Jewish People - Including the New World by Louis Serna
Trementina, New Mexico website by Henrietta Martinez Christmas
190th Anniversary Postmark of the La Joya Land Grant
Letter to New Mexico from Walt Whitman, The Spanish element in our Nationality

Diversity will be celebrated: Annual First Thanksgiving re-enactment a highlight
Thomas Gilcrease and His Western Museum
New Spain, the Frontiers of Faith by Stanley Hordes, Ph.D.
Southwest's Mexican Roots, Untold Stores by David E. Hayes-Bautista
Spanish Cordillera was Forerunner of the Pony Express by Richard G. Santos

The African Presence in Mexico, from Yanga to the Presence 
AfroMexicano's role in the Mexican Revolution
Inaugura UNAM Festival Oaxaca Negra 

The North American Indian
My Life in Ruins
Tiguas to Lawmakers: Respect Our Tradition 

The poorly understood ballgame of pre-Columbian times.

First Luso-Americans & Emergence of the Sephardic Elite of New York by
    Teresa Botelho
Signs of Judaism

Attendance of three Historic Events during March 2009 by Sylvia Villarreal Bisnar
Family History of Pasqual Leo Buquor & Maria Jesus Delgado, Sylvia Villarreal Bisnar
May 2: "La Batalla de la Angostura" also known as "The Battle of Buena Vista". 
Getting State Recognition of Battle of Medina is Historian’s Quest, Dan Arellano
Founding Families from Canary Islands settlers of  Villa of San Fernando 
    by Ruben M. Perez
Old Spanish Trail Centennial Association
Preserving the Voices of Austin and Travis County Mexican American Elderly Residents
Tejano Children of the Alamo
Dallas State Fair Stories Wanted 

East of Mississippi
Spanish Consul and Education Attache Tour Historic Canarian Sites in Louisiana
St. Bernard Parish

MexGenWeb. . WorldGenWeb Project
Registros parroquiales : antigua Diócesis de Michoacán, 1670-1915

Latin American & Caribbean Cultural Heritage Archives Roundtable, 
    Society of American Archivists,
Research in Cuban Archives
Sgt. Felix Perez, Red, white and blue, through and through

Granaderos y Damas de Galvez Participate in Greeting Spanish Ship 
History of Spanish Ship, Juan Sebastián de Elcano
Palos - Monumento en Santa María de la Rábida
ecel Centros, Centros que Inegran la Cecel
Certificaciones de Armas. Tomo I. 
Ancestral Voices of the Past, Curbelo Family of Lanzarote by Rueben M. Perez
Reconnecting with the Past, 1731-2009
FamilySearch alcanzaron un hito monumental
Hacienda-Ingenio de San Mateo, "testigo mudo del sacrificio"
Valencia, "sinónimo de heroísmo y sacrificio"
Millions of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Civil Registration Records, Digitally Searchable 

Christopher Columbus's True Family Origin & Ethnic Heritage   by Luis Brandtner
Civil War Photo Collection, taken at the time 

Family History
"Haz tu Arbol Genealogico...El Arbol mas Hermoso de la Creacion"
Record Search Pilot adds 16 million records
Which Genealogy Database Site Is Worth Your Money
Contribute to the Encyclopedia of Genealogy
Lineage Society for Descendants of Early Settlers of Spanish and Mexican Land Grants
Find family histories or genealogies

JUNE 2009

Dear primos and friends:
With the excitement of all the political changes going on around the world, it becomes even more important for us to understand the past, and most importantly, our place in it. 

Today's OC headline read: "1 in 5 kids in U.S. is Latino".  These are second generation children with at least one foreign born parent.  We owe it to the leaders and laborers of tomorrow to understand the historical connections that have existed between the United States and all Spanish heritage US citizens.  May we all be part of the solution for a unified, strong nation.

Thanks to all who continue to send their valuable assortments of historical and current information to enlighten all of us.  You are wonderful.  I am really grateful to all of you.
Just a reminder, all the previous 113 issues can be accessed from the home page,    scroll down to the years.  To do a keyword search on SomosPrimos, enter
Warm regards, Mimi
Table of Contents, June 2009 . . .  114th online issue

United States 
Hispanics Breaking Barriers, Part VI by Mercy Bautista-Olvera
Hispanic Appointments During the First 100 Days of the Obama Administration
A Day of Remembrance by Daisy Wanda Garcia
Carry On Dr. Garcia's Fight for Civil and Veterans' Rights
Famed Civil Rights leader Dr. Hector P. Garcia 
New Children's book: Dr. Hector P. Garcia: Fighting for Justice
Bonilla Brothers of Texas, each served as LULAC National President
Raul Castro: The personification of the American dream
Ethnic Studies 40 Years Later: Race, Resistance and Relevance

