Some letters received concerning John's wonderful research . . . .

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Dear Mr. Inclan,

I searched in the family tree of Don Juan Perez de Onate and that of his wife's. I had such a good time looking...I am descended from him and so many others in that tree...actually, through my dad's grandmother, Ma. Francisca Saldivar who was born in Jerez, Zacatecas. This ancestress of mine was descended from sooooo many conquistadores, pobladeros, virreyes, etc. Thank you for sharing your data with us. Happy New Year. Sincerely, Marge Vallazza:)

Hello primo and congratulations on your fantastic web site


I have a question concerning the parents of my direct ancestor LIBRADA DE-LA-PENA-IZAGUIRRE. She is listed as number #683 of the Descendents of Captain Pedro Botello de Morales. You have listed as her parents # 474 JUAN-NEPOMUCENO10 DE-LA-PENA-HINOJOSA &JUANA ROMANA IZAGUIRRE. Nepomuceno's parents are #295 MARIA-FELICIANA9 HINOJOSA-TREVINO &JOSE-MARCELINO DE-LA-PENA-LOPEZ.


This is great information. Could you please tell me the source used for finding this information? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you and have a happy new year.

Mike Ayala

Santa Fe, TX