Alberto Chapa (Sanchez-Navarro) and Petra (Farias Perez) de Chapa 
Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, circa 1915

"Para un hombre, su palabra es todo."

 Counsel given to me by my grandfather, el Profesor Alberto Chapa Sanchez,
former Superintendent of Schools, Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico,
July 1952 in Stockton, California  . . . Mimi

Welcome to Somos Primos™, a publication dedicated to past and present articles, events and information concerning Hispanic heritage issues. Somos Primos is an all volunteer effort.  There is no paid staff and there is no cost for accessing issues. 
The editorial focus of Somos Primos is to connect present day situations to its historical foundation. The goal is to awaken Latinos to the fact that we are walking in the footsteps of our ancestors. Whether that path is clear to our vision or not, we are in the midst of that road. It is imperative that we grasp the unique and individual part in world history, and especially United States history, that our grand-parents walked. The contributions of our ancestors are important to understand the many social issues of today.

Whether the umbrella title is Hispanic or Latino, the problem is one of a confused and distorted image. Who are we? The identity problem is based on many historical occurrences, political and social factors which are currently being explored, on many levels.

Somos Primos originated in 1986 with a different name.  It was first as a flyer posting upcoming meetings for a Hispanic Research Study group in Orange County, California. The study group grew into a non-profit, and the flyer developed into Somos Primos, a quarterly for the now named Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research, a 28 page hard copy published from 1990-1999.  
January 2000, the first issue of  the monthly was posted online. As increasing amount of information was shared by individuals and groups, the online issues has grown to an over 300 pages heritage journal. 

Somos Primos online exposure resulted in many and increasing national [project for promoting Spanish language heritage and history.In 2004, Somos Primos was invited to assist in organizing the first conference on Hispanic heritage ever held at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. "Hispanics and the Formation of the American People"  During 2005 we were involved with and facilitated six heritage events.  For more information, please go to:  NARA

In 2012 the National Council of La Raza invited Somos Primos to participate in their National Conference, held in Las Vegas.  This year we have been invited again. It will be held in New Orleans, a very historic city.  Read More

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Database of OVER 200,000 records of  individuals, connected through pedigree and family group lines. Some lines have been traced back 40 generations.  Ancestors of Crispin D. Rendon, Northern Mexico and South Texas 
Extensive pedigrees of well-known historical 
figures in the colonization and establishment 
of Northern Mexico and South Texas
Tex-Mex Family Trees by John Inclan
Mexican Researchers, very active online networking and sharing. Facilitated by President, Benicio Samuel Sanchez Garcia
Genealogica del Norte de Mexico
Series of historical articles to facilitate researching in Mexico, especially indigenous lines.. John P. Schmal
Abundant and well-documented information on the Spanish soldiers who served in the Americas during the American Revolution. Granville Hough
Site developed specifically for classroom use in Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Mimi Lozano
Black-Latino Connection: Tracing many historical connections of interaction between Africans and Latinos.
Mimi Lozano
Compilation of Spanish terms used in documents.  Very helpful in deciphering archaic terms. Ophelia Marquez
This manual was developed specifically to assist in reading Spanish language documents.
Spanish Records Extraction
Alphabetical listing of the marriages of El Libro de Matrimonios de la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Loreto de Burgos  1750-1860.


Transcripción por Carlos Martín Herrera de la Garza

Remembering Military heroes  Guy Gabaldon, American Hero of the 20th Century
Rafael Peralta Deserves the Medal of Honor
Mercy Bautista-Olvera
Hispanics Breaking Barriers

“A Wise Latina”,
Latinos/Latinas Ultimate Sacrifice, 

Various Articles
Spain's Sephardim History in the family of  De Riberas 
House of Aragon



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