National Issues
Two essays on Current Ignorance and Misconceptions of Hispanic History
U.S. Declares War on Mexico 163 Years Ago by Richard G. Santos
Cinco de Mayo: More than Mariachis and Margaritas by Andy Porras

Action Item
Latino hate crime trial ends with 'not guilty' verdict
Letter of Appeal from MALDEF attorney, Gladys Limon
The Luis Ramirez Murder: A Violent Act of Injustice
Chicana activist speaks to Orange County, California audience
Farm Workers’ Rights, 70 Years Overdue

Last Prince of the Mexican Empire by C.M. Mayo
César Chávez: A Triumph of Spirit, R. Griswold del Castillo and Richard A. Garcia
A Tramp Across the Continent Charles F. Lummis
Cinco de Mayo: An Illustrated History by Dr. Roberto Cabello-Argandoña

The 'Herrera Dynasty': 6 talented siblings, all accepted to UCLA
Lumina Foundation for Education
Southwest Airlines &
HACU Open Travel Program for College Students
Universities asked to establish more Center for Mexican American Studies programs
University of Princeton to launch new Latino studies program
Multiracial Pupils to Be Counted in A New Way
The Value of a Bachelor's Degree

Bilingual/Bicultural Education
Our Beautiful Language by Johnny Peña

Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic Farm Numbers 2007
Las Culturas 
The Latino Heritage Museum (LHM)

Cannibal and the Headhunters 
June 7th: Gregorio Luke at the Ford: Life-size Murals of Diego Rivera
UCLA Frontera Library, audio clips of hundreds of popular Frontera songs  
Dr. Robert Gumbiner, Founder left $25 million for Museum of Latin American Art
Enlared Conexion
Musica de la Raza - Aztlan to El Barrio Radio Show
NPR . Journalist writes about Hispanic Current Culture
Chicano music: Tony “Ham” Guerrero and Tortilla Factory
The Rose, A Sense of Place, 
The Official Mexican and Mexican American Fine Art Museum of Texas
La Peña Cultural Center Celebrates its 34th Anniversary
Laredo's Julia Vera in Harrison Ford Movie
Mayborn Literary Non Fiction Conference

Victor Hugo Writes to Benito Juarez, translation by Ted Vincent

Anti-Spanish Legends
From Real to Reel: Hispanics & the Eiconic Image in Film--# 11,  La Leyenda Negra
USA Laws which were directed at its Spanish Speaking Citizens,  1845-1898, Part I

Military/Law Enforcement 
My Tio  "Pete" Villalobos by Sergio Hernandez
Library of Congress Veterans Oral History Project
U.S. Postal Service for Purple Heart Stamp Ceremony, May 18th
Lawmakers want Medal of Honor for Mexican Native 
Lt General Elwood "Pete" Quesada, WW II pilot 
Lt General Leo Marquez, Deputy Chief of Staff, Air Force
Lt. Gen. David M. Rodriguez, Senior Commander in Afghanistan
Hispanics in the U.S. Military
Concepcion Sandoval , a WWII Rosie the Riveter
Secretary Shinseki Announces $215 Million in Projects for Rural Veterans

Patriots, American Revolution

Spain & the American Revolution, An Illustrated Story by Eddie Martinez
The 288th Pensacola Anniversary Celebration, Fort George on Palafox St.
Plans for Celebrations of Spain's earliest colonies in Florida

Surnames: Hernandez

Mother, Are You Still Watching Us? by Esther Bonilla Read
Mary Helen Berlanga by Esther Bonilla Read
The Bean Contest en la Escuela Zavala
Orange County,CA
June 6: Researching in the Mexican states of Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes
June 6: 14th Annual Rancho Days Fiesta 
June 6: The World War II art of Henry Godines

Los Angeles,CA
Marian Wagstaff, Educator
Anything But Mexican Revised by Rodolfo F. Acuña

El Soldado: A meaningful memorial for our fallen heroes of war
General Mariano G. Vallejo
USS Mariano G. Vallejo
Native Soil: Across the Centuries in California by Jennifer Vo and John P. Schmal
Charles (Charlie) Samarron
Roberto Martinez; Latino activist had 'keen sense of justice' 
Northwestern US
Estela LeVario-Gutierrez, First Hispanic Washoe County School Board

Southwestern US
Unique Military Funeral In Arizona
Re-burials from an old Tucson cemetery: Courts Complex/National Cemetery Article 
Technology & Invention in Latin America and the Southwestern United States
Letter of Rebuttal
William Goyens, Melungeon Becomes Texas Millionaire

Book: Seeing Indians -A Study of Race, Nation, and Power in El Salvador
San Ildefonso Pueblo purchases trading post

