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My name is John David Inclan. I was born and raised on Galveston Island off the Gulf coast of Texas. As a small child my mother, Viola Otilia, would often tell my sister, Bernadette, and me bedtime stories. Her narratives included tales of Generals and Spanish Land Grants.

My father, Encarnacion Esquivel Inclan was born on his mothers ranch, the Hacienda de los Cavazos, near Vallecillo, Nuevo Leon (N.L.), in Mexico. One year my father took the family to Sabinas Hidalgo, N.L., near Vallecillo, for a LARGE reunion. It was here that I got to meet the families from Laredo, Vallecillo, Boca de Leones (Villaldama), and Monterrey. The reunion impelled the family to speak of past history and genealogy. At this particular trip my father took me to his mothers ranch. He declared that, "as far as your eyes can see, and beyond, used to belong to us!" He stated that the ranch held three days of water rights.

My fathers words disturbed me. Around 1978, I began searching my family "Roots." Thinking of the many obstacles researching in Mexico and in Spanish, I ignored my father's side and concentrated on my mothers family tree.

My mothers family, the Canales of Brownsville, the Cavazos of Reynosa, (Tamaulipas), Mexico, and the Sanchezs of Laredo, would be easier, or so I thought. They were the original Tejanos. While reaching back to the Rio Grand Valley in the year 1850, I began to note similar last names in both parents family trees! Keeping this in mind, I began research on my fathers family with greater enthusiasm.

During my spare time, I research at the local libraries, Counties Courthouses, and Church Archives. My search at the local branch of the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) directed me to a windfall of information on my ancestors.

To date, I have compiled an extensive family tree. I continue to add to this tree as I come upon new information. If any names are omitted, this is not intentional. You will find variations on the spelling of my surname, Ynclan, Inclan, and Enclan. They are one and the same.

I suggest that you use this information as a 
CORE for your family history research. There are several foot notes on about each line and generation.  Many of the trees have been shorten Although I do have current generations, I am honoring their requests of  not posting their line-names on the Internet.

You will find my ancestors in the early history of New Spain. 
A few of these ancestral names follow:
Don Alonso de Estrada, the natural born son of "el Rey Fernando, el Catolico".
The Onate-Zaldivar family of Zacatecas and pioneer colonizers of New Mexico.
Captain Pedro Botello de Morales. Conquistador of Nuevo Leon
Don Juan Bautista Sanchez de la Barrera, brother to the founder of Laredo Texas.
The Cavazos and their large land grants in Texas.
Captain Joseph de Urrutia, the Commander of the Presidio of San Antonio de Bexar, Texas.
The General Canales of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
This Website is an example of my families ancestors. 

John D. Inclan


Table of Contents
Descendents of . . . 

Lieutenant Vicente de Alderete and Dona Maria Josefa Garcia de Rivera y Camacho

Dn Francisco Javier de Alcorta

Francisco Joseph de Arocha and Dona Juana Ramirez Curbelo Umpierre

Captain Francisco Baez de Benavides and Dona Isabel Martinez Guajardo

Captain Juan Esteban de Ballesteros

Dn  Nicolas Balli Perez II and Dona Josefa Manuela Guerra de la Garza

Alcalde Mayor Fernando del Bosque Almendariz

Captain Pedro Botello de Morales

Dn Juan Canales 

Captain Alberto del Canto

Dn Juan de Caliz and Dona Catalina Gomez de Coy (Santos Coy)

The Descendents of Captain Bernabe de las Casas And Dona Maria Beatriz Navarro Rodriguez
(Part 1: Generations 1-5)
(Part 2: Generation 6)
(Part 3: Generation 7)
(Part 4: Generation 8)
(Part 5: Generation 9)
(Part 6: Generation 10)

Dn Juan Cavazos del Campo and Dona Elena de la Garza Falcon

Descendents of Dn Juan Bautista Cavazos Fernandez

Dn Juan Bautista Chapa and Dona Beatriz Olivares de Trevino

Dn  Pedro Duran y Chavez and Dona Isabel de Baca

Descendants of Christopher Columbus

Dn Antonio de Ecay y Muzquiz and Dona Vicenta Vera

General Pedro de Elizondo

Dn  Alonso de Estrada

Dn Juan Fernandez de Jauregui and Dona Isauel de Aldama

General Antonio Fernandez y Vallejo

Pedro Flores- de-Abrego

Dn Juan Galindo Morales And Dona Melchora Sanchez Navarro

Dn Blas Maria de la Garza yFalcon and Dona Beatriz Gonzalez Hidalgo

Captain Pedro de la Garza Falcon y Trevino

Lord Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza And Lady Aldonza Lopez de Ayala

Dn Miguel de Gortari

Dn Jose Manuel de Goseascochea  
                            and Dona Maria Francisca Xaviera de la Garza y de la Garza

Dn Jose Bartolome Inclan Cabrera

Dn Jose Luis Jasso &Dona Maria Nicolasa de Luna

Jean Juchereau, Sieur de More

Captain Antonio Ladron de Guevara

Descendents of Captain Pedro Lozano Urquizu & Dona Marianna de la Garza y Rocha

Dn Juan Francisco Martinez Guajardo 
                            and Dona Ursula Ines Catarina Navarro Rodriguez

Descendents of Don Pedro Miguel Mendez

Captain Francisco de Mier Noriega

Dn Juan Perez de Onate and Dona Osana Martinez de Gonzalez

Dn J Clemente Perez-de-Ancira-Gonzalez-de-Paredes

Dn Francisco Perez de Escamilla and Dona Leonor de Ayala

Dn Lorenzo Perez and Dona Adriana de Leon

Dn Joseph de Plaza and Dona Cathalina de Urrutia y Flores de Valdez

Major Diego Ramon

Gonzalo de Reina
and Catarina Gumendio y de la Garza

Captain Antonio Rodriguez de Quiroga  

Dn Manuel de Sada

Dn Pedro de Salazar

Dn Francisco Sanchez de la Barrera and Dona Maria Duran de Vzcanga

Dn  Joseph-Antonio Seguin and Dona Geronima Flores de Abrego

Descendents of Dn Juan Alonso de Sosa

Descendents of Don Martin Sosa y Bravo

Chief Constable Vicente Travieso Alvarez 

Dn Joseph Diego de Tremino y Quintanilla

Dn Pedro Uribe y Vergara and Dona Ana Lenor Tovar

Dn San Juan de Urrutia y Allende  and Dona Casilda Retes y Retes 

Dn Joseph de Urrutia y Escurta  
                          and Dona Francisca Nicolasa Javiera Fernandez de la Garza

Descendents of Don Andress de Valdivielsso

Gutierre Vasquez de la Cueva and Dona Francisca de Carvajal

Dn Pedro Fernandez de Velasco,  1st Count of Haro

Dn Martin de Veramendi and Dona Benita de Olagrie

Descendents of Don Juan Ignacio de Verridi

Villarreal Lineage: Franciso (1st generation), Diego (2nd) Diego (3) Juan (4th) :

      Alferez Diego de Villarreal and Dona Beatriz de las Casas y Navarro

      Captain Diego de Villarreal-de-las-Casas and Ines de Renteria

Descendants of Juan de Villarreal-de-las-Casas

Jose-Benito Zambrano

Dn Nicolas Zambrano-Tresalvo

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