Aztec Family History Lineage
Researchers Sound Aztec 'Whistle of Death'
Aztec Music, Reconstructed

Event unearths the deep Jewish roots of Boyle Heights

55-Year Old Photograph Becomes a Personnel Identification Project
June 20th: Spanish American Genealogical Association Lecture
What is the Tejano Land Grant Movement ?
Marc Cisneros, College President, Chief Executive Officer, Texas A & M
Johnston High 16 Honored
Julian Limon Fernandez, Premier Conjunto
East of Mississippi
Celebrating Catholic sisters
Canary Islands Locales and their Associated Louisiana Families

East Coast
Plans under way for 450th Anniversary of the founding of St. Augustine, Florida
Exceptional Renaissance Armor & Portraits, First Time at the National Gallery of Art 

Mexican genomes show wide diversity
Personajes en la Historia de Mexico
A Nation Emerges: Sixty-five Years of Photography in Mexico
Reconocen el trabajo de Elena Poniatowska 
Termina faena de Manuel Capetillo
Carlos Cantu del Rio y de la Cerda
La Guerra de Estados Unidos contra México 1846-1848

John U. Sepúlveda and Dr. Antonia Pantoja inducted into Hunter’s Hall of Fame 

Eran Serranos
Filipinos in Unamuno's California Expedition of 1587   
Fundacion Archivo Grafico y Museo Historico de San Francisco y la Region
Paraguayan Jesuits Collection
Lago Titicaca será promocionado por buque peruano en puertos del Pacífico

Historical Misconceptions, Propaganda and Untruths
Family History
Volunteers Transcribe 250 Million Historical Records
Recently Completed Projects
Millions of Historic Southern Records Now on the Web   
The Digital Genealogist - A Look at File Formats

History of train tracks
Genealogy Poems & Texas Prayers: Beatitudes of a Family genealogist

JULY 2009

In the July issue, you will find sadly, quite a few recent obituaries. Their stories in the brief format of an obituary reveal the dedication and passion of the early leadership in the movimento of the 60-70s.  It is important to remember the doors they opened and recognize the sacrifices they made. 

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful July 4th day with family and friends.  Please feel invited to share family and group photos.  Just be sure to include the location, and the names of the people in the photo.  Please remember, it was our Spanish heritage forefathers that helped win the American Revolution. Many historians are now concluding, without the Spanish forces, the revolution would have failed. 
This is a good time to start thinking of what you can do, as an individual, to promote Hispanic Heritage Month.  Some simple suggestions are included in the issue.
A brief comment:  Four Somos Primos readers forwarded an email from someone who said she had seen their profile on a Somos Primos.database. Be assured we do not have anything of the kind.  

For a while, a tricky someone found a way to actually use my email and send out very questionable messages.   Unless, you initiate a correspondence, you will only receive one email from me, the monthly notification at the beginning of the month. 
Best wishes and have a great summer,  Mimi

July 2009 Table of Contents

United States
Chicago High School named after Dr. Hector P. Garcia
A Message from Dr. Garcia, delivered by Daisy Wanda Garcia
Remembering Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara, Pres of the First Republic of Texas
Remembering Cesar Chavez and his Legacy
Hispanic population boom fuel rising U.S. diversity
Soliciting cards from White House
Hispanic Cultural Center Chief Brings Expertise to Smithsonian
Hall of Fame doesn't address Mexican American experience
Tejano Children of the Alamo
July 25-28th, 2009: Legacy of Valor at NCLR national conference, in Chicago
National Issues
Immigration files offer hidden history of America
Marching to a Latin beat in concert for the troops
Reuniting Families Act Helps Immigrants Who Play By the Rules
Response to a Letter sent by a citizen to an elected official
Journalist serve the Disempowered
Experts Untie the Immigration and Unemployment Knot: 
Research Reveals Disconnect Along Geographic, Ethnic, and Racial Lines

Action Item
American-Mexican Anti-discrimination alliance
Lawmakers want Medal of Honor for Mexican native
Experts untie the immigrations and unemployment knot
Choosing right affordable quality healthcare available in Baja California
Women Immigrants Change America (and Themselves)
Criminal Justice reform CURE-NY Citizens united for the rehabilitation of errants
Family History Program to help Incarcerated 
Immigration files to become part of National Archives

27 key things to remember about Hispanic print 
The Freedom Forum Journalist Memorial

Hispanic Heritage Month
Set up a Dia de los Muertos Altar
Hold a Community Sing with Mariachi for Gringos by Gil Sperry
Request a Hispanic Heritage Month Proclamation
Request your local PBS station acknowledge Hispanic Heritage Month
Model for a Veterans Day Ceremony and Posting a Website

Anthony Tovar aims to prove that Inner-city schools can be winners
Synopsis of Mendez v. Westminster, et al. (1946) by Judge Fredrick P. Aguirre
Dr. Cardenas: Time to force Texas' borderlands into providing more Ph.D. programs

Bilingual Education
Reaching for the Dream On the Border of Texas and Mexico, an exceptional school
National Association for Chicana Chicano Studies Newsletter

Enriqueta Vasquez and the Chicano Movement: El Grito del Norte Writings

Need A Quality Portrait? Contact Ignacio Gomez
Arts consortium raises double its expected fund-raising goal
Mummy in the Closet: The Return of Eva Peron
Art Exhibition: ''Malaquias and Maceo Montoya

Ted Vincent, Literature columnist, passed away June 14, 2009

Anti-Spanish Legends
Language, Culture and Behavior in the Matrix of Identity Formation

Military/Law Enforcement 
U.S. Soldier, Spc. Erik Oropeza Receives Army's Distinguished Service Cross
A Soldiers Diary
Army Sgt Raul Moncada, 29, Madera; killed by roadside by near Baghdad
Veterans News and Information "Aid and Attendance"
USS Pvt Joe P Martinez
Marching to a Latin beat in 'Concert for the Troops'
USS Pvt Joe P Martinez
The Vietnam war tidbits... from Las Culturas
War casualties
U.S. House bill: HR 666 IH The Military Roll of Valor Act
Patriots, American Revolution
Granville Hough, Ph.D. Research


The Basement by Esther Bonilla Read
En La Vecidad de las Ormigas Rojas Furiosas by Frank Sifuentes
TUNAS By Ben Romero

Orange County,CA
No SHHAR meeting in July (building closed for July 4th)
August 1st SHHAR meeting: Slavery in Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Historical Society president making his own history in Dana Point
NARA is closing the archives in Laguna Niguel

Los Angeles,CA
July 12, 2009: Video Murals Under the Stars with Gregorio Luke
Marine Corps League Detachment Installation Dinner
Obituary: Adolfo "Rudy" Vargas
Logo Design Contest
Morin Memorial Square

Sal Castro, Pioneer of Chicano movement speaks at Salinas library
Aug 21-23:  21st Century Chicano Activist Reunion
Obituary: Roberto Martinez, Long Time Activist for Mexican Migrants Rights
Obituary: Del Amo, Hollywood Movie Star
Obituary: Daniel Munoz, founder of La Prensa San Diego
Obituary:  Francisca Flores, Planting the seeds of journalism:
Edward Beal and the U.S. Camel Corps 

Southwestern US 
Forgotten injustice chronicles the mass 1930s deportation of Mexican immigrants
New Mexico History Museum debuts

History and Genealogy of the Slaves of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Ethnographic Study, Afro-Mexicans in Mexico’s Gulf Coast: Fishing/Festivals/Foods
Former Mayor Al Ramirez, friend to African Americans in Rio Grande Valley

Tribute to Johnny Cash
People's Paths home page 

Aztec temple promises to yield one of antiquity’s great treasures
Guardians of the Past

De Apellido: Almonte
The Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art, Mexican Inquisition 
Fourth of July at the Alamo
About the TX GenWeb Project
New Guide to Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in South Texas
Canary Islands Descendent Association, 278th Anniversary Luncheon
Tomas de Leon's Report, election Returns for Election of judge at San Jose Mission
Archivist John O. Leal took pride in Predecessors, Descendant of Earliest settlers
Uresti and Mora Family Nacogdoches County, Texas
Seeking Historic sites for Preservation
30th Texas State Hispanic
Genealogical and Historical Conference
San Antonio Family contributes to the war effort the Carrola Boys
Juan Bautista Chapa (schiapapria) 1631-1695 Texas Explorer/Historian of Texas
Obituary: Aurora Bertha Garza- Rubio

East of Mississippi
Digging into history
Pensacola-Celebrating 450 Years
Louisiana Cultural Vistas

East Coast
York valedictorian a working immigrant mother
Families of Las Floridas: Finding your Florida Pioneer

Personajes en la Historia de Mexico: 
    Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
    Don José María Morelos y Pavón
Miracle at Metepec (Maguey Hill)
Juan Nepomuceno Almonte

Puerto Rico Gets a Little Richer With New Quarter from U.S. Mint
El Incendio en la Marina de Matanzas - 1845 

Juan Sebastian de Elcano
Fernando de Noronha
Felipe IV, Rey de Espana


La investigación historica
Filipino American Resources

Biography of Captain Jose De Urrutia
The National Security Archive, The George Washington University

Family History
Locating and Searching City Directories on 
Latest Status of LDS Digitizing of Records
Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation research
Tracing Your Hispanic Heritage in the Americas

Music from the 40s
45 lessons life taught me         